People Need To Buck Up

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The biggest mistake I see many make when trying to sell the Democrats is to call the prospects stupid, and tell them buying the product is the only way they can stop being stupid, apparently thinking the prospects will immediately reach for their wallets and say “where do I sign”?

Of course, that result only happens in salespeople’s dreams – and is the reason 90 percent of people who go into sales never make any money at the job.

There is also a (real life) tried and true technique in sales and marketing that the democrats could try: the top sales producers in any industry constantly critique themselves and ask themselves “If I’m not getting the results I want to get, what am I doing to get the results I am getting?”

Instead of asking themselves what they are doing to produce the results they are getting (dropping support) – and they are producing those results whether they want to or not – Democrats and their supporters are taking the easy route of blaming the voters (their prospects) and treating the voters as if they are stupid.

Most people can easily see through it when someone tries to “take” them, I think, and they simply hold onto their wallets and walk out of the store. They go looking for someone who will sell them what they want, instead of pitching them on ‘buy from me because the other guys are selling junk’.

People want to hear why they should buy a product, they want to hear what it will do for them. AND they want a demonstration and a history of it doing what it is claimed it will do. People don’t buy products simply because the salepeople tell them another product is crap.

Obama himself could not only save the democrats in the midterms but he could probably give them a larger majority – but he can only do that with action – by starting to  produce something, anything, progressive that it was expected they would produce but haven’t – and the votes Democrats need to save their Congressional majority would immediately follow.

Obama and the Democrats could have independents and liberals all across the country rewarding them for results instead of turning their backs on empty promises and the largest landslides in history this November with just a few simple moves.

Creating and passing an actual, real, universal single payer health care bill and rolling back the bailout of the insurance industry for example might do it all by itself, for example.

Although they could probably sew it right up it for themselves by also starting torture and war crimes trials for Bush and Cheney, while withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan and breaking up the big Wall Street investment banks and doing Ken Lay numbers on Goldman Sachs‘s Lloyd Blankfein and Magnetar‘s Alec Litowitz, while firing Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, and Rahm Emanuel, and now Robert Gibbs, too.

They’ve got a whole month, after all.

Democrats are smart people, right? They should be at least half as smart as all those independent and progressives who won’t vote for them unless they do those things, right?

It’s all on Obama and the Democrats – but if he and they don’t produce something, anything, progressive to pull it out in November it will be their own fault. Not the fault of those progressives and independents and liberals whose votes they will not have if they don’t produce.

They have a month. I’d suggest they get busy.

GOTV, Mr. Obama


Hoyer: House Vote On Tax Cuts For The Middle Class “A Specious Act”

Sept. 27, 2010

Exhibit A for why the Dems will get creamed in November, Steny Hoyer:

WALLACE: Why not pass the extension of the middle-class tax cuts before you go home to campaign for a month?

HOYER: The obstruction is in the Senate. Well, it would be a specious act for us. [. . .] But what we have — what is not a specious act, Chris, is we have absolutely guaranteed that there will be no increase in middle-income taxes. The president’s that. The speaker and I have said that. Harry Reid and Dick Durbin have said that. There will be no increase…



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    • Edger on September 28, 2010 at 18:09

    It would be a specious act not to.

    GOTV, Mr. Obama

  1. …..that is being played on them.

    Obama and leadership Dems are loyal to big donors and Wall St, that is why they won’t rescind Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

    If McCain was now president very, very little would actually be different, we have Obama to thank for that.

  2. … you dissed the Steny.

