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Sport Shooting

AssociatedPress | 28 September 2010  – Five U.S. soldiers are facing murder charges, describing a plot to randomly kill civilians for sport while on patrol in Afghanistan. If the case proceeds to a court martial and there are convictions, the soldiers may face the death penalty.

Specious: Change You Can Believe In

The Nerve. The Utter Nerve.


 The utter nerve of President Obama.  The gall of this guy.  Scolding rank and file Democrats for being down and disgusted with the Administration, disgusted with the Democratic Party, when it was the Administration and Democratic Party that’s made rank and file Democrats so damn disgusted.

 Since taking the oath of office Obama’s time and time and time and time again bent over backwards, demonstrated all manner of contortions, to make nice with the very Republicans who have it in for him and have done all in their power, and then some, to undermine whatever tepid initiatives he’s put forth.  But when it comes to the Democratic base, the very ones who put him into office, we get:

. . . watered-down proposals (Single Payer off the table, the Public Option under the bus . . . all to appease Republicans who worked overtime to fuck-over America anyway); we get the same-ol’ same-ol’ when it comes to Justice (why hasn’t the Justice Dept dropped all charges against Don Siegelman and started seriously investigating the chicanery of the Bush BFF’s who persecuted him?); we get Rahm Emanuel calling liberals “fucking retarded”, apparently with Obama’s blessing (no public dressing-down, let alone firing); we get the just-as-petulant Robert Gibbs scolding “the professional left” (where’s my paycheck? I could damn well use one!); and on and on and on . . .

  And rather than taking his own advisers and other hangers-on to “the woodshed,” rather than even considering that we’re disappointed in his obsession with genuflecting to the Great God BiPartisanship (while sticking it to Americans in the process and refusing to FIGHT for the Middle Class), rather than declaring anything like:

 “I messed up.  For a year-and-a-half I actually believed that Capitol Hill Republicans also wanted what was best for America and Americans, just that they advocated a different way of getting there.  Now I realize that I was wrong and they want what’s best for the wealthiest and most mean-spirited of Americans.  I won’t make that mistake again.  Today, I fight them, and fight for the United States of America and her citizens.”



 . . . or rather than saying, with crystal clarity:


“Yes, we will fight like hell to tax Wall Street bonuses by 99% over the next 10 years and if the GOP beats us, then at least Americans will know who stands with them and who stands with the Conscienceless, Rapacious Rich that put all kinds of high finance gambling ahead of their country’s economic well-being!”

. . . rather than any of that, we get scolded.

Screw it.  Oh, and what Bartcop says.*


* h/t to lotlizard; and h/t to nightprowlkitty

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

An Opened Mind XXXV

Traditions are group efforts to keep the unexpected from happening.

–Mignon McLaughlin



You keep telling me

what I think

— like you would know?

How is that appropriate?

I am told by you

that I must be motivated

by self-interest alone

like you and

(you aver)


But it is not so

It angers you that

I deny your claim

maybe because you assume

I must believe that

I am better than you

No such thing

do I believe

But the truth of it all

seems to be

that you apparently do

believe your philosophy

is lacking

if your attitude

is any measure

And isn’t that

a kick in the butt?

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–January 5, 2007

Late Night Karaoke

Arnold calls out the Big Oil Front Groups in dramatic fashion

I couldn’t believe my ears.  Did Arnold just change from Red to Blue ?

Or maybe it was just a deeper shade of Green.

Schwarzenegger defends climate law, slams Texans

Peter Fimrite, Chronicle Staff Writer, SFGate — Sep 28, 2010

The governor’s vehement defense of the climate legislation commonly referred to as AB32 comes amid a fierce campaign led by oil interests to win passage in November of Proposition 23, a ballot measure that calls for suspending the climate law until the jobless rate hits 5.5 percent for a year, a level achieved only three times in 40 years.

Schwarzenegger, speaking before several hundred people at the Commonwealth Club in Santa Clara, said the proponents of Prop. 23 are attempting to subvert the democratic process using scare tactics. He likened the campaign to a shell game hiding what he said was the real purpose: “self-serving greed.”

“They are creating a shell argument that they are doing this to protect jobs,” the governor said. “Does anybody really believe they are doing this out of the goodness of their black oil hearts – spending millions and millions of dollars to save jobs?”

The Shlep Group


      The reason I am writing is to give information about a new life changing opportunity to get onto the ground floor of the newly emerging           ™NERF fur trade that has been sweeping the apparel industry. I know you are busy; this is a life changing opportunity to relieve your stress by securing your financial future.      

       As you know, the makers of ™™NERF toys have to remove the outer fur covering on the newly fabricated ™NERF material. This fur not only insulates from cold, is more breathable than ™Gore-tex and is waterproof, it does exactly the opposite in warm weather, protecting the user from the effects of hot climate and it changes as the climate changes in proportion the ambient local climate change. Unlike a regular ™NERF matrix, it still breathes.

Holder’s DOJ Setting Record Marijuana Busts…

Change You Can’t Believe In-

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice Setting Pot Bust Records  
   censored by facebook

FBI stats say 858,408 people were arrested for marijuana in 2009, under US Atty General Holder’s DOJ,  the 2nd highest total ever, and it was an increase of + 1.3% from under the Bush administration’s last year in office, 2008.  (the record was 872,721 in 2007)

per NORML, arrests for marijuana are more than one half of all drug arrests in the United States, up from 44% 10 years ago.

758,593 were charged with possession only , the remaining 99,815 were charged with sale or manufacture, which includes cultivation.  

Carbon Exempt Hyperdimensional Physics and Obama

After viewing Richard Hoagland’s hyperdimensional election of Obama I am even more disturbed than I was yesterday.  Richard makes a good case for a connection between the signs of the zodiac, real science, JFK and the hopey

changey election of Obama if you can buy any or all of that.

It is long and starts out sort of boring with Richard not saying much until he gets into those physical constants of accepted science.  Then it gets interesting.…

Open Pryor


People Need To Buck Up

The biggest mistake I see many make when trying to sell the Democrats is to call the prospects stupid, and tell them buying the product is the only way they can stop being stupid, apparently thinking the prospects will immediately reach for their wallets and say “where do I sign”?

Of course, that result only happens in salespeople’s dreams – and is the reason 90 percent of people who go into sales never make any money at the job.

There is also a (real life) tried and true technique in sales and marketing that the democrats could try: the top sales producers in any industry constantly critique themselves and ask themselves “If I’m not getting the results I want to get, what am I doing to get the results I am getting?”

Instead of asking themselves what they are doing to produce the results they are getting (dropping support) – and they are producing those results whether they want to or not – Democrats and their supporters are taking the easy route of blaming the voters (their prospects) and treating the voters as if they are stupid.

Oct 21st Coming on Fast, But……

There’s a move to extend the deadline for another year!

What happens on the 21st of October, that’s the day that soldiers who served in OIF and OEF and were backdoor drafted, i.e. ‘Stop Lossed’, end their chances to get compensated up to $500 a month for each month extra they served as Active Duty Soldiers in especially either occupation theater instead of the ready reserve those who serve their initial tours and don’t re-up for another are still covered under, no service but can be called back by the military.

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