Elder “Care” in Af-merica-stan

Well it’s Pearl Harbor Day but Dad flew B29’s out of Italy late in “the big one”.  Dad is now 86, has advanced alzheimers and is becoming increasingly incontinent.  My extreme efforts to aide my mother and help her through this situation ended in her reporting me to an elder care agency for “elder abuse”, no less.

My final discovery in all this is that Ma is a sociopath.  Tomorrow there is a meeting to discuss how best to warehouse a WWII patriot in a nursing home.  Why?  Simply because he is of no further use to Ma.  He just can’t die in his own home like he wanted because Ma finds it gross that he craps in his pants. That plus Ma’s first psychiatric breakdown happened upon my birth, so I am, and have always been the focus of her Satanically aided anger.

In all of this and all of my efforts to help the medical and legal establishments of Afmericastan have proven to be evil in their nature and intent.  My mother taught me something with this entire experience and you should take heed.  Cure yourself and stay off the electronic medical surveillance grid.

Given my rightous leaning paranormal abilities in claiming the status of Knight of the Fifth Veil I did neglect the family history and never fully realized that my own mother has exactly the very same ability but in the evil sense.  Dad kept her busy and socially occupied and when his ability to do that declined Ma had another melt down.  In this melt down this 80 year old tramatized my extended family for a grand total of 20 days.  Yes, I am writing the book up.

I have several revelations over this entire situation that don’t bode well for any of us, especially the huge baby boomer generation who will have to deal with this.

The medical establishment has been indoctrinated by a law called HIPPA.  It does some good in allowing you to take your health insurance elsewhere once you get laid off but it’s main thrust is the massive dis-information value in ensuring that your medical records are “private”.  This raises the term Orwellian doublespeak to new galactic heights.  “Your” medical records are private.  Bullshit.

Zones of privacy details who has access to the increasingly digital and instantly transferrable record that is your personal medical history.  Unlike credit reports you have zero recourse/knowledge/interventional court ability to challenge/review/look at to make sure the information contained within is a true and accurate portrait of “your” health status.


Phase two of this.

The medical establishment has transformed itself into a quasi CIA type agency in which they “service” their individual “clients” in a medical sense.  Yes, me pleading with Ma’s primary care physician for help, with my full knowledge of the family psychiatric history fell upon completely deaf ears.  Even fully armed with a legal HIPPA power of “God” document for dear old Dad that very same medical establishment dismissed my questions because “their” caregiver of “their” records was “not me”.  Meaning all that money you paid your lawyer to draw up said documents is total crap.

This HIPPA shit even continues in it’s Satanic glory with my son-in-law.  When he was concerned about a test my daughter had which potentially might mean that my daughter could have multiple sclerosis the doctor told my daughter’s husband that “It was none of his business”.  Hence Af-merica-stan.

In short I will wrap this up by saying that like my mother the sociopath, society is run by sociopaths.  People, even my highly perceptive self are just not oriented towards the thinking of a true sociopath.  

Dr. Kevin Barrett lays it all out.  A mere five percent of the population rule 95% of the population, populations, of the entire world, since the dawn of “civilization” no less.  Good people in their denial that people of zero conscience can exist allow the evil to thrive.


Sad isn’t is.  The Google on this returns only 1/4 million returns.

The trailer trash diversionary lamestream media event that is Britney Spears returns 101 million.  

Don’t worry about me as I can and have contacted people from that great beyond who have helped me with unconditional love and support.  A part of my “meditating monk” support system.  These people have shown me what may transpire.  In mine, and perhaps your darkest hours I reach out for the memory of a grandson who loves me.  A horse who remembered I “let him go” a year ago on a warm spring day on this very same trail.  It is after all the power of free will, we choose, we determine.  How though shall we decided what that is?


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  1. and as such has spent far more years of her life eating non-fucked up foods.  I noticed this in my expatriot assignment in Germany where bread became green mold in two days vs the two week shelf life of the chemically laden WonderBread here in the states.  Go figure.

    Ma is 80 and she kept me a 53 year old, hyper and eating five meals a day just to keep up with her next evolution.  She lost a few pounds.  Really, it was kind of like SERE training in a psychic sense.


    • RiaD on December 8, 2008 at 06:38

    {{{{dear horseman}}}}

    do what you can for your Dad. sounds like you are all he has.

  2. …the utter depravity, absurdity, insanity, and sociopathy of this entire culture and the structures created therefrom.

    As Henry Miller said in”Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymous Bosch”…

    Is there any salvation in adjusting to a society which is insane?

    I see it also, but I don’t think I “dwell” in it as much as you.

    Find the moments of love where you can, like your horse, your grandchild, your dad.

    I love that you stay true to your clarity.

  3. …then I went to Global Research and found this — which is relevant both to your essay and my earlier essay on Obama.  This quote is the prescript to James Petras, “A Historic Moment: The Election of the Greatest Con-Man in Recent History”

    “I have a vision of Americans in their 80’s being wheeled to their offices and factories having lost their legs in imperial wars and their pensions to Wall Street speculators and with bitter memories of voting for a President who promised change, prosperity and peace and then appointed financial swindlers and war mongers.” An itinerant Minister 2008

    Yet I’m still suspending final judgement.

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