    leadership pac, where they re distribute it to other candidates

    #1 is Insurance


    health care

    lawyers/law firms

    real estate

    pharma rx



    electric utilities





    nursing homes/hospitals


    defense aerospace

    defense electronics

    beer whine, er, wine, liquor




    oil and gas

    casinos and gambling

    number one PAC donation category is Health

    these poor people do not need anything done to their tax status

    Health Professionals

    American Academy of Dermatology Assn $5,000

    American Academy of Family Physicians $7,500

    American Academy of Neurology $2,000

    American Academy of Ophthalmology $7,500

    American Academy of Otolaryngology $2,500

    American Assn for Vascular Surgery $1,000

    American Assn of Clinical Urologists $10,000

    American Assn of Neurological Surgeons $5,000

    American Assn of Nurse Anesthetists $2,500

    American Assn of Orthopaedic Surgeons $10,000

    American Chiropractic Assn $4,500

    American College of Cardiology $7,500

    American College of Emergency Physicians $2,500

    American College of Physicians Services $6,500

    American College of Radiology $6,500

    American College of Surgeons Prof Assn $2,500

    American Dental Assn $10,000

    American Gastroenterological Assn $2,000

    American Medical Assn $5,000

    American Medical Group Assn $1,000

    American Nurses Assn $2,500

    American Optometric Assn $2,500

    American Osteopathic Assn $4,000

    American Physical Therapy Assn $2,000

    American Podiatric Medical Assn $7,500

    American Psychiatric Assn $10,000

    American Soc Cataract/Refractive Surgery $5,000

    American Society of Anesthesiologists $10,000

    American Society of Plastic Surgeons $5,000

    American Society/Therapeutic Radiology $5,000

    Assn for the Advancement of Psychology $3,000

    College of American Pathologists $5,000

    National Assn of Spine Specialists $5,000

    National Community Pharmacists Assn $6,500

    OB-GYN PAC $2,500

    Renal Physicians Assn $1,500

    Society of Thoracic Surgeons $7,500

    “As you know, we have some 400 bills pending in the Senate, 75 percent of which have gotten 50 Republican votes or more, but they can’t move through the Senate, so it would be an specious act,”  –  Steny Hoyer Democratic Majority Leader, House

    On Friday, a pair of House Democrats sent a proposal to Boehner and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) offering them a slight chance at compromise.

    Under the proposal, Congress would enact a five-year freeze on current tax rates for individuals and joint filers making less than $250,000 per year, and a one-year extension for those making $500,000 or less per year. The plan would allow Pelosi to hold a vote under a procedure known as suspension of the rules, which requires legislation to receive a two-thirds majority of votes to pass.

    They are thinking of doing a vote as a symbolic gesture, according to Hoyer.

  3. when you consider the size of the freaking problems –

    health care employs millions,

    education employs millions,

    security defense employs millions,

    financing and banking employs millions,

    housing employs millions,

    transportation …

    I honestly expected that,

    IF Obama had great tactics, great strategy and great messaging,

    THEN we’d be lucky to begin to make a dent in ANY of 1 of the Big problems!

    I got a gut that tells me that 10’s of millions of people would have said – “things are f’d up AND the thieving bastards are thieving AND this guy is trying to stop their thieving AND he needs MY help and AND I’m gonna pitch in…”

    WTF were the tactics? sell out to fucking LIE-berman and max and mitch steny and bonehead? or was that the strategy? it was the messaging too?

    Fuck Obama – he belongs in the same shit pile as Dukakis, Kerry, Gore, Clinton I & II & XXVLMCI …


    • caul on September 29, 2010 at 12:08

    who are not exactly pleased by their performance is, basically, “Lie back, and think of England”?!  

    I mean, we are voting for ’em (and don’t forget your local state legislature either; it was a census year, which means gerrymandering rights are at stake) and we are working for ’em, but they keep treating us like we’re some sort of infection.  

    At a time when money and time are short for a lot of people, why piss off the ones most likely to sell good news, if they had any?

    • Mu on September 29, 2010 at 13:44
    • Mu on September 29, 2010 at 20:48


    . . . we have no obligation to fight (any more) for him (and all those Vichy Dems).

    As for taking one’s ball and going home, well, hell, we certainly can’t do that; the Administration, GOP and Vichy Dems took our ball back in January 2009 and have been playing with it ever since.  And they’ve never seen fit to share (remember when Single Payer wasn’t even allowed to be a topic for discussion at the 2009 Senate HCR Hearings?).  This playground’s really beginning to suck.


    • RUKind on September 30, 2010 at 05:47

    I have decided to go into the sales business – selling clues for teh clueless.

    I think the Inner Beltway looks like the Promised Land.

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