Mommie Dearest Wants to Play Again

There is a sort of cognitive dissonance when normal people have to deal with a sociopath.  One refuses to believe anything could be that self serving, that evil.  Mirrors exactly what is happening today.  The real war?  A war to decide who and or what is good and who or what is evil.  Hone that skill, you are going to need it and very soon.  

The question, does Ma really care for Dad.  Yes, well she did but years of taking care of an 86 year old with alzheimers might cause a breakdown in the best of us.  

The family history goes back to the day I was born and Ma having a psychological breakdown lasting about two years.  Dad held the family together by having me live with his mother and then later by doing what the doctors at the time told him to do.  Keep your wife active and socially occupied.  He did for many years even if he had to collect cans and recycled metal for extra money to do so.

One morning my wife got a strange call from Ma.

“Dad peed on the floor and I have no clean sheets”.  Dad went to the hospital via ambulance.

With Dad safely in the hospital and later the nursing home she led me on a month long daily dial a doctor campaign to get herself checked out that eventually had me answering charges of elder abuse.  I was “after her money” as it were even if the rest of the family would swear to years of her cheapness and sponging off everybody.  I almost got divorced over it.  Anyway as a result of being brought up on charges elder services did step in to establish a care plan for Dad.  It gave me a much needed respite from psychoMom also.  I so remember that 20 something counselor at the hospital.  Try as I might to give her the full family history she came back with “You seem to have anger issues towards your mother”.  “Anger issues?”  Ya rather remove me from the picture and let government take over?  Cradle to grave institutionalized care?  Fascist fux.

Anyway Ma has indicated her renewed interest in torturing me with the prospects of inheriting what is left of the estate.  It’s down by one half BTW which is coincidentally the very same amount Dad got from his family farm.  Yes the one his family HAD to sell because of government regulations and policies from Hell.  Oh, and Ma could have saved the loss of 50% of the estate had she listened to me, her son.

I am left to trust the legal/medical establishments for Dad’s care and really Ma’s too while the state sucks up the remainder of an estate which used to make enough on interest alone to support all of us.  Now that is fucking progress.

Se Ya’ll at the refugee camps.……  


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  1. Slash job bank slash sell everything to escape Taxachusetts.

  2. it is simply in that our backgrounds are so eerily similar.

    Mentally ill/greedy/quasi-sadistic mother, disabled father, loss of family home.

    One wonders if this form of dysfunctional family is a formula for a shamanic calling.

    For what it’s worth I very much can relate, and I sympathize.

  3. there are some that I don’t have to face. My dad has Lewi Body Dementia, and while it’s difficult, my stepmother and sisters ( my biological mother is still alive, so I use the term stepmother merely to express a social relationship… we are close, just not related. My twin sisters are from the second marriage, but they are sisters, not half-sisters. My biological mom recognizes them as a part, though undefined of her family also) has been and is being wonderful.

    I’ll see if i can find out about advocacy groups… I work with many social workers, and they might know.

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