Dear SHGirl, from America

Wow, only a couple days, and look at all the replies I got on my first post “I Want to go to America”!!!!!

Some were kind of funny. I know how to swim. Dang.

Splashbaby, Iowa:

Wow, skankhatergirl. Are there bombs blowing up every day where you live? That must be scary. Its so safe here. What is Israel like? I like to swim a lot, I’m going to be on the Swim Team when I get to High School. Are there lakes and pools there? Or is it a big desert? I’d love to be your friend!!! I’ll teach you to swim. I’d love to go to a rave but my parents would totally kill me for that. But we have dances at our Jr High that are kewl too. You could come to those.

PS: Who do you think is thehottest band?

Some were really mean.

L.A.Starr367, California:

Don’t come to LA. There’s too many of dark people here already. Some Chicano skank stole my boyfriend, and we already hate the immigrants we got. Why can’t we white people stick together? I waz gonna kick her butt, but my old boyfriend stuck up for her, and so did my former so-called best friends. They called me hater. They ain’t ever seen hate like I’m gonna give them. Like I said, don’t come to my school, we don’t need no Jew girls either.

Sounds like SHE is skankier than the Skank at my school. OK, LA is out. But, I only got the one like that, the rest were nice.

But this one sounded like she understood me more, and its funny cuz we are supposed to be enemies. I have no idea what bff and ttyl means, though. I’ll have to ask her.

Petal012, Michigan

Hi Skankhatergirl

I’m almost sixteen, you sound younger, maybe 14? Thats ok, I’m friends with my little sister’s friends too, she’s 14. I also have one friend who is a Junior, she’s 16 and already has a car.

I live in Dearborn, Michigan and am half Palestinian and half Iranian. My parent met here.

You’d probably move to Southfield if you lived here, because thats where most of the Jewish people live. But really, it would be no big deal if I get a car next year. I could come get you. I mean, we all shop and work and stuff together. The malls around there rock better than the ones around here, anyway.

I get what you mean about having to be careful, though, the grown ups here are really p-ss’d off about the Gaza thing. My Mom used to live in Palestine when she was little and has cousins and stuff over there. They moved a few times around before coming to America. They got out when her little brother was shot. She cries about her relatives a lot.

My Dad is a lot less forgiving of Palestinians, because he kinda thinks they are backwards. In Iran, the women only have to wear burkas or cover their heads if they want to, and he thinks that its stupid how they act there. When my Mom isn’t around, he says her relatives are “The Flintstones.” ¬†We laugh like crazy about that. But he is pretty mad at Israel too.

Oh. Do you have cartoons there? The Flintstones was movie about stone age people from and old cartoon.

We don’t cover our heads in our family, and my Dad is in advertising, and my Mom is a Lawyer. They are so all about good grades. She wants me to be a Lawyer too, but I always wanted to be a veterinarian. I love animals. My Dad is worried about his job, becuz the Car Factories are closing and stuff. But some of the men around here don’t like us being modern much.

Anyway, you won’t have to be scared here, but we kinda are. Since 9/11 we don’t go on vacations like we used to. They think anyone who looks Arab is going to blow them up on a plane. Good thing we made Disneyland right before it happened. I barely remember it, but there were pictures. We are afraid to fly now. SUCKS! I want to go to Florida and the beach for spring break. Its warm there, and really cold here in winter.

Sorry, I’m talking a lot, but I’m grounded for bringing home a C in algebra. I hate math. My parents think I’m doing homework, HAHAHA So, if I cut off in the middle of a sentence its because POS. (POS is Parent Over Shoulder) Do you say that there?

So, at least my Mom’s relatives don’t HAVE to fight. Some of them do, they are sick of being treated like crap and things are really bad in Gaza. You know they don’t give them electricity most of the time, and I guess (GROSS) most of the bathrooms don’t work, and showers and stuff.


But I guess there is no food or work or medicine and that stuff is serious. My Mom’s uncle is really sick, and can’t get antibiotics. It makes them really, really mad and worried he will die for nothing.

But most of them are more intrested in trying to sneak out and my Mom wants to bring them all here. (Like I’m going to share MY bedroom, NEVER!) They just wanna live like normal people. Some of them are really freaky about our religion. The Qu’ran never sez anything about treating women bad, or going to wars. I think guys make all that stuff up in every religion. So, when they come here, my Mom wants me to wear a scarf over my hair out of respect. I’m not like them, I’m an American. I was born here. What gives them the right to tell me what to do?

I won’t do it. My Dad has my back on this one, you should hear them argue. Do your parents argue, too?

But seriously, if you come here I will be your friend. I’m a great dancer too, and I know some places we can go once we are 18 or get fake ID’s from the best fake id sites
that I’ve been told about by some of my friends.

The only thing is, sometimes people treat me bad because even though I dress totally kewl and talk totally American, all they see is “Arab” and people won’t like talk to me. They think “terrorist.” Gimme a break. Biggest Crime in my life is the stupid C I got in Algebra. So, if you are with me, they might mistake you for being an Arab not a Jew.

Americans are really stupid that way.

Oh, and I’m sorry about your bff’s brother. It sounds like we all have dead friends and relatives.

I say, get out, and we can all live like normal people. That place is crazy!!!!

Oh! Tell your Mom about U of M. Its a HUGE hospital and they always need Doctors.

Write back, ok? I better write my English paper now. I haven’t even started and its due tomorrow!



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