Now Obama Will Move to the Right

Now that you been had…..

Obama will now move to the right. And the naive “progressives” and “liberals” will be amazed and dissapointed as he signals a tough stance on Iran and a tough stance on Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan. Lebanon, Palestine and any other nation where Muslims happen to occupy.

He will make it clear that he is no friend of the Muslims. He will distance himself from them as his opponents continue to “accidentally” call him Osama. He will make it clear that he is a Christian. He will make it clear that he is willing to go to war with Iran and anyone else if they do not comply to U.S. demands.

Obama is now saying the Army of Iran….the Republican Guard are terrorists. That means it’s ok to bomb then. To destroy them. It’s interesting isn’t it?

I wrote a diary in September 2006 that predicted the newly elected democrats would not vote to end the war, but to promote it, to increase the troop levels and funding. That’s exactly what happened.

Obama will continue the war indefinetly in the unlikely even that he is not completely destroyed by McCain on issues related to his past drug use among other things. Did he inject herion? Did he sell cocaine? Those will be the talking points of the election….much more so than the war and it’s utter destruction of the American economy as we now know it.  

Everything in this election will be personalized with the issues barely reaching the level of consciouness.  It will be just like the primaries and the “liberal” and “progressives” will not notice. They will spend all their time talking about the unfair attacks on Obama. The issue of the war and how it is destroying the American economy will not be brought up. No connection will be made. There will be of course no dialogue on how this war is affecting the Iraqazoid people. Even less commentary on the much forgotten, so called “war” in Afghanistan and Somalia.

Obama doesn’t want to even normalize relations with Cuba.

Obama wants to “talk” to our “enemies”. To have “dialogue” while pursuing the same policies that Bush and Cheney have laid out.

There will be no end to the war in Iraq because “progressives” and “liberals” are really conservatives who imagine they are not conservatives. If so many “liberals” and “progressives” were really what they say they are, a candidate like Obama would not exist in the form he is currently manifested. He would be calling for an immediate withdrawal of a war that has been objectively, factually shown for everyone to see to be based on false information. But no one talks about the false information anymore. They talk about the terrorists. Terrorists who exist only in the imagination. These terrorists are people who have been falsely identified. The falsity never ends because it is not percieved by “liberals” and “progressives”.

Obama says Iran is developing Nuclear weapons. That’s interesting because there is no proof of that. Doesn’t THAT sound familiar?

As for Iran, Obama pointed out that “Iran is stronger now than when George Bush took office and the fact that we have not talked to them means that they have been developing nuclear weapons, funding Hamas, funding Hezbollah, we have had not impact whatsoever as we pursue our policies,” he said.

The truth is, none of the candidates know or understand much about Iraq, Afghanistan and much of the rest of the world. They are uninformed. They are actually UNINFORMED! They don’t know a Shiite from a Shia, or a Revolutionary Guard from an insurgent. But they may know how to run for office, how to raise “funds”. And that’s all they really have time for these days. The actually running of the government is “farmed out” to Dick Cheney in the lastest whitehouse adventure. It will be farmed out again to the “advisors” to whomever becomes president.

The Democrats are figuring that they have the “progressive”, liberal vote and now they will go after the grand prize, the conservative vote. To do that they must continue the policies of George Bush and appear more like John McCain.

And this is what you get when you vote for the Mainstream candidates whose only personal interest is the satisfaction of being elected. And that interest can only be satisfied by appealing to the same moneyed interest who put George Bush in power.

This is what you get when you carefully “frame” your arguments and turn the spin back on the Republicans. Oh you are all so clever.

Nothings going to change. No one is offering you hope, just more bombs.

If Obama gets elected (it can only  happen if a reckless McCain gives into his own self destructive urges) you will get nothing but more of the same….Just like you got in November of 2006.

The idea that you can slowly turn things around by voting for Bush lite candidates like Obama is ludicrous. It’s like drinking a different type of poison. What you are doing by supporting these people is continuing the policies of George Bush with the hope that someone like Obama will SLOW them down instead of STOP them. In reality, you cannot slow down what is in effect a Worldwide movement toward a kind of technological fascism. You have to call it

what it is because it’s CANCEROUS and it’s malignant, not benign. It has to be completely cut out, not coaxed out of the system.

The Democrats and the Republicans are all part of the merger mania that’s gone on in business. They have slowly melded together and no one seems to have noticed. They are a example of the homogenization of American culture. The same company makes them. They are simply given different labels. They are the same party. This is happening all over the world by the way, in Russia and China. They are moving toward the extreme right. They used to be to the left…do you remember?

The money and organizations in America and Israel and a few other areas that support these candidates want YOUR MONEY FOR MORE WAR.  


