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Obama Wants Bush liberal appointees Gates and Petraues to Stay On


(General Petraues seen here raising his fist in a black power salute of unity with Obama and Gates)…


In a dramatic reversal to previous presidents, sources say President Elect Obama has asked, Bush favorites Robert Gates (CIA liberal) and David Petraues (Military Industrial Complex liberal) to stay on. Petraues started out as a purchaser of weapons in Iraq and went on to become supreme overseer of the military in the region. He was responsible for implementing the fabulously succesful, “surge” which has brought peace, stability and democracy to Iraq.  

You Are Crazy to Vote for Obama! What’s Wrong with YOU?


Why are the following people endorsing Barak Obama:

Colin Powell …who promoted the lies about Iraq and Sadaam before the U.N.

Ken Adelman: Extreme right wing architect of the Iraq war

Andrew Sullivan: Conservative columnist

Christopher Hitchens: Pro Iraq war columnist

Christopher Buckley: (William Buckley’s son)



Quite apart from the acting or the production values of the film, “W” very nearly accurately reflects the relationships not only of Bush and his father but of the entire Bush cabinet.

I would take the relationship of George W with George H a large step further.

I believe George W. Bush intentionally made a mess of his presidency. He did this essentially through the invasion of Iraq. The purpose of which was simply to punish his father. His father regarded him as a “screw up”. His presidency has been a screw up, but not by accident. It has been intentional. George W. Bush knew everything he was doing was the “wrong” thing to do. It is not a question of intelligence, it’s a question of intention. Any fool could see that an invasion of Iraq was the “wrong thing” to do.

The purpose of George Bush’s invasion of Iraq was to punish his father by screwing up on a monumental presidential level. The purpose was to destroy the Bush name, by destroying in any way possible, the image of America. The image of his father. This is a typical famalial pattern. The son keeps doing self destructive things. The upstanding father cannot understand why. It’s not because the son is stupid. It’s because the son is punishing the father. It’s really trite.

You can simply reverse everything George W. Bush has said about “America” and freedom and his love of freedom and of Bush’s often stated perception about “those who hate freedom”. It is George Bush who hates America, not Al Queda. Al Queda is a myth. Al Queda is used as a vehicle for George W. Bush  to displace his hatred of America. And America is George W. Bush’s father.

Now, we see in the film that all of George W’s advisors eventually indulge George Bush. They indulge him, they enable him. I believe this is accurate. Dick Cheney, is a provincial and essientially unsophisticated man has achieved through political experience the appearance of sophistication. But he is an actor with avuncular “chops”. Cheney is an extremely paranoid individual and is certainly a force that is aligned, for different reasons, not suicidal, with George W. Bush and his need to self destruct. It’s as if George W is saying  to his father, “Oh you think i’m a screw up huh?…I’ll show you how much of a screw up I can be. I’ll screw things up so bad it will make your head spin. I’ll destroy everything in the world that you like, I’ll destroy the world as you know it.” And that is exactly what he has done. George W.  has unraveled everything his father did during his presidency.

Almost all the the important treaties, all the foreign and domestic policies of his father have been thrown out.

I thought the actors were fine in the film, but it’s really irrelevant. The point of Bush’s presidency, the essence of this bizzarre human failure is brought out in the film.

Oliver Stone is not dumb.

What is not brought out and is a topic for another film, is the reason why an entire population of people indulged this person for 8 years in his utterly pointless wars. Not to mention, of course, his destruction of the American economy for which no one is blaming him.

Why hasn’t one senator, one congressman, one journalist, one somebody somewhere stood up and called George Bush out. I’m mean really called him out. He is a very distrubed person. He is psychologically distrubed, deeply disturbed. His disturbance is not unusual. But it is unusual for a person to become president WHOSE INTENTION IS TO FAIL.

Perhaps the destruction of the American economy was an unforseen but inevitable bonus for George W. That’s another issue.

