I Want to go to America!

Welcome to my blog. I’m skankhatergirl. I can’t use my real name but I know my friends at my school who read this will know who that means.

I’m kind of a myspace, facebook junkie, and I love reading American blogs from other kids like me. But really, they haven’t got much to complain about compared to me.

That’s not me, my hair is shorter, but I really like the picture. I hope they are writing “Peace” but the prints too small to tell.

Being a teenager in Israel sucks. Especially when your parents are not what you call mainstream.

In a couple of years, I have to do my military service. It sucks. My parents don’t want me to go either, but a lot of people they work with are very hard line.

I guess, like Americans hate their neo-cons, my parents are really getting sick of the war party leading our country.

As my Dad said, “They are making us more enemies, no Jew will ever be able to sleep without one eye open forever.”

But he has to be careful where he says it. People get really angry about politics here. He likes his friends, even if he thinks they are wrong.

I guess they do there, in America, too.

We are thinking about moving to America, but this is where their jobs are, our house is, and like, everyone we know. Its scary moving. Really scary for me, but less scary than dying in the IDF.

My Mom talks about sitting with her Grandfather talking about prehistoric times, you know 1917 or something like that, when this country was totally cool with Jews, Muslims and Christians and they like had to get along by law.  But mostly the law didn’t matter, because they were friends. His best friend was one of those Palestinian guys, and they used to have tea and help each other farm. I guess the guy was a whiz at fixing things, and my grandfather was the one good at the sheep thing. He was almost like a sheep doctor.


My Mom gets all worked up and sentimental, but like that is ever going to happen again.

My best friend’s older brother got blown up by one of those Hamas guys. he was really hot and really smart, and it just killed their family. They don’t care about her family, they want us all dead, is how I feel.

But I do feel bad about seeing kids starving in Gaza too, and no doctors.  My Mom is a Doctor.

Starving babies is just plain wrong, anywhere. Kids don’t make wars, grown ups do.

Well, except maybe that stuck up skank (skank is my favorite American word, you know) in my school who is always preaching IDF this and Zion first that, and calls some of us traitors for thinking war sucks. I almost slapped her once. I cannot believe that some of the guys think she’s hot. She is a total skank.


But, like, if we move to America no one really cares about war, its not like you HAVE to be a soldier, and I think your liberals won. I wish the liberal party would make a comeback here. They are crazy-angry, almost as bad as Hamas. Kill, kill, kill, I am so sick of the killing.

I think LOTS of people are. You hear it a lot.

In fact, some of the Rabbis say that real Jews don’t fight or get all political, that it is against Yahweh’s laws for us. I like that.

Anyway, I’m dying to check out a rave-party or whatever you call them. I just want to go to school and not fight.

But even though we have like a few years to think about it, its join or be called a refusenik and go to jail for a year. America is the only other option.

Its totally lame to go to jail for not being a fighter type. I’m more into being a Doctor someday like my Mom. My Dad thinks I’m too big a Princess and will try and decorate the cannons. But thats why I love that picture, you know.

He’s such a dweeb.

Why is it the meanest guys always run the governments? Like your Bush, our Likud guys?

We need an Obama guy. Maybe then we would only have to go if we wanted too.

Anyway, I hope you will write me so I can have some American friends when I talk them into moving.

Being here sucks.  


    • Diane G on January 12, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    (except skanks!)

    • Edger on January 12, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    Photo from The Carter Center

    • Diane G on January 12, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    are already writing back to her in my head.

    Sometimes, they just write themselves….. a second episode will surely be forthcoming.

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