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Slow clap.

For fuck’s sake, I wonder off into pop culture for just a year and this is what the fuck happens? I don’t know which is sadder, the fantasy that leftbagger bloggers cost the Demotards the elections, or that fantasycampers know as Republicans are now in control.

Now the best is gonna be watching Obama bend over for a soft and loving ass cram by the Republicans for the tax cuts for the elite, our true masters of this national corporate state. Who knows, maybe Boner and McConnell will finally give Obama that reach around he so truly craves, like plants wanting Brawndo.

I also would like to note that the American public didn’t reject liberal ideas in this elections, they rejected pussy mother fuckers who stand for nothing and draw more lines in the sand than Pythagoras working working on a proof.

They rejected Democrats without backbones, the fucking Pwoggressives.

They rejected Democrats who said reeling in the corporate elite was not an option. You know, like closing Gitmo?

They rejected Democrats who decided to give free money to ruling elite of our Corporate Aristocracy so it might trickly down to us peasants like cake crumbs.

They rejected Democrats who handed a banzana to Big Pharma and Big Insurance and told us to eat that shit sandwich called Healthcare Reform and to fucking smile.

They rejected Democrats who extended the wars upon wars that are the biggest drag on our economy and keep us from upgrading our infrastructure, which oddly enough would have created jobs, jobs, jobs.

They rejected Democrats who refuse to uphold the rule of law when it comes to wholescale looting, civil liberties and basic human rightes.

They rejected Democrats who stood for nothing but hope, when this republic needed help.

They rejected Democrats peddling the same empty fucking promises, from real progressive policy to equal rights for to LBGTs, that they decided to try the empty promises of the Republicans again.

The far, far Left did not cost the Democrats the elections. Fuckers who applied a purity test based on clapping for unicorns did.

I have decided this is my queue, along with my first gray hairs, to finally return to Texas and lead the glorious revolution back to sanity.

All pwoggresives will know my qualities before they ever meet me.

My years of exile are over, you have been warned.  

The milkshake is delicious.

Oh my, seems we’ve touched a nerve trying to restore honor to the republic. This all started in a dream, where Colbert brought truthiness to the nation, the meta gods decided to make this real. We knew nothing of pwoggressives precious little 10.2.10 march. It is not our fault we did not buy tickets for the fail train.

I was hoping for a positive reaction from Naranjastan, since this isn’t about them, but would be great to get them out of their breakfest nooks and back out on the streets. I had no idea that few dudes on reddit were in control of the corporate oligarchy.

Corporate America’s Plan to Torpedo 10.2.10 – starring Stewart & Colbert?


They claim the date has no particular significance, but the timing of the announcement of this little circus is too significant even for the clowns to miss.  I only blame Stewart and Colbert for going along with it.  I’d like to believe it’s not their plan, but that of their corporate masters.  Still, there is such a thing as telling the brass to kiss your ass.  But that requires integrity.

Cereally? I blame you for being a dumb ass. The metacrafting was for 10.10.10, which would have taken an act of bacon jesus to get a permit for on the national mall. Once I knew Stewart was typing in DC in the last week of October, I knew if this was gonna happen, it was gonna happen then.

We also originally wanted NYC not DC, so we can’t win them all. See, this rally came from the bottom up, not the top down. The milkshake OPOL lust for, 10.2.10, that came from the Corporate Democrat HQ and was sold and delivered to the pwoggressives so they could be the huge ATM for the party once again.

I mean, how can it be corporate when the whole thing was grassroots up? Why does OPOL hate democracy in action?

Not to mention his precious 10.2.10 is in a mediablackout. A black hole of meta. See, the media never covers rallies unless it done by the media. Glenn Beck is a great example, this was all Murdock. That’s how it got on the tv.

So metacrafting was done to where viacom was doing, you know, a media company? And guess what, since the media company is doing it, guess what? It’s gettig publicity.

See how that worked? I bet OPOL didn’t.

If they are that politically blind as to be unaware of what they’re doing to the working classes who are finally coming together to stand up for themselves when no one else will, they shouldn’t be allowed on the air.

