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Rising Star Quits Foreign Service–Over Afghanistan

I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic purposes of the United States’ presence in Afghanistan. I have doubts and reservations about our current strategy and planned future strategy, but my resignation is based not upon how we are pursuing this war, but why and to what end.

That’s Matthew Hoh, an Iraq combat veteran who spent most of this year as this country’s senior civilian in chaotic Zabul Province. He just quit the State Department, despite pleas and offers from his superiors, in the full realization that he is putting himself in the hot seat.

Most of the Afghanistan discussion here and in the broader left-liberal blogosphere focuses these days on the administration’s “policy review” and the known unknowns of Cabinet and Pentagon debates. Unfortunately, the “sides” in these debates seem to ignore the people of this country who in increasing numbers tell pollsters they want the war over with, most ricky-tick (to say nothing of the wishes of the people of Afghanistan).

There are those of us who have been arguing, some with restraint and patience, some hollering like our hair is on fire, that the job of progressives is not to speculate on those debates, nor to defer to officials who are said to know more than we, nor yet to mute our criticism of the President lest his enemies take comfort from our words.

Now Matthew Hoh, fresh from the battlefield, says he quit because he knows what must happen if this quagmire is not to claim more thousands of lives, more billions of dollars:

I want people in Iowa, people in Arkansas, people in Arizona, to call their congressman and say, “Listen, I don’t think this is right.”

As we say in the Iraq Moratorium: It’s Got To Stop. We’ve Got To Stop It.

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Revulsion Begets Revolution

The Anti-War Movement: Hippies had it Right.

God, how I miss OPOL.

“But you know, if you wanna end war and stuff, you have to sing loud,” said Arlo. And end a war they did. It was not only by song, not only by protest, it was by the barrage of the REALITY of the horrors of war that woke the American People up to Vietnam.

It was the IMAGES.


I think that the American public doesn’t want to look at the horrors anymore. It would make it too hard to exist. Too hard to breathe easy over their lattes, doing nothing about it. They are too worried about keeping their jobs to think about much else.

You see, if they saw CURRENT images, such as this, in Obama’s Bagram, done by the US military, they would have to admit we are the barbarians we are supposed to stand against. We are the monsters.


Revulsion begets Revolution.

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem.

Disclaimer: Some of these particular images below have had their validity questioned and lacking citation, the author of this essay wishes you to consider them to be used in this instance as “examples” of rape behavior by soldiers. ~ Diane


Obama’s War Rhetoric


Now we seemingly have the Democrats back on track for some type of real health care reform which includes a public option, though we must concede the reform is TINY in the scheme of things, let’s see if we can’t get the Democrats to end these illegal, irresponsible and immoral wars.

Soldier balks at deploying; says Obama isn’t president

Original article, by Lily Gordon and subtitled Says he shouldn’t have to go to Afghanistan because Obama is not a U.S. citizen, via ledger-enquirer.com:

U.S. Army Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, set to deploy to Afghanistan, says he shouldn’t have to go.

His reason?

Barack Obama was never eligible to be president because he wasn’t born in the United States.

Old Man….Who You Gonna Kill Next?

Old man what the hell you gonna kill next

Old timer who you gonna kill next

Hey bartender over here

Two more shots

And two more beers

Sir turn up the TV sound

The war has started on the ground

Just love those laser guided bombs

-Roger Waters (The Bravery of Being out of Range)

Today, Memorial Day we honor our war dead. Some could care less, it’s just another excuse for barbecue, beers, baseball and NASCAR. Little can they be bothered by any concept that men at one time were burned, butchered, gassed, shot, blown into so much bloody fucking hamburger so that they would be free to be mean-spirited, fat, drunk and stupid lemmings. Their silly, meaningless understanding of history is an affront to those who served with honor and paid with all so that they could be goddamned ugly, crude and indolent Americans. With the fascist police state now fully implemented and Lord Obama talking nonsense about “preventative detention” all of those war deaths, even the ones dressed up in the monstrous nonsense of the GOOD WAR have all been in vain and for nothing. The grandchildren of the men who were cut down by German artillery, mines and machine guns as they took Omaha Beach have become that which their ancestors fought against, a nation of Good Germans, willing accomplices who are no better than those who lived downwind of Auschwitz and never once questioned the smell.

Memorial Day

We’re fools to make war on our brothers in arms……..

“Happy 90th Birthday Pete!!” {UpDated}

Pete Seeger – Guantanamera

I hereby make a commitment

that, on the Third Friday and/or Third Weekend of every month, I will break my daily routine and take some action, by myself or with others, to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That’s the pledge that is at the heart of the Iraq Moratorium, whose 20th iteration is observed today (and tomorrow and Sunday). This no-budget, locally-based, grassroots-up initiative has had over 2000 listed organized events and tens of thousands of individual participants since it began on September 15, 2007.

Please do something today or over the weekend–call your congresscritter, wear a button or armband, put a sign in your window, join a vigil, pray.

