Ventura on Mainstream

So what is up with this.  CT on Fox.  Anyway there is a key line of truth here.

Anerica’s enemies are countries which don’t invite the corporations in.

“We” hate the Cuban “communists” yet we “love” the Red Chinese “communists.”

In the pink.  Remember it’s not breast cancer PREVENTION month, it’s breast cancer AWARENESS month.  Trot on down to get diagnosed for expensive chemo.…

Back to Faux again.  Ok so “we” have already LOST parts of Arizona to the Mexican drug lords but they would rather talk about America’s Russian replacement enemy designate, al-CIA-duh or the Taliban.  I love that phrase Elvis bin Laden.


Welcome to the Matrix.

I want one of these engines.

And one of these.…

Or maybe one of these.…

Sunday update

An ideal fall day prompts me to spend the max time outdoors even though I should not.  I should be fixing the house.  Cleaning up to move,fixing the camper or any number of higher emergency priority survivalist type things.  There is an open field, the whinny of a horses who heard my truck door close, knowing I will fill their grain bucket soon.  The surreal silence in these finite days by which I may in all my capacity be able to continue this meager existence.  The horses come to me now, sensing my unease.  Even the dominant studly one nestles his head in my arms as if to say what is wrong.  I don’t have an answer for him other than a clean stall, two flakes of hay and a full water bucket.


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  1. Notice how The United States always seeks to Overthrow, Invade, Assassinate, and create chaos only in Nation’s that simply wish to nationalize (i.e., control) their own God given Natural Resources (Oil), and prevent Multinational Corporations from monopolizing it — something, of course, that these Nations have every right on Earth to do.

    It’s amazing to me that most Americans can’t see through the disguise, and are just duped into believing “we’re the good guys“, when in fact we are the World’s biggest Barbarians and Tyrants on the planet. (and now the phrase “the great Satan” suddenly becomes understandable).

    But these are the same people who mindlessly chant “U.S.A. Numer 1“, as our jobs are systematically shipped overseas, as we are #37 in Health Care, #22 in Education, have a systematically engineered declining U.S. Dollar (which robs the people), and an ever widening gap between the rich and the poor.

    In truth the only thing on the planet that the USA is #1 in is RECORD DEBT, and the criminal production, sale, distribution, and actual use of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    Jesse is right, but even he is only addressing just the tip of the iceberg.

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