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Happy Birthday buhdydharma!!


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Be It Ever So Humble… (updated)

there’s no place like home!


One night, a few months or so ago, I went scavenging through some of the earliest essays of DD. I forget what I was hunting for, or maybe I was just trying to get a better feel of the place, I don’t know. But, oh! what gems I found! (see the “ha!” link above, a great one from On The Bus!!)  Alas, I did not bookmark them other than in my own brain, so I’ll have to see what else I come across anew, as I meander through my day today.

If any of you have fun ones you’d like to add, please linky-winky in a comment and I’ll update.. (Rusty, I know you’ve got a goldmine hidden!)

I encourage anyone new-ish to go see On The Bus’ original Blog Blessing posted (before the launch) on AUG 18, 2007.

DD Greatest Hits…

Here’s a couple that were dug up by On The Bus:

from Buhdy, May 1, 2008, Writing in the Raw, Meat

from Rusty, Feb 14, 2009, Valentine Confessions 2009

very funny, OTB. 😉

Okay, from me, here’s one of Rusty’s, from Feb 17 2009, that I think suits this day:  A New Voice Was Heard

OH! Okay okay, I promise not to get carried away, but this is The Shit right here: Rusty, “Blogging The Future”.

Jon Stewart: Obama Is A Liar


Reports that President Barack Obama was not born in the US have convinced Jon Stewart that he may also be lying about his age. The Comedy Central comedian chided the mainstream media Tuesday for giving President Barack Obama ‘a pass’ on his 48th birthday.

“You would think that the MSM would be coming at the White House hard and fast on this birthday scam but what do we get?” Stewart asked sarcastically. The media bought the hoax “hook, line and sinker,” he said.

“This story is more full of holes than a $30 hooker with a piercing fetish, a heroin habit, a tracheotomy and three anuses,” Stewart joked.

“Happy 90th Birthday Pete!!” {UpDated}

Pete Seeger – Guantanamera