We’d love you to check out the Iraq Moratorium website, newly revamped, and report what you did.

But do something!

An Open Letter to MoveOn.org

As one of MoveOn’s 3.2 million members and a participant of some years’ standing in MoveOn vigils, living room events, online activities, etc., I opened yesterday’s MoveOn email from Nita Chaudhary with considerable interest. It was entitled, simply, “Iraq.”

My interest quickly turned to shock and then anger.

Your letter does a grave, grave disservice to the anti-war movement in this country. And it does so just when the movement, already fatigued after six years of protest, is facing a whole new set of challenges and not having an easy time adjusting.

One big problem with your letter is that it treats a Presidential promise to have all troops out of Iraq by the beginning of 2012 (almost three years from now) as a clear sign that the war is all but over, even though not a single soldier has been withdrawn yet and the killing and dying continue apace. Accompanied by a slide show of images of anti-war protest, it is valedictory in tone:

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on the work that you’ve done over the last six, dark years–trying first to prevent the war before it happened and then working tirelessly to end it–to thank you, sincerely, for all you have done.

This moment is possible because of you, and millions of people like you across our movement.

The email immediately goes on to urge us to contribute to a fund to help injured veterans, as if that was the main thing left to worry about. Yes, there’s a vague cautionary note further in: “Of course our troops aren’t home yet” and a grudging recognition that Congress is right to “raise questions” about the pace of withdrawal.

Dear SHGirl, from America

Wow, only a couple days, and look at all the replies I got on my first post “I Want to go to America”!!!!!

Some were kind of funny. I know how to swim. Dang.

Splashbaby, Iowa:

Wow, skankhatergirl. Are there bombs blowing up every day where you live? That must be scary. Its so safe here. What is Israel like? I like to swim a lot, I’m going to be on the Swim Team when I get to High School. Are there lakes and pools there? Or is it a big desert? I’d love to be your friend!!! I’ll teach you to swim. I’d love to go to a rave but my parents would totally kill me for that. But we have dances at our Jr High that are kewl too. You could come to those.

PS: Who do you think is thehottest band?

Some were really mean.

L.A.Starr367, California:

Don’t come to LA. There’s too many of dark people here already. Some Chicano skank stole my boyfriend, and we already hate the immigrants we got. Why can’t we white people stick together? I waz gonna kick her butt, but my old boyfriend stuck up for her, and so did my former so-called best friends. They called me hater. They ain’t ever seen hate like I’m gonna give them. Like I said, don’t come to my school, we don’t need no Jew girls either.

Sounds like SHE is skankier than the Skank at my school. OK, LA is out. But, I only got the one like that, the rest were nice.

I Want to go to America!

Welcome to my blog. I’m skankhatergirl. I can’t use my real name but I know my friends at my school who read this will know who that means.

I’m kind of a myspace, facebook junkie, and I love reading American blogs from other kids like me. But really, they haven’t got much to complain about compared to me.

That’s not me, my hair is shorter, but I really like the picture. I hope they are writing “Peace” but the prints too small to tell.

Being a teenager in Israel sucks. Especially when your parents are not what you call mainstream.

In a couple of years, I have to do my military service. It sucks. My parents don’t want me to go either, but a lot of people they work with are very hard line.

I guess, like Americans hate their neo-cons, my parents are really getting sick of the war party leading our country.

Tiny clay figures are reminders of growing Iraq death toll

Nearly 100,000 hand-fired clay figures, representing lives lost in the Iraq war, will be the backdrop on Friday for an Iraq Moratorium action in the California community of Aptos, near Santa Cruz.

The display is the work of artist Kathleen Crocetti, a high school art teacher, who told the San Jose Mercury News :

“I’m doing this to help people visualize the number of people killed in the Iraq war. We need a physical connection to that number. I thought we went into the war under false pretenses, and I can’t sanction pre-emptive war.

I feel such shame and sadness in my name as an American,” she said. “I feel responsible for the pain and grief because of this war.”

The 4,000-plus small white clay figures, each holding a U.S. flag, represent dead American service members. The 92,000 dark clay figures, behind the Americans like a shadow, represent Iraqis. She uses the number from Iraq Body Count, which includes documented civilian deaths.  It is a very conservative number; others estimate the count could be as high as a million.

On Friday, as individuals and groups across the country interrupt their regular routines to mark the Iraq Moratorium and call for an end to the war and occupation, people in Aptos will peacefully protest the war during rush hour on the sidewalks in front of the Resurrection-Aptos cemetery where the figures are displayed. The evening’s vigil, with music and poetry will be near the memorial in the cemetery.

The action is one of many taking place on Friday, Iraq Moratorium #15. Despite the election, despite a proposed, sketchy new US-Iraq status of forces agreement, the war drags on and on.

The President-elect and the new Congress need to know that we want our troops home — and not in three years.

The Iraq Moratorium website includes a list of actions planned across the country on Friday, and suggestions for individual action.  If you can’t make time to take part on Friday, consider a donation. The killing has to stop, and we have to stop it.


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