Elder “Care” in Af-merica-stan

Well it’s Pearl Harbor Day but Dad flew B29’s out of Italy late in “the big one”.  Dad is now 86, has advanced alzheimers and is becoming increasingly incontinent.  My extreme efforts to aide my mother and help her through this situation ended in her reporting me to an elder care agency for “elder abuse”, no less.

My final discovery in all this is that Ma is a sociopath.  Tomorrow there is a meeting to discuss how best to warehouse a WWII patriot in a nursing home.  Why?  Simply because he is of no further use to Ma.  He just can’t die in his own home like he wanted because Ma finds it gross that he craps in his pants. That plus Ma’s first psychiatric breakdown happened upon my birth, so I am, and have always been the focus of her Satanically aided anger.

In all of this and all of my efforts to help the medical and legal establishments of Afmericastan have proven to be evil in their nature and intent.  My mother taught me something with this entire experience and you should take heed.  Cure yourself and stay off the electronic medical surveillance grid.