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Economic Crisis What if we Can’t Fix It Who’s preparing for that?

So far nothing has worked; not bailouts, or conversions to bank holding companies, not front page stories or investigative committees…nothing is helping the economic crisis it only continues to get worse.

What if we cannot stop the economic crisis from continuing to deteriorate, what if the economic levees break?

How is our government (Federal, State, Municipal) preparing for the worst case scenario?

How are we hoping they are preparing, what should we be expecting of them, what can we do?

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Elder Care

The elder care “professional” count is now three lawyers and three financial planners.  One lawyer wants 25 grand, one of them I can’t understand and the third seemed like a great guy but….well…you should know about my aversion to “long term” planning.  My suggestion to Mom was a large safe to be filled with real cash.  I almost had her convinced as she was born in the wake of the depression years.