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Senator Lindsey Graham: Epic Fail! 20110502

I usually do not write about pure politics because many others here do it much better than I.  Whilst I keep up with politics, those of you who read my three regular, weekly series know that I am much more of and academic and a storyteller.  However, this is different.

He, and the despicable Sean Hannity have decided that it was wrong to give a proper burial, following the Muslim tradition, of Usama bin Laden was the wrong thing to do.  Nothing could be further from the truth, and I shall use their own favorite catch phrase to nail them.

Grahan and Hannity, and others of a similar mind, are drunk with the passion for revenge.  That is not supposed to be our way.  Justice, not revenge, is the American way, or at least is purported to be so.

There is superstitious writing on the wall

IOZ suggests that all this caterwauling about Constitutional issues could be self-deception from a people who historically were born on third and thought they hit a triple.

I have long thought that “American Exceptionalism” could largely be attributed to historical accident, i.e., the convergence of enlightenment thinking, the industrial revolution and a fresh petri dish.  It all must have seemed so manifest, eh?

It is tempting to leave it at that.

On the other hand.

One might further assume that the exactly ambiguous wording of the Constitution, prior English law, the magna carta, etc., were also accidental.  

Then let’s also assume that crying out in pain under the sharp elbows of conspecifics and the “alarm substance” given off by damaged fish scales to fellow schoolers are also accidental nonsense.

All accidental associations by mere contiguity, nothing more than a pitcher wearing his “lucky” socks.  Those fastballs down the tube never really happened.  He never really could throw gas.

The Last Taboo, and Seeds Beneath The Snow

John Pilger – July 4, 2009

Empire, Obama and the Last Taboo

A 5 minute excerpt

from the full 32 minute talk – on the flip

Old Man….Who You Gonna Kill Next?

Old man what the hell you gonna kill next

Old timer who you gonna kill next

Hey bartender over here

Two more shots

And two more beers

Sir turn up the TV sound

The war has started on the ground

Just love those laser guided bombs

-Roger Waters (The Bravery of Being out of Range)

Today, Memorial Day we honor our war dead. Some could care less, it’s just another excuse for barbecue, beers, baseball and NASCAR. Little can they be bothered by any concept that men at one time were burned, butchered, gassed, shot, blown into so much bloody fucking hamburger so that they would be free to be mean-spirited, fat, drunk and stupid lemmings. Their silly, meaningless understanding of history is an affront to those who served with honor and paid with all so that they could be goddamned ugly, crude and indolent Americans. With the fascist police state now fully implemented and Lord Obama talking nonsense about “preventative detention” all of those war deaths, even the ones dressed up in the monstrous nonsense of the GOOD WAR have all been in vain and for nothing. The grandchildren of the men who were cut down by German artillery, mines and machine guns as they took Omaha Beach have become that which their ancestors fought against, a nation of Good Germans, willing accomplices who are no better than those who lived downwind of Auschwitz and never once questioned the smell.