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Word for the Week: Plangent

Plangent:  adjective; from the Latin plangere (to strike).

Having a loud, reverberating sound; having an expressive and esp. plaintive quality;

Plangently: adverb

mournful, resonant, sorrowful, rueful, dolorous, lugubrious, tearful, careworn, grief-stricken, plunged in grief:

As in:

Dear Vice President Biden,

Really sir!  Do you actually consider us whining out here.  You must really get out of DC more – outside of an occasional visit drumming up votes – we exhort you to do so.

We are sad.  The times, they are ahurtin.  We do not believe anyone in DC is aware of how we are suffering and confused and frankly angry.  And many of us are homeless and hungry.  And the wars!  Don’t get me started.

You might say we are plangently expressing our dismay – not really whining.  These plangent concerns are real.  They are not the concerns of a tired child as you and your cohorts imply.  

By the way, the bankers took my ball so that comment is illusory and perhaps delusive.

Very truly yours,


You may want to try your hand at the word.  Just put it in a political context.  Surely, there is much to be mournful about.  

Obama Gives Stern Lecture to … Democrats


I had to share this.

From the AP, Obama: Democratic voter apathy ‘inexcusable’:

WASHINGTON – Admonishing his own party, President Barack Obama says it would be “inexcusable” and “irresponsible” for unenthusiastic Democratic voters to sit out the midterm elections, warning that the consequences could be a squandered agenda for years.

“People need to shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up,” Obama told Rolling Stone in an interview to be published Friday. The president told Democrats that making change happen is hard and “if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren’t serious in the first place.”

Anyone who says Obama’s peeps don’t read Daily Kos?  Ahem.

Now I just know that this stern lecture will bring out the vote.

After all, it’s the fault of the voters.  We need to buck up!

I’d laugh, but I’m too apathetic and lethargic.  Sorry.

Docudharma Times Tuesday September 28

Tuesday’s Headlines:

C.I.A. Steps Up Drone Attacks in Pakistan to Thwart Taliban

Aliens have landed … in the headlines


New ‘Super Pacs’ bringing millions into campaigns

Immigration has grown more complicated


Poet forced to pulp book after row with her family

Kosovo president resigns over breach of constitution

Middle East

Has the West declared cyber war on Iran?

Hezbollah looks to Hariri for payback


Taliban leaders met with Afghan government

Kim’s son, 27, now a 4-star general


South Sudan to arm militias against Uganda rebels

Angolan interior minister fired over ‘illegal extradition’

Latin America

Mayor stoned to death in drug-plagued Mexican state

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

An Opened Mind XXXIV

Creative experiences can be produced regularly, consistently, almost daily in people’s lives. It requires enormous personal security and openness and a spirit of adventure.

– Steven Covey

Breaking Dreams


When did revenge

become part of

a liberal or progressive


How can we scream

call names

spead rumors

seek to crush

our enemies

and remain true

to our moral


Is payback

all there is?

Is this all

a game of


Or do we

still have ethics?

Who are we?

–Robyn Serven

–January 9, 2007

The Global Currency War

   Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega spilled the beans on Monday when he committed the cardinal sin of telling the truth.

 “We’re in the midst of an international currency war,” Mr. Mantega said. “This threatens us because it takes away our competitiveness.”

  “The advanced countries are seeking to devalue their currencies,” he said, mentioning the United States, Europe and Japan in the context of what he portrayed as an intensifying trade competition.

 All over the world nations are in a race to the bottom with their currencies. The objective is to gain trade advantage over competitors. In other words this is a global trade war, one that is being done by destroying people’s savings.

  In all, about 2/3rd of the global economy is in the process of debasing their currencies. Nothing has happened like this since the 1930s.

 It’s a return to global beggar thy neighbor economic policy that proved so hopelessly flawed in the Great Depression.

Pirate Bay Appeal Trial Begins Today

(Cross-posted from The Free Speech Zone)

Swedish BitTorrent tracker site co-founders scheduled to try and convince the Svea Court of Appeal to overturn their earlier conviction for the facilitation of copyright infringement.…

Somewhere, Galileo is laughing.

Late Night Karaoke

Transgender Teen Robbed of Homecoming King Title

Money Moves No Minds

Why Teach For America Works – Michelle Rhee

copyright © 2010 Betsy L. Angert.

In the Fall, this year and every year, in this nation talk turns to Education.  The President of the United States delivers a speech to students.  Articles appear in the news.  Television broadcasts beckon us to think about our Education Nation.  In 2010, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, did what many thought novel.  He donated $100 million dollars to Newark City Schools.  Some were skeptical of his motives.  More rejoiced.  Certainly with abundant cash in the coffers, change would come to the nations schools, or at least to the chosen educational institutions.  However,  it might not.

Sunday Train: HSR Plan A and Plan B Thinking

Burning the Midnight Oil for Living Energy Independence

This last week, I have been staring at The Transport Politic post, Republican Wave Could Spell Trouble for High-Speed Rail Projects from Coast to Coast.

Living in Ohio, that is doubly true: first, adding the impact of the recession on top of the impact of sixteen years of Kasich/Portman style policies is, ironically, the best opportunity for those who helped cause the mess to gain political power from it. Second, because of the blocking position of the Republican Majority in the State Senate in the last two years, the odds are stacked against the project: even as things stand now, we need to flip a Republican for the project to go ahead.

So, is there a Plan B?

Ed and Bernie take on the ‘Chamber of Outsourcing’

Ed and Bernie take on the Chamber of Commerce Outsourcing …

They urge Congress to pass this Act designed to slow the pace of Outsourcing:

Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act…

WHO in the World — Does the CHAMBER work for, anyways?

Cuz it aint you and me.

Ed and Bernie take on the ‘Chamber of Outsourcing’

Ed and Bernie take on the Chamber of Commerce Outsourcing

They urge Congress to pass this Act designed to slow the pace of Outsourcing:

Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act…

WHO in the World — Does the CHAMBER work for, anyways?

Cuz it aint you and me.

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