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Mommie Dearest Wants to Play Again

There is a sort of cognitive dissonance when normal people have to deal with a sociopath.  One refuses to believe anything could be that self serving, that evil.  Mirrors exactly what is happening today.  The real war?  A war to decide who and or what is good and who or what is evil.  Hone that skill, you are going to need it and very soon.  

Elder “Care” in Af-merica-stan

Well it’s Pearl Harbor Day but Dad flew B29’s out of Italy late in “the big one”.  Dad is now 86, has advanced alzheimers and is becoming increasingly incontinent.  My extreme efforts to aide my mother and help her through this situation ended in her reporting me to an elder care agency for “elder abuse”, no less.

My final discovery in all this is that Ma is a sociopath.  Tomorrow there is a meeting to discuss how best to warehouse a WWII patriot in a nursing home.  Why?  Simply because he is of no further use to Ma.  He just can’t die in his own home like he wanted because Ma finds it gross that he craps in his pants. That plus Ma’s first psychiatric breakdown happened upon my birth, so I am, and have always been the focus of her Satanically aided anger.

In all of this and all of my efforts to help the medical and legal establishments of Afmericastan have proven to be evil in their nature and intent.  My mother taught me something with this entire experience and you should take heed.  Cure yourself and stay off the electronic medical surveillance grid.

Elder Care and my Psycho Mother

November 12 for me is E-day and it the start of my new life.  It does bring up some interesting new legal issues though.  How does one go about getting a divorce from one’s mother?  There are several personalities in there and the wife and I have finally come to the conclusion that she fully intends to bankrupt the estate to keep me away from any financial gains.  It explains 53 years of my life.  I was born which was the cause of her first melt down therefore I am the locus of her anger.

Now if that is not bad enough is also reveals dire situations in the booming industry of geriatric “care”.  The system “services” their “clients” and it does so with the purpose of sucking up as much financial resources of this the most frugal of generations.    Picture it as a massive untapped spigot,  huge sums of saved money and the illusion that gains could be had over time through the stock market.

The legal papers the industry tells you you need are just about useless so why waste money on them.  The new paradigm I would like to teach my kids is that of total avoidance of the system as a whole is beneficial.  Parents, give your kids their inheritance now while you can.  Parents try to avoid the medical establishment at most costs.   Know that your medical records are going into a massive electronic database and they will be used against you.  Sure if you break your arm or something then you need medical attention but otherwise the strategy should be to STAY OFF the electronic surveillance grid.

So too with money.  Before all of this crap let’s say the “estate” was 1.5 million.  In reality there is nothing there, nothing save the value of the paper it’s on.  It is a pension from Enron.  It is now down to half of that, or actually maybe more.  See even armed with a “power of attorney” the financial guy did nothing to assure me it was all still there.

It is my E-day, emancipation from the psycho world that is my mother, the Hannibal Lector of mothers.

Elder Care

The elder care “professional” count is now three lawyers and three financial planners.  One lawyer wants 25 grand, one of them I can’t understand and the third seemed like a great guy but….well…you should know about my aversion to “long term” planning.  My suggestion to Mom was a large safe to be filled with real cash.  I almost had her convinced as she was born in the wake of the depression years.