Happy Elvis bin Laden Day!

Yeehaww  Happy Friday!

Incident at 3:15, major speech at 4:15.  Oh, yeah, sure I “buy” that it’s not a “roll out” of something coming out of some marketing think tank days before and erection/election.

In other good news I got a job.  To make that even better the company actually does some defense work.  Now add to that the story I want to scope out about the gross Orwellianisms of working for a temp agency, the exploitive infrastructure being built, no institutionalized into the Gattica non-future of unemployment in the soon to be fully de-industrialized former United States.

Stay Tuned.


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  1. …. of course the packages had to be mailed to Chicago.


    Congrats on the job.

  2. Here he is in Hawaii.

  3. bin Laden…doing the Jailhouse Rock at the County Jail.

    Notice the open cell doors?

  4. We had him at the gates of the County Jail, but we stood down, we stood down and let the local forces take over…they left the door open…and he just slipped away…into the night…he’s an oily one, that Elvis bin Laden.

  5. things are going a little better for you LH.

    Peace brother…

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