America and Iran are Allies in Iraq. Muqtada Al Sadr is defeating both.

Muqtada Al Sadr

Muqtada Al Sadr is poised to become the Simon Bolivar, of Iraq….

He is winning handily and defeating the alleged Militas of the government who are defecting to him and side stepping the ridiculous attempts to bomb him by the insane American forces who only know how to kill and torture civilians.

He is a nationalist…a enemy of American corporations and Iranian interests….as well as corrupt Shiites who are backed by IRan

Iran and the United States are being defeated in Southern Iraq….Iran will be blamed….though they support and have always supported the insane counter productive efforts of the United States in Iraq….both will lose to Sadr.

Whats so unsettling is no one realizes that America and Iran are ALLIES IN IRAQ…even though they claim not to be. Their actions have been coordinated to defeat the Sunnis…now Moqtada comes along and ruins everything for them…

Yes, for  America the enemy of your enemy is still your enemy but you support the first enemy (Iran). No, it’s not confusing. It’s stupid. Stupidity should never be confusing, but for Americans it’s a way of life.

3 years ago I predicted America would support the insurgents.

But America is supporting the insurgents, supporting Iran, fighting Iran and fighting the insurgents too. And making up an incredible story about “Al Queda” a non-existent group that has absolutely no impact or sway in Iraq.

Americans are incompetent. The population is incompetent, the press is incompetent, the leadership is incompetent, the military from the brass to the foot soldiers on the ground are incompetent.

There is no logic to American behavior in Iraq that can easily be deduced. It is clear to me however that the reason for American intervention in Iraq is to destroy the United States. It’s self destructive. That’s the logic. And it comes from a disturbed president who represents the wishes of a large portion of the population of America that years to destroy itself through “religious awakening” or the apocalypse and the return of Christ to the Earth or some such nonsense. It’s just a desire to die. The president is suicidal and a large portion of the American people are suicidal whether it is religously associated or psychologically associated. That’s another story though….

We can see that the American government leaders repeatedly display their ignorance about Iraq despite repeated “trips” (LSD?) to Iraq in which they go from the plane to the limo to the hotel to the limo and back to the plane. America is doing the work of Iran in Iraq, securing the south for Iran but Muqtada Al Sadr is ruining everything for Iran.

Sadr is a “Shiite” the enemy of America, Iran, the Militas of the Iraqi government, the Shiite Militias, the Badr group and just about everybody else. He is for a occupation free Iraq devoid of foreign influence.

He is probably the only viable alternative given the bizzarre behavior of the United States in Iraq for creating stablility in Southern Iraq and possibly even Central Iraq.

I’m sure War apologist Juan Cole who advocated bombing insurgents by air and using African mercernaries in Iraq will be opposed to Moqtada.

Well, they are bombing the “insurgents” of Moqtada Al Sadr by air and of course it’s utterly pointless.

The war criminals who are running for president have no idea who Muqtada Al Sadr is. They think he is supported by Iran. They are going to blame Iran for the defeat of American Forces in Southern Iraq. They will be mistaken. And they are going to bomb Iran due to a combination of misunderstanding and the desire to self destruct.

The truth is unbearable. America and Iran are allies opposed by Muqtada Al Sadr. And America has been doing everything Iran has wanted from the begginning by attacking Sunni insurgents who happen to be at least sympathetic in many cases to Muqtada Al Sadr.

He appears to be quite liberal compared to the rhetoric that has been associated with him. He reportedly supports the idea of a Islamic Democracy rather than a Islamic fundamentalist theocracy.

Maybe someone should look into who Muqtada Al Sadr is beyond the MSM hype about him. He appears to be quite a substantial person.

War mongers John McCain, George Bush, Hilliary Clinton and Barack Obama probably have no clue as to what is happening in Iraq and what Muqtada Al Sadr offers.

But those are the choices the American people are presented with.

Blind people to run a nation at war.


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  1. insane American forces who only know how to kill and torture civilians.

    won’t get you a lot of support, even here.

  2. I liked your last essay quite a bit and wondered about the tone and attitude that was repeatedly directed your way.

    I don’t think you need to adjust your tone or worry about who approves or doesn’t approve of what you write. I think the stuff about the CIA was news to me but not surprising. I’m in kkkanada, so I only get to see people interviewing for insanely controlling murderous amerikkkan government bodies when I watch movies like the silence of the lambs. 🙂 I tend to forget that I’m blogging alongside people who actually can take a bus or jump in their cars, walk up to say CIA headquarters, wave their resume and explain they have an appointment and be granted entry. spooky weird.

    So, like…

    Who are you? Do you have a blog I can visit or do you just float around setting off grenades on liberal blogs?

    This one was harder to follow but that’s just because, as you’ve pointed out, amerikkkan foreign policy is stoopid and convoluted.

    As for whether you should be actually pointing out the truth of what the uniformed bio pawns/hierarchical trained killers do for a living? Why shouldn’t you point out that they are killing civilians? If someone is upset about this truth, then I’m wondering if they’re actually about stopping the war? The soldiers aren’t handing out bouquets of flowers, they’re killing civilians in droves. That’s a hard, horrible, yet very real truth.

    Thanks for dropping by my one diary entry. I just wanted to say hey and ask where I could find you.

    I’ve posted about Winter Soldier before. I agree with you. In terms of the anti-war movement, it’s shaping up to be the most important under-told story. What with everyone’s blogsites and group blogsites infested with posts and images of HilBama, the message is clear – everybody look at them because Winter Soldier isn’t as strategically important or entertaining.

    As a newcomer here I was so sad to witness the multiple aggressive responses including the stuff about medication. That was completely out of order. It worried me and gave me a sense of how I will be received/treated if I am ever seen to cross the line in this space. No matter. It’s happened before. It will happen again.


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