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Video of American U.S. Moron Soldiers Confessing to War Crimes: Winter Soldier


U.S. Soldiers confess to murder

There is nothing in the MSM on this. It’s not being reported. We have a State Corporate Controlled Press with one token clown who acts as a stooge/sop to the left in the employ of the Corporate Controlled State. He appears  on a semi game/news show called Countdown, he is the host and probably your idol, Keith Blabberman.

“Stab an Iraqi to death and get a free 4 day pass”. Didn’t matter who he was. Those are the instructions given to some soldiers.

“Shoot all taxi cabs in the town”

Soldiers recount the men women and children they killed and how they thought at the time it was fun or just somethin’ to do to keep from being bored.

They describe the military in Iraq as vicious, racist and murdering people indiscriminately for fun, sometimes in fear, but almost always pointlessly killing innocent people. It’s the rule, not the exception that Iraqi’s are abused.

“Not once did I ever find arms in a raid in an Iraqi house. But we arrested them anyway.”America’s Moronic Soldiers Confess]

The closest you can come to what horror the American Moron people and their Moron soldiers have wrought in Iraq is the “American version” of reality of what goes on in Iraq.

Apologetic soldiers revealing that they were or perhaps continue to be Morons. Once you have been trained to be a Moron, you cannnot escape it entirely. It’s part of your history. Once you have been tortured, starved, shot or killed the results are permanent. They live on forever. It’s true for the victim and the victimizer.

“In order for us to regain our humanity and our military we demand the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq” Camilio Meija.

Rudy Guiliani a Cross Dressing Presidential Candidate Raised by a Mafia Father

Rudy Guiliani’s father Harold was a mafia hit man. He did time in Sing Sing. Upon his father’s death Rudy said that his father was a kind, generous man who taught him the value of honesty. Many members of Guilianis family were mobsters. Maybe Rudy has “issues”. According to Rudy mafia hit men can be kind and honest. It seems that Rudy, due to his upbringing and the development and maintenance of this perverse perspective no doubt has a great deal of difficulty dealing with a little thing called, THE TRUTH.

Wayne Barret wrote a book that uncovered Rudy’s upbringing in 2000. It’s called “Rudy! An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani.” Barret is a well respected writer for the Village Voice.

The news media seems to have forgotten all about the book.


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He could be the next President. Here he is showing his feminine side dressed up like a mobster….and again below showing he’s not afraid to dress up in womens clothing. He’s got the cross dresser vote in the (brown paper) bag

Happy Veterans Day with President Bush

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Recognize the one on the right? Recognize the one on the left?

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A Free T-Shirt for your trouble.

The Striking Resemblance of Iraqi’s and Mexicans to Human Beings

I have been surfing the net as it were recently and I started googling images. After awhile I started to notice the striking resemblance that Iraqi’s and even Mexicans have to human beings.

Bush says he Plans Continue His Term after 2008!!!

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DATELINE: January 2009


Rebounding once again after yet another stunning Republican popular electoral defeat in 2008, the Eternal Imperial Procurator George W. Bush presented his new cabinet today at the White House. The whereabouts of the Democratic and Republican challengers are still unknown. “They have not showed up for work and someone has to lead, We are at war!” shouted His Excellency as he began his 3rd term for life. Cheering throngs of black shirted fascists from the Pentagon, CIA and State Department poured into the capital to ensure a smooth transition from Democracy and to wish our dear leader well.

For the Fascist Liberal Bloggers

There are no excuses for this anymore.

This is for all the fools who believe in this fascist government…that any of these so called self serving fund raisers who masquerade as polticians will have any positive impact.

If Hilliary Clinton is not playing possum…she will be more warlike than George Bush. An if she is playing possum she will be removed and will never make it to a second term.

C’mon you people. You have to give it up.


Liberal Fascist Larry Johnson Cutely Advises Congressmen to Keep U.S. Troops in Iraq

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Larry Johnson ex CIA and fascist advocate of torture and a member of what appears to be a nascent liberal fascist movement has written a piece on the CIA friendly website Booman Tribune that attempts to portray his position as trying to get the American Policy on Iraq and Iran “back into the realm of sanity”.

America must protect it’s long term interests in Iraq. America must stay in Iraq as long as it needs Iraqi oil. There is no other interpretation of this confused diary by Larry Johnson. It’s cute.

Johnson relates how he met with 14 members of Congress. Perhaps he met with Rahm Emmanuel who knowledge of Iraq is betrayed by his ignorance when he states that Saudi Arabia is governed by a Shiite majority aligned with the Shiites in Iran.

From crooks and liars

“The Iranians are a Persian culture and the House of Saud is a Shiite government, a total different culture and a different people and etc. The question about Saudi Arabia is there is a clear, they have been funding radical schools throughout the Mideast and it is a big problem for us.”
Um, no, Rahm. The ruling mullahs of Iran (who are Persian, you got that right, but that’s an ethnicity, not a religion) are Shi’a. The Saudis are Sunnis. That’s part of the problem. The “insurgents” in Iraq (at least, most of them) are Sunnis.

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