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  1. so why use that picture? it seems too much like a tactic. like that will make your words clear.

    i think we have been set up by our corrupt political system. i think it’s a case of good cop/bad cop and each side plays to its audience.

    i agree with you that it is v.v.v. likely the dems will only give us more of the same, but soften it with some kind of health care initiative to really confuse us.

    but if we are to have a rational discussion, then let’s not bait each other. this is too important. and i’m telling you, right off the bat, people will dismiss this essay because of that picture.

    i also hate those awful pictures of hillary… appealing to what is worst in us and what is lazy… we have to be better if we are going to make the world better.

    • pico on June 4, 2008 at 23:45

    Obama is now saying the Army of Iran….the Republican Guard are terrorists. That means it’s ok to bomb then. To destroy them. It’s interesting isn’t it?

    No, Obama has always said the Republican Guard are terrorists.  He even sponsored a bill to that effect.

    stu, it’s even in the article you linked.  Did you read it?

    The Obama campaign responded that their problem with [Kyl-Lieberman] had not been the designation of the Iranian guard as a terrorist group, but the idea that it committed American troops in Iraq to countering Iranian influence.


    Mr. McDonough pointed to Mr. Obama’s sponsorship of the Iran Counter-Proliferation Act, “which would designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organ,” according to an e-mail sent out by the campaign, as well as “prohibit trade with Iran, freeze Iranian officials’ assets and help combat terrorist financing.”

    The resolution labeling the National Guard a terrorist organization was introduced in March of last year.  So there’s been no shift in Obama’s Iran policy.

    Although: it’s catching people at dkos by surprise, too.  Go figure.

  2. would consider me extremely leftist, when it comes to these kinds of discussions, I find myself feeling like a centrist.

    On the one hand, I think you’re right that we’ll find ourselves having to argue with folks who think Obama is a secret Muslim and/or an addict (or whatever else the swift-boaters can dream up).

    On the other hand, I’m not quite ready to sign on to the idea that he’s no different than the Republicans.

    Gonna be an interesting 6 months for sure!!

    And about this:

    This is happening all over the world by the way, in Russia and China. They are moving toward the extreme right.

    I agree, but have you noticed a bit of an exception to this that’s going on in South America? I know those countries are considered “small fry” right now, but perhaps if they’re successful it will catch on.  

  3. I been had!

    A process I had no control over is done and now a result I won’t like is about to occur!

    Is it possible that you can depersonalize your message stu?

    Iow, stop insulting people for not being (to your mind) as smart and ultra-cooly cynical as yo bad self?

    I would enjoy your stuff if you didn’t insult me every time I read you…as it is….now it just makes me giggle.

  4. Don’t vote?

    Vote for Nader?

    Bitch and moan and stay at home?

    Anyone who thinks it doesn’t matter whether McCain or Obama wins should think about how different things would be if Al Gore had been president instead of George Bush for the last seven years.

    Keep the pressure on the Dems and Obama, on the war and other issues.  But don’t spend all of your time pissing on them. It may give you a warm feeling, but it won’t change anything.

  5. “A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.

  6. American people are not cynical enough….they are passive, believers in Jesus and a God who loves America.

    Passive believers in Personality over substance….

    Look at TV and Movies….

    There is little substance….it’s all on the Entertainment Channel…the only channel Americans can percieve…they are hooked on entertainment.

    It may be changing but Europeans are no where near as stupid as Americans…

    and they are much more cynical of politicians…and their politicians would be SAINTS in America…Corruption, murder, bribery in Europe exist no where near the levels of Killer America….America spends more money on the Militiary than all the nations of the world COMBINED…and you speak about cynics in a negative light?

    More cynicism please…that’s what this country needs.

    A cynic is someone who is dissapointed they are not getting the truth.

  7. It’s not as if a Democratic administration would carpet-bomb a small third-world country!

    (Oh, wait a minute, they did . . .)

    Well, it’s not as if a Democratic administration would detonate nuclear weapons in a major metropolitan area!

    (Oh, wait a minute, they did . . .)

    Well, it’s not as if a Democratic administration would allow arms to be sent to a brutal dictatorship!

    (Oh, wait a minute, they did . . .)

    Well, it’s not as if the Democrats would cooperate with the Republicans to prolong the Iraq war for 5 years!

    Or institute sanctions that starved a million people of a defenseless country.

    Or pass the Patriot Act. Or the AUMF. Or the Military Commissions Act.

    And it’s not as if they are ready to invade Pakistan. Or obliterate Iran.

    I’m a proud Democrat. Proud to be part of the stupidity and butchery and then pretend that it doesn’t exist.

    Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go peruse my copy of Profiles in Courage. Ah, Camelot . . . (too bad that pesky Castro is still alive!)

    [And when Obama does move to the right, watch his cheerleaders trip over themselves to rationalize it and counsel even further patience.]


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