Lamestream Media

WBZ TV Boston is now ending it’s “news” with a story about a record deal contest.  “An entertainment event is looming over our heads”.  Ya, I am trying to hold my supper in my stomach.  Surprised the news isn’t sponsored by the satellite emergency hard hat people.…

Not missed today was the “story” of the impending shoot down of the disabled satellite.  No mention is made as to the lie that the government is concerned about the “safety” of hydrazine, a substance which would never survive the re-entry temperatures this thing will reach as it is incinerated high up in the atmosphere.

The anti-Illuminati people postulate the real concern is about the plutonium reactor that really powers the device or it’s an excuse to test a new missle system’s intecept capacity.

I can add another possibility still.  The story is announced only because it occupies “news” bandwidth.  “News” is available 24/7 and as such there is always something in the store window so to speak.  The news of an ailing piece of space junk would trump/ ie push out of consideration another story about which Satanically inspired piece of “legislation” congress is contemplating.

The premier source of blacklisted American news is of course.

These are mainstream type stories you might bring up to anyone as long as you don’t use the Illuminati or any number of other codewords designed to click the off switch in the minds of typical,,,well,,,we call them sheeple.

What could they be bandwith pre-empting?  The top two in my mind are.


This is the “You Are a Terrorist Bill”.

Or this one.…

Far more Satanic than even the last seven years of Bush and the PNAC crowd.  The shifting of memes radically and suddenly, from the radical right to the radical left.  That should most definitively create total havoc.  We can’t end torture, we can’t hold international criminals accountable yet we are going to feed the world?  Yes, let’s accellerate American bankruptcy.  Let’s ignore the loss of reason in every facet of law and focus on yet another thing to end America.


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    • RiaD on February 20, 2008 at 1:59 am

    please always post a comment in your essays.

    i’d like to leave you a ‘tip’!

  1. Energy, not a la Al Gore!

    • KrisC on February 20, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    was they wanted to shoot down the satellite only to test their space weaponry….

    From WaPo

    The Bush administration’s attempt to shoot down an out-of-control spy satellite as early as this evening will help the military advance its anti-missile and anti-satellite planning and technology, according to space weapons experts and analysts. Both fields are of high interest to the military and of high concern for many other nations.

    …which to me, is even more sinister.  Especially when you see things such as this…from

    A successful kill would mark the first time the United States uses a tactical missile to destroy a spacecraft – assuming that the ship-based missile defense system can handle the high closing speed of more than 22,000 mph.

    “Everything becomes much more stressful at these large closing speeds,” said Geoffrey Forden, MIT physicist and space expert. “But if they do hit it, that’d be very impressive, and that’d be proof that it has ASAT [anti-satellite] capability.”

    Let the Star Wars begin….and you thought Bush wanted Iraq’s oil for us to use in our vehicles, bleh.

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