You Are Crazy to Vote for Obama! What’s Wrong with YOU?


Why are the following people endorsing Barak Obama:

Colin Powell …who promoted the lies about Iraq and Sadaam before the U.N.

Ken Adelman: Extreme right wing architect of the Iraq war

Andrew Sullivan: Conservative columnist

Christopher Hitchens: Pro Iraq war columnist

Christopher Buckley: (William Buckley’s son)

Here’s some more:

Susan Eisenhower – Ike’s granddaughter

Lincoln Chafee – former Republican Senator from Rhode Island

Wayne Gilchrest – Republican Representative from Maryland

Jim Leach – Former Congressman from Iowa

Rita E. Hauser – former Bush White House intelligence adviser

Linwood Holton – Governor of Virginia

Bill Ruckelshaus – Nixon Administration

Julie Nixon Eisenhower – Richard Nixon’s daughter

General Merrill McPeak – former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Ben Nelson – Senator and former governor of Nebraska

Francis Fukuyama – advisor to Reagan

Larry Hunter – former Reagan advisor

Michael Smerconish – Conservative talk show host and FOX News

“Obama has said that he will have a foreign policy like Ronald Reagan’s.”

Barak Obama is more conservative than Nixon and Reagan. But because you have NO IDEA what Nixon’s policies were on the enviornment and ENDING the war in Vietnam, not SHIFTING it… and because you have no idea about Regans policies… you are deluded into thinking Obama is a liberal.

According to Barak Obama’s own website he is:…

“Pro Israel ….Period!”

Obama wants to increase the military budget

Obama wants to expand the war in Afghanistan

“Loves Capitalism and the Free Market”

Obama’s campaign is most heavily financed by the financial industry.…

What the hell do you think you are doing voting for Obama?

You are not liberals or progressives…you are conservative Republicans.

Why are you allowing a candidate like this to gain the presidency and continue the foreign and domestic policies of George Bush?

Why don’t you support real liberal candidates? There are a host of so called “3rd” party candidates. But because the MEDIA doesn’t pay attention to them, neither do you.

Your SHEEPLE. Your Dumb.

What’s wrong with YOU!


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    • Robyn on October 22, 2008 at 23:26

    …what would be dumb would be to let how other people say they are going to vote influence how I am going to vote.

  1. The so called “media has presented people with two candidates whose advisors come from the same stable….

  2. What the hell do you think you are doing voting for Obama?

    Thank you for asking. Even if, I suspect, the question was entirely rhetorical.

    I’m voting for Obama because he will not be a continuation of the last four, devastating years.  I realize that he won’t solve all of the nation’s problems, and I realize that his platform has enormous shortcomings.  I realize that he’s not my dream candidate. The simple fact is that the nation and I cannot handle 4 more years of the same recklessness, rapaciousness, and lawlessness.  Is this a token change? Perhaps. But at this point, it’s the only possible relief.

    I take it that you plan on staying home and afterward telling us how pure you were in doing that.  

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