44% of Americans in Favor of Torturing Innocent People.

Americans are backward people.

44% support the torture and imprisonment of innocent people who have not been charged with a crime.  That’s a lot of goddamn people.


They are opposed to immediate withdrawal for a publicly acknowledged phony war based on false pretense. Even though the war is fake, we must stay “to stabilize Iraq”. After  razing entire cities, displacing 30% of the population resulting in 1 million deaths and perhaps millions of injuries, torturing, raping and videotaping the rape and torture…Americans are opposed to simply “PULLING OUT”.

Americans are having too much fun.

They don’t seem to realize the war is destroying the American economy and will, in short order cause millions of Americans to lose every bit of wealth they have.

America needs to stick around and help the Iraqi’s get back on their feet while they go about destroying their own economy in support of the wars.

Americans are a perverse people. Who secretly enjoy torture, rape, imprisonment, killing and slavery. They are a self destructive people.

That’s why we have candidates like McCain and Obama.

Barak Obama represents the alleged “liberal wing” of the Democratic party.

Obama is Pro Military doesn’t want to cut the military budget. He votes to fund the wars.

Obama is Pro Capitalist….He’s a Chicago Boy ala Naomi Klein

Obama is Open to Bombing Iran

Obama is not opposed to the Security State. He’s Pro Survelliance. He’s voting for immunity for Telephone Companies. He votes for the development of the security state.

Obama is Pro Israel…Period…..(his words)  http://factcheck.barackobama.c…

Obama feels Iraqi’s and People with skin color other than white need to take responsibility for themselves.

Obama is against Impeachment of censure of Bush and Cheney

Barak Obama will continue the policies of George Bush. The war in Iraq is simply going to “move” under his plan and is supposedly  (he’s dreaming) going to shift from Iraq to Afghanistan.

The war will continue in Iraq. It will not end. It’s heating up again RIGHT NOW!

The Democrats will support more funding for wars after the elections of 2008 and they will support the bombing of Iran no matter whose president. AIPAC and other organizations both visible and invisible will see to that.

The reason is simple. Americans are not interested in what’s true. They are interested in what appears to be true. And the Media manipulates them endlessely on that point. Barak Obama appeals to them. Americans don’t look at his postions. They look at his relaxed demeanor. His face, his hands, his eyes. And many his skin color. A vote for Obama reassures white Americans that they are not racists. It makes them feel good. It eases their guilt for never having had in their entire life a person whose skin color was noticeably different than their own, as a friend.

Americans are two faced liars to the world. They vote for two faced liars to lead them.

That’s why there are no candidates visible who are telling the truth about how the ecomomy is being destroyed by the Wars in the Mideast.  

Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney and even Ron Paul are running for president. They are more likely to tell you the truth…..

But most of you don’t want the truth. Your too practical. Your “realists”. Your “pragmatic”. You want the candidate that the MSM has chosen for you. The one who supposedly is going to “turn things around”….not SHIFT things around. You didn’t choose Obama. The Media controlled by corporate America….the people who bankroll the candidates, chose Barak Obama. They chose John McCain. Now you get to choose between 2 different brands….made by the same company with the exact same ingredients….but in different looking boxes.

MCain and Obama represent a win-win situation for the bankrollers of war, the security state and the privatization of the government.

And now some of you imagine you have a choice.

Some of you are so very clever.


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  1. … this comment to say howdy.  The essay looked lonely without any comments in it.

    I don’t secretly enjoy torture, and haven’t been clever in years.

    • Viet71 on June 29, 2008 at 16:40

    I believe you’ve sized up Obama correctly.

    Just for fun, you should post this on DKos.

    • pico on June 30, 2008 at 08:03

    whether you’ve realized it or not.  

    44% of Americans openly support torture.

    You can guess that a large percentage say they oppose it but either don’t care enough to oppose it as such or aren’t bothered by the implications of it.   That puts us well over half the country.

    And that’s why a Nader or a McKinney or a Paul won’t win the election.

    I’ll put it a slightly more cynical way, rather than rehash arguments about pragmatics:

    We don’t deserve an anti-torture president, because we have failed to convince our friends and neighbors that torture is wrong.  Even if we managed to shove an anti-torture president into the office, s/he wouldn’t be an honest representative of this country.  Until the nation is anti-torture, we’re just spinning our gears.

    Which is why I really don’t care about a Nader or a McKinney or a Paul.  We focus too much on fixing things from the top.  That’s the last place we should be looking.

    (Also, have you spent much time in the rest of the world?  Americans get ripped for thinking themselves exceptional, but I’d argue the flipside is true, too: it’s not that Americans are two-faced hypocritical horrible people.  It’s that too large a number of human beings are.  Americans are just the ones with the monopoly on power.)

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