Elder Care

The elder care “professional” count is now three lawyers and three financial planners. One lawyer wants 25 grand, one of them I can’t understand and the third seemed like a great guy but….well…you should know about my aversion to “long term” planning. My suggestion to Mom, while I talked to her on the loud cell phone for seniors I bought her, was a large safe to be filled with real cash. I almost had her convinced as she was born in the wake of the depression years.

The third financial planner wants to report financial planner number one. Number two financial planner wants to sell safe annuities, something the suburban ledgends have deemed financial suicide.

Basically the law separates people. The law separates people because each income stream is taxable. And if there is not a tax reason not to do something the legal aspect kicks in. The law tracks your entire financial life via the IRS and it’s supporting 1099, 1098 and all other assorted numbered crap forms. Really, the mafia had it right, cash money. Tradesmen have it right, cash money, under the table. Right or wrong elder care choices are simply out of the control of elders and their surviving families.

With older people in order to enter a nursing home, similar to Agape cottage, and have Medicare pay for it proof of financial history going back FIVE YEARS must be given. You will be appointed a “health co-ordinator” fully trained in all aspects Gestapo tactics. Said “health co-ordinator” will then bankrupt your parent’s estate down to the whopping sum of 2000 dollars. They are looking for Christmas gifts over 50 dollars, I shit you not.

This is why many people are opting for in-home care for their elderly relatives so that they can feel comfortable within their own homes. This could be using services like Seniors Helping Seniors Lehigh Valley so that they can be properly looked after, as well as having well-needed company.

Now there are certain things one can do to avoid the aforementioned clusterfuck but keep in mind these are things a smaller percentage of the more educated among the population will be so inclined to seek out. The rest just get hosed, 55 year olds taking out mortgages to repay gifts from parents or siblings paying exorbitant taxes to the IRS if parents try to sell the house to the children for 1 dollar. They are after all “professionals” and as such are just as institutionalized to all this stuff as the guards in the Stanford Prison Experiment.


Having lived in Europe I can see the difference clearly. Europe had their governments interrupted by this thing called WWII so as such the time span required for complete corruption has been shorter. They have high tax rates but then again Europeans actually get some things for it like education, real public transportation, health care….while we get 1099s and a rectal probing of our entire financial lives. To top it all off they have been able to convice retard Americans that Europe is “socialist” and America is “free”.

Well you know the quote from my Russian boss.

“Now I have lived in two socialist countries”.

Now removed from active business life few seniors are able to grasp the inherent evil of governmental policy “change” that will adversly affect their and the surviving family members lives. Their recollection comes from a far, far better world they lived, worked and contributed to so they can’t bring themselves to do the Patriotic thing and fuck government real hard.

The is no Ghandi, there is no savior, only lab rats chasing the almighty dollar to the stupid ding, ding, ding, ding bell at the close of Wall Street assholian trading.

I have personally asked Jesus himself to come back down and smite the temple.


  1. even when it’s foolish to be so

    but elderly… our children, and all the other creatures on the planet. the most vulnerable among us… it makes my heart stop. how so many are abused and used up… it makes me crazy.

    • RiaD on April 18, 2008 at 03:22

    We helped parents & grandparents travel this twisty road after an aunt had an accident that left her paralysed…she lost her home and all her assets except the two account her daughter was co-signer on… it was horrible 🙁

    At the time we went through this the time frame was 2yrs i believe….still~ how can you give away stuff 2 yrs before an unforeseen accident?(like the Aunt)

    We counseled parents & grandparents to give away or add names to properties/bank accounts, etc….

    It’s tough being the ‘Oreo’ generation…no sooner do you get kids graduated high school & out of the house (or not even gone in my case!)before you have parents to care for…sometimes moving in!

    the changing of roles is the toughest bit…yeah, you’re the child, but all of a sudden you see they don’t have the answers, they’re NOT making good decision’s….and you have to walk the fine line of showing them a better course of action & letting them retain their dignity….both of you pretending it was their idea all along to take this new step…. It’s tough…really tough… but it’s also really rewarding if you take some time to talk to them…ask them the questions you’d always been meaning to….

    thank you for taking the time to put this together. i hope TONS of people see it & it makes them think…if not for their parents…for themselves!


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