Large parts of the American population want to die. Large parts of America are secretly suicidal. They use religion and the excuse of the “rapture” to cover their simple desire to die. They prefer to live in heaven. They don’t want to be here on Earth all that much. So, we can say, as conservative as they may be, they really don’t care all that much about “America”. The real interest of the fundamentalist is “Heaven”.  I call that being suicidal.

They are George Bush’s base.

Vote All Current Politicians OUT OF OFFICE!

The Bailout has already failed.

This week the markets will continue to tumble.

Exercize YOUR POWER!

They have stolen 700 billion dollars from you and YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING to GAMBLE on helping corporations who support only THEIR representatives in Government. This government DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

You have no representatives. Soon you will have NO VOTE.

You MUST vote all current Politicians out of office for the simple purpose of exercising the POWER of the PEOPLE OVER THE GOVERNMENT.

Your standard of living includes, garbage pickup, street repair, availability of electricity, heat, water and all public services.

Can you not see these are being cut back in all cities. It’s just the begining.

Soon you will have no access to your money. ATM’s WIll not be functioning soon. There will be bank “holidays” to prevent you from taking your money out of the bank.

The dollar will be replaced with another currency. It will have a different name. You will have to buy the new currency with your old currency. It will cost you perhaps 4 dollars to buy one new dollar. That will certainly be true for all third world countries who use American dollars or who America owes money to.

In this way your paper dollar will be devalued. You will lose your pensions, your 401 K’s, your saving will lose most if not all of their value.

This is a great depression.



The current group of politicians are incompetent.


The current group of politicians are fund raisers. They are not knowledgeable about their jobs. They have time only to raise funds from corporations.


Quit lying to yourselves.


Today the Markets Will lose about 5% of their value.

More Banks, National CIty, Banco Popular will go under and eventually their will be no one to rescue them and Your money will be lost.

If you don’t have much money, your public services will diminish, your quality of life will be drastically reduced.

YES! It appears You are going to live through a very awful time. It happens. It can happen to YOU!

VOTE 3rd PARTY and reenergize or at least shake up the nation.

This Week the Economies of the World Will be Destroyed


Where are you now?

This week the stock market is scheduled to collapse. Wachovia and National City banks are due to collapse. Over 100 banks are expected to collapse in the next few months.

Your money is probably very unsafe, your pensions, your social security and yet no one really seems to realize that it’s all about to come crumbling down…

From Paul Krugman to Kramer and Kudlow…that’s what they are saying. It’s not what I’m saying. It’s what they are saying.

There may be as few a 5 banks left. Citigroup, Bank of America, Chase are three of those. They will buy the smaller banks in league with the government. That will undoubtedly fail. They have been chosen by the government to be treated preferentially.

PUT YOUR MONEY IN THOSE BANKS…for your own good. All other banks may fail.

Yet the news, especially the “progressive” news is largely focused on an election that will become more and more meaningless as these events begin to unfold in the very immediate future.

It will be an election of symbolic value only. It’s far too late now, and it’s been far too late for several years.

That election might have to be put off.

It amazes me how so many people are focused on anything else but the giant wave of economic destruction that is about to engulf YOU.

It doesn’t matter whether you have any money or no money. The effect will be overwhelming for everybody.

5 banks have been chosen by the government to buy failing banks. JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America are three of those. The government will use the bail out money to give to these 5 banks to use to buy failing banks in the hopes that it will stop the flight of capital.

I don’t see how it could work. But what do I know? Probably a lot more than I want to admit to myself.


Presidential Candidates Barak Obama and John McCain will be debating tonight.

America’s Final Destination. Thankyou Liberal Bloggers


America is a great nation. A nation of workers. A nation of people who through generation after generation have built this nation, this culture into the strongest, most mighty, most modern, most progressive nation in the history of the world.

At this time, we are in a crisis. We have been in crises, before and have risen to the occasion.

