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Art Gallery

This is the place to post art, poetry, photography, or audio recordings about war.  

  • No limit on submissions! Post as many as you want.

  • Artwork should be original, fair use, creative commons, or public domain.  Or expressly permitted by artist.  
  • If not original, an attribute and/or link to the artist is best practice.
  • Do not link directly to images on other sites. Save pictures and upload them to your own image host.
  • For bandwidth sake, please no YouTubes here.  There is a separate Gallery for video.
  • Images should be max. 500 pixels in width.

YouTube Gallery

This is the place to post YouTubes about war.  

  • One video per comment please.
  • Indicate the title of the video in the subject line and the artist in the text.
  • Include a statement of why you chose the video if you wish.