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The Nerve. The Utter Nerve.


 The utter nerve of President Obama.  The gall of this guy.  Scolding rank and file Democrats for being down and disgusted with the Administration, disgusted with the Democratic Party, when it was the Administration and Democratic Party that’s made rank and file Democrats so damn disgusted.

 Since taking the oath of office Obama’s time and time and time and time again bent over backwards, demonstrated all manner of contortions, to make nice with the very Republicans who have it in for him and have done all in their power, and then some, to undermine whatever tepid initiatives he’s put forth.  But when it comes to the Democratic base, the very ones who put him into office, we get:

. . . watered-down proposals (Single Payer off the table, the Public Option under the bus . . . all to appease Republicans who worked overtime to fuck-over America anyway); we get the same-ol’ same-ol’ when it comes to Justice (why hasn’t the Justice Dept dropped all charges against Don Siegelman and started seriously investigating the chicanery of the Bush BFF’s who persecuted him?); we get Rahm Emanuel calling liberals “fucking retarded”, apparently with Obama’s blessing (no public dressing-down, let alone firing); we get the just-as-petulant Robert Gibbs scolding “the professional left” (where’s my paycheck? I could damn well use one!); and on and on and on . . .

  And rather than taking his own advisers and other hangers-on to “the woodshed,” rather than even considering that we’re disappointed in his obsession with genuflecting to the Great God BiPartisanship (while sticking it to Americans in the process and refusing to FIGHT for the Middle Class), rather than declaring anything like:

 “I messed up.  For a year-and-a-half I actually believed that Capitol Hill Republicans also wanted what was best for America and Americans, just that they advocated a different way of getting there.  Now I realize that I was wrong and they want what’s best for the wealthiest and most mean-spirited of Americans.  I won’t make that mistake again.  Today, I fight them, and fight for the United States of America and her citizens.”



 . . . or rather than saying, with crystal clarity:


“Yes, we will fight like hell to tax Wall Street bonuses by 99% over the next 10 years and if the GOP beats us, then at least Americans will know who stands with them and who stands with the Conscienceless, Rapacious Rich that put all kinds of high finance gambling ahead of their country’s economic well-being!”

. . . rather than any of that, we get scolded.

Screw it.  Oh, and what Bartcop says.*


* h/t to lotlizard; and h/t to nightprowlkitty