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The Underlying Issue: the War on the Constitution

The Republican and Democratic parties have accomplished an amazing feat with the red state/blue state paradigm. They’ve convinced everyone that regardless of how bad they are, the other guy is worse. So even with 11 percent of the public supporting Congress most incumbents will be returned to Congress. They have so structured and defined the question that people no longer look at the actual principles and instead vote on this false dichotomy.

John Cusack’s interview with Jonathan Turley is a good read if you like intelligent discussions by smart people who put what is important about an issue to the fore. This is in marked contrast with the Mainstream Media that puts trivial, ephemeral concerns front and center of any discussion and utterly ignore the underlying issues that do underlie all our major issues. In a way, it is not their fault since they see their job as merely to mirror the concerns of ordinary citizens who don’t want to think too deeply about anything whether it is the world of national and international affairs or even personal issues. Once there was a notion that the media would serve three important purposes, inform us on significant events that are bound to affect our lives, provide education about the world, and to keep track of the truth and hold politicians accountable. This has not even come close to be its role in recent years and is unlikely to be because the general consensus reality that this media has been presenting to us is the normal American consensus reality. This is the world we live in. Thus Obama is on the left and Romney is on the right. Never mind what left and right means or whether these people really fit the mold-they actually don’t because they are both opportunists-essentially, guns for hire who will pretty much represent their clients’ interest and guess what? We will never be their clients.

Make War out of the Osama Thing

The wife want’s to know if “they” are going to make a war out of the Osama thing.  One of those “broken arrow” lost nukes in a major city and overnight martial law.  Not beyond their scope given recent history.

James Corbett documents Osama’s nine lives.


Even a former Ray-gunite promotes Osamas second death


Osama dead? Really?


The sheeple PR value of bin ladens death.


The Bush/bin laden connections are well known.


Took Japan nukes out of “the news” didn’t it.

On second thought is Osama Obama’s climategate!

OOOhhhh, check out the german titles on the right side of Tarpley’s page.  I know Tarpley can be a neo-con yet I love the german titles.


Hi, I’m from the FBI, Can I Have Some Brain Tissue


I have a subpoena.

Really I do.

Also, I have a nice shiny drill.

But miss Bin Ladin, I have a subpoena.

No, scratch that, no need:

There is no Ms Bin Ladin, look wiki says he has all brothers.

But wait.

Look again.

It gets better.

Tissue samples taken from his corpse had provided virtually a “100 per cent” match with relations, including a sister who died from a brain tumour in a United States hospital, according to White House sources.

Now, all the papers says he has a sister, most report in Boston, whose name is ‘unknown,’ but that they retained her brain tissue, because you know, American hospitals have peoples brain tissue, even if they don’t know your name, and wiki says you don’t exist.

No worries there, though, a wiki edit is soon to happen.

Oh look:

Yahoo “Does Osama have a sister?

“this answer has been deleted”

5 minutes later:

Yes, he did. She had cancer and died. They took her DNA so if they caught Osama they could be sure that was him. He was the real Osama after they shot him in the head twice and tested his blood.

4 hours ago

Wait, wait, if this answer happened four hours ago, how come it changed 5 minutes ago?

In fact how come all the answers were posted ‘four hours ago’

The View from the Real Left

It’s been harder and harder for me to pay attention to “politics” such as it is. I don’t really see anything happening other than a kind of mopping up operation by the oligarchy. The deed is done the Republic can be buried now.

The most consistently accurate commentator of the left (I regard the “left” to mean opposition to the current power structure not an ideology) has probably been Arthur Silber (his blog is here). I suggest you read his stuff, not just the new stuff. Sometimes he’s a bit pedantic and self-righteous but he’s earned the right to it as far as I’m concerned.

To all those who repeatedly claimed that, no matter what “mistakes” he might make and regardless of the scope of the devastating effects of those errors, Obama had to represent a markedly better choice than McCain, take note: in certain respects, Obama is far more dangerous than McCain could have been.

Why is this?