This is not a time for idle bickering between parties, but a time for coming together to face the challenge that confronts us all.

The American economy will survive this test because the American people are fundamentally strong and resilient.

They understand adversity and they face it with experience, strength and fortitude.

You may lose you bank accounts, you homes, your pensions and your jobs. But Americans know that no matter what happens in the coming days, we must stick together and face these challenges, not in individual self interest, but as a nation undeterred by the insurmountable debt that has accumulated as a result of an economy that is failing to function but for the much needed infusion of American energy in the form of the economic package that our senators and congressman are working collectively in a bi partisan manner to work out.

I urge all Americans to have faith in the system of government that has inspired the world since it’s inception.

Soon an agreement will be worked out in congress and I believe a solution will be found.

God Bless America and God Bless those of you on these liberal websites that believe in America. It is You who believe in America who have brought us to this point and you who will continue the path toward America’s final destination.

44% of Americans in Favor of Torturing Innocent People.

Americans are backward people.

44% support the torture and imprisonment of innocent people who have not been charged with a crime.  That’s a lot of goddamn people.…

Should Bush be Hung or Face Life Imprisonment? Buglioisi says he should stand trial for MURDER!

Should George Bush face the death Penalty or life imprisonment?

If proven guitly of murder those two choices would have to be considered. Would Texas be the site of the execution or imprisonment?

According to Vincent Bugliosi the president should be prosecuted for murder. Vincent Bugliosi is considered by some the greatest prosecutor in America. Here’s a portion of his interview with little known “non towering” journalist, Amy Goodman.…

Now Obama Will Move to the Right

Now that you been had…..

Obama will now move to the right. And the naive “progressives” and “liberals” will be amazed and dissapointed as he signals a tough stance on Iran and a tough stance on Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan. Lebanon, Palestine and any other nation where Muslims happen to occupy.

He will make it clear that he is no friend of the Muslims. He will distance himself from them as his opponents continue to “accidentally” call him Osama. He will make it clear that he is a Christian. He will make it clear that he is willing to go to war with Iran and anyone else if they do not comply to U.S. demands.

Obama is now saying the Army of Iran….the Republican Guard are terrorists. That means it’s ok to bomb then. To destroy them. It’s interesting isn’t it?

I wrote a diary in September 2006 that predicted the newly elected democrats would not vote to end the war, but to promote it, to increase the troop levels and funding. That’s exactly what happened.

Obama will continue the war indefinetly in the unlikely even that he is not completely destroyed by McCain on issues related to his past drug use among other things. Did he inject herion? Did he sell cocaine? Those will be the talking points of the election….much more so than the war and it’s utter destruction of the American economy as we now know it.  

America and Iran are Allies in Iraq. Muqtada Al Sadr is defeating both.

Muqtada Al Sadr

Muqtada Al Sadr is poised to become the Simon Bolivar, of Iraq….

He is winning handily and defeating the alleged Militas of the government who are defecting to him and side stepping the ridiculous attempts to bomb him by the insane American forces who only know how to kill and torture civilians.

He is a nationalist…a enemy of American corporations and Iranian interests….as well as corrupt Shiites who are backed by IRan

Phoney LIberal Websites Ignore WINTER SOLDIER. America is a “NAZI” NATION


All the pathetic liberal websites whose information almost always comes from the State Controlled Mass Media, Keith Blabberman, Chris Mathews ….and almost never from alternative sources like Democracy Now!, Flashpoints, Indymedia, Pacifica…the list of independent sources is endless….have almost entirely ignored WINTER SOLDIER.

This is the biggest story of the year for America. America ignores it.

And the reason is…..The mass media who you have all become unwitting slaves to is ignoring it. You people imagine you are different. You are not. 1 Million Iraqi dead, almost all civilians killed at the instigation of the entire nation of a concscience -less America.

All these liberal websites disgust me. America is disgusting.

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