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Wild Wild Left Radio #81 Class War & it’s Reli-deologue Pawns

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Religious extremism is epidemic.

Is the anti-masturbation drive of a O’Donnell any less extreme than some of the Islamic whacks opinions about human sexuality?

Are the Muslim bombers any less brutal than the Jewish clerics calling for the eradication of all Palestinians? Are either less deadly than the American Christians who call for bombing Women’s Health Clinics or for the murder of Gays?

Under the umbrella of all this ramped up hatred, lies the fact the we are losing the Class War; its pawns doing the dirty work of ensuring Peace Talks will not work, ensuring Populist ideas are disparaged, and most of all keeping the People of the Country and the World too divided to notice what has been done to them.


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Bibi’s FU To President Barack Obama

During the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu with President Obama, the President pressed Bibi to agree to the two-state solution:

“It is in the interests not only of the Palestinians but also the Israelis, the United States and the international community to achieve a two-state solution,” Obama told reporters with Netanyahu sitting beside him.


But Netanyahu would not agree even to that most basic principle.

“I did not say two states for two peoples,” Netanyahu said later at a solo briefing with reporters.


Now, through an aide, Netanyahu called the “media” focus on a two state solution “childish and stupid.”  Of course, this media focus is there because the President of our nation is focused on a two-state solution.

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Also in orange: http://www.dailykos.com/story/…

Dear SHGirl, from America

Wow, only a couple days, and look at all the replies I got on my first post “I Want to go to America”!!!!!

Some were kind of funny. I know how to swim. Dang.

Splashbaby, Iowa:

Wow, skankhatergirl. Are there bombs blowing up every day where you live? That must be scary. Its so safe here. What is Israel like? I like to swim a lot, I’m going to be on the Swim Team when I get to High School. Are there lakes and pools there? Or is it a big desert? I’d love to be your friend!!! I’ll teach you to swim. I’d love to go to a rave but my parents would totally kill me for that. But we have dances at our Jr High that are kewl too. You could come to those.

PS: Who do you think is thehottest band?

Some were really mean.

L.A.Starr367, California:

Don’t come to LA. There’s too many of dark people here already. Some Chicano skank stole my boyfriend, and we already hate the immigrants we got. Why can’t we white people stick together? I waz gonna kick her butt, but my old boyfriend stuck up for her, and so did my former so-called best friends. They called me hater. They ain’t ever seen hate like I’m gonna give them. Like I said, don’t come to my school, we don’t need no Jew girls either.

Sounds like SHE is skankier than the Skank at my school. OK, LA is out. But, I only got the one like that, the rest were nice.