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{UpDated} ATTN: Keith, Rachel and The Few Others: “Stop Loss” Time Running Out

Please Help get the word out as we are Quickly Approaching the October 21st deadline for the Soldiers and their Families who were Stop Lossed, in order to fight in the long extended occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and many still haven’t made contact, some can’t for various reasons like homelessness, because of the economy, may live in rural area’s as many who serve do, etc.!

The few others I mention in the subject title are those media types who actually, like you two, use their intelligence in their profession of journalism and are true journalist and reporters.

Anyone close to Keith, Rachel and these others, if they may not see this or the others who’ve called for actions, who might read this Please Pass It On To Them. We Advocates and Activist, especially us Veterans, can only do so much, we don’t hold the microphones or the print media and blogs etc. are only seen by a very few eyes where as hundreds of thousands to millions watch or read what you report and that snowballs in many ways. It might really help if you made mention on every show from now till the 21st or 20th at least, not help us but help these soldiers and their families who were back door drafted to fight in these two wars of choice!

Oct 21st Coming on Fast, But……

There’s a move to extend the deadline for another year!

What happens on the 21st of October, that’s the day that soldiers who served in OIF and OEF and were backdoor drafted, i.e. ‘Stop Lossed’, end their chances to get compensated up to $500 a month for each month extra they served as Active Duty Soldiers in especially either occupation theater instead of the ready reserve those who serve their initial tours and don’t re-up for another are still covered under, no service but can be called back by the military.