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In Memoriam: Kris Froland 1958 – 2010

exmearden (Kris Froland) was one of the original editors here (uid #15).  A standout in an impressive group of writers buhdy invited to be part of Docudharma.  So I decided to compile all of the essays she wrote here to preserve and distribute her work to friends, family and the blog community.    It’s truly a blast from the past to revisit these posts.

Here is a link to all of the essays exmearden posted on our blog – comments included:  

Collected works of exmearden

This will take you to Google Docs where you can download a PDF (6 MB) version to your computer. Look for the File menu and then select “Download Original”.  Or read it there but it looks much better in Adobe.  

New Year Chill Space

created in Ultra Fractal 5,  formula by J. Climent

Chill Space


Haad Rin, Koh Phangan by Manfred Werner  (Wikimedia Commons)

Chill Space

Hey ya’ll… is it hot in here or is it just me?  

Time for some chill.  

by jenny downing


Weekend Chill Space

Sea Green by William Orbit

by nick_russill

Chill Space

Timequakes by The Starseeds


Library of Celsius at Kusadasi by lyng833

Thanksgiving Chill

This Chill Space is dedicated to my sister.  She had surgery yesterday to remove uterine cancer.  It looks like the cancer hasn’t spread (pending biopsy results on the lymph nodes) and she will be completely cured after this surgery & chemo. This is what I am Thankful for today!  

by OTB

Chill Space

This is the place to take a breath and chill.

Flowers Become Screens

Soaks my skin – through to the bone

Pain is nothing that a downpour won’t erase

Rain – you can’t hold on to it

A treasure you cannot frame

Rain – somehow I’m drawn to it

I feel engaged, one and the same

When heavens dressing beads off my face

The pain is nothing that a downpour won’t erase


Trippin Tuesday: Inside LSD (Updated)

from Erowid image vaults

Just wanted to give a heads up that National Geographic’s Explorer series will be premiering, Inside LSD, tonight (Tuesday 11/3) @ 7 PM and 10 PM; also showing on Sat Nov 7 at 4PM and Tues Nov 10 at 3 PM (TV Schedule).

review from NY Times

…as the 40th anniversary of Woodstock fades in the rearview mirror, the National Geographic Channel is giving LSD a second chance, as it were. On Tuesday night in its Explorer series, INSIDE LSD talks to scientists and therapists who are examining the narcotic (sic) anew, trying to learn specifically how it works in the brain and whether it might have uses that Jerry Garcia never envisioned. The program, as its narrator, Peter Coyote, says, is an attempt to separate the myth from the molecule.

One segment explores the possibility that some form of LSD could help sufferers of cluster headaches, and its footage of one such sufferer in the throes of an attack leaves you wishing the poor fellow relief no matter where it might come from. In another part of the program, a woman with terminal cancer talks about how an LSD trip helped her break free of the anxiety about death that was consuming her final months.

(note: I put “sic” after narcotic because LSD is not usually classified as such, medically or legally.)

5,000,000 pages served

Just a short while ago Docudharma reached 5 million page views (8:17 PM Pacific).

Thanks to all our members, readers, lurkers and seekers!  Yeehaw!

SF-Oakland Bay Bridge: Unprecedented Construction Feat

Over Labor Day weekend the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (Bay Bridge, for short) was closed for a seismic retrofit project featuring an unprecedented construction feat. A football field length, double-deck section,  weighing 3,200 tons was excised and a new section slid into place to form an S-shaped detour.  The huge pieces moved verrrrry slowly on specially built rails. A distance of 100 feet took several hours not including delays when the rails needed to be adjusted.  All of this took place 150 feet above ground.  

Here is a picture from a few weeks ago in preparation for the detour.  The scene is looking west where the East Span of the bridge meets Yerba Buena Island.  The detour is on the left and the old bridge on the right. The connecting piece that was installed this weekend is shown below.


Total Solar Eclipse 2009

The sun is covered by the moon during a total solar eclipse in the Indian city of Varanasi on July 22. (AFP/Pedro Ugarte)

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