Obama Wants Bush liberal appointees Gates and Petraues to Stay On


(General Petraues seen here raising his fist in a black power salute of unity with Obama and Gates)



In a dramatic reversal to previous presidents, sources say President Elect Obama has asked, Bush favorites Robert Gates (CIA liberal) and David Petraues (Military Industrial Complex liberal) to stay on. Petraues started out as a purchaser of weapons in Iraq and went on to become supreme overseer of the military in the region. He was responsible for implementing the fabulously succesful, “surge” which has brought peace, stability and democracy to Iraq.  

Gates of course is a former head of the liberal CIA. A group known for it’s intelligence. The CIA has a long track record of providing the government with valuable “actionalbe” intelligence as to the whearabouts of WMD, nuclear facilites, terrorists using planes as WMD, landing strips for drones, Sadaam’s bunker hideouts and the whereabouts of Bin Laden. Bin Laden said to be  so rattled by current CIA efforts to find him, that according to liberal CIA chief Michael Hayden …it’s gotten to the point where Bin Laden is actually concerned for his own safety.


Obama is signaling to the voting public that he’s his own man. He’s not like other presidents who choose their own cabinet members. He’s going with Bush’s people. Recognizing the wisdom of Bush may be hard for others. But Obama is a visionary.

He’s appointed Rahm Emmanuel as his chief of Staff. Rahm spent time in 1990 serving the interests of Israel as an Israeli soldier in the first gulf war. Rahms father was a member of Irgun, a group labeled as “terrorist” who killed innocent people but for a just cause, the establishment of Israel as the greatest nation on Earth through it’s proxy, the United States of America.

As a liberal progressive I welcome Gates and Petraues (aka in ridicule as General Betrayus..remember?). Let those outside of liberal circles ridicule these selections. But we liberals know that Obama is a man of action who responds to his constituency.

He was voted in to stop the war and what better people to select than the same people who started it.  

There are rumours, they are just rumours concerning Condoleeza Rice and Dick Cheney. Stay tuned for Part II.  


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  2. So you don’t think he’ll will ask Bill Clinton to serve as Secretary of State?

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