Wow, the sipping of his milkshake has caused OPOL to go full-blown  fascist on who and who isnt pure enough to be on the air. His hatred for anything not in his sphere of influence, which is getting smaller everyday, is nazi. He’s a walking Godwin, and rhetoric like this will get even less people to 10.2.10.

Btw, it was 10.10.10 because 101010 in binary is 42, which is the secret to life, the universe and everything else.

They just blithely ignored what could be the most significant event since the 1963 March on Washington.

Is he being serious here? A few thousand Kossacks showing up to buy Markos’s book is the most important thing since the Civil Rights March of 1963? What kind of fantasy are they selling over in Naranjastan these days?

they are ignoring a highly significant socio-political event by waving a big shiny circus devoid of any real content at the public.

Stop, just stop right fucking there. This is about GOTV of people under 35. Pwoggressives have ruined the Democratic Party much like Teabaggers have destroyed the Republican Party.

I say this as a liberal, yes a Liberal. I am not so chickenshit I had to change my political leaning’s name because Fox News said mean things about me. And you know who is the hardest to get to the polls?

Under 35, the legendary Youth Vote is even harder, Under 25.

Know what they all watch? Colbert and Stewart, it’s our evening news.

This might come to shock to babyboomers like OPOL, but the media is no longer just about them. They are getting old and antiquated. They are also broke, so advertisers, and the media oxygen, has moved on. So if it doesn’t directly benefit the fantasy of babyboomers, it’s treason now?

The 10.30.10 will do more for the GOTV than 10 10.2.10 rallies. It will energize the Youth Vote, it will define the Republicans as shit bag crazy a few days before the election when the Busy Majority pay attention to politics before they vote.

Not a whole fucking month out, like 10.2.10. That’s so retard only a Corporate Democrat could have thought this up.

Why pwoggressives hate America so much that they don’t want to energize the GOTV the weekend before the election is beyond me. Maybe Stewart is right, they have become Leftbaggers.

The Tea Party of Left-leaners. I can picture him foaming at the mouth about how only he and his band of kossacks can restore America.

Not that is matters, because Naranjastan doesn’t matter. 10.2.10 won’t matter because people like OPOL are pushing it at the cost of inclusion of all Americans. His purity burns.

But not his milkshake, which I am drinking, and it is delicious.

10.30.10, because Colbert is afraid of my bear army.

Who knows how Colbert found out, but he did. My bear army was ready, flanked by freedom geese in V for Victory formation. So he had to bring his security blanket, a one Jon Stewart. They knew the rental of the bear army ran out on 10.29.10 so those rat bastards chose 10.30.10.

But onward meta soldiers, Rally for Common Sense!

Rally for basic decency!

Rally for a baker’s dozen being 12!

Rally for America’s return to rational thought!

We are not the Silent Majority, for our meta roars and titans heed our call.

We are the Busy Majority, who do not follow politics like pro wrestling, pop corning the collapse of the Republic!

We will be there on 10.30.10 to save this nation.

Where will you be?


Where will you be when 10.10.10 happens?

Where will you be when the forces of meta gather money bomb teachers needing supplies?

Where will you be when truthiness is the call to action?

Will you mindlessly be following the latest generated soap opera ginned up by the Democrats and Republicans?

Will you still shameless be in the herd of progressives used as an ATM?

Come on, come all, the March for Reason is upon us.



Come help restore the honor of this country one dove at a time.

You just might have a pregnant.

And American Jesus will be born.

Where will you be on 10.10.10?

Democrats form “Visionators” Wrestling Team

Democrats form “Visionators” Wrestling Team

to Smackdown Republicans

Montpellier, New Hampshire – Answering Bush’s Monday Night Nitro verbal rampage to “Bring It On,” presidential-hopefuls Howard Dean, John Kerry, Wesley Clark and Al Sharpton announced they were teaming up to create a wrestling dynasty not seen since the legendary Four Horsemen. Wesley Clark, aka “General Justice” grabbed the mike during their press conference and screamed at the top of his lungs, “I can no longer stand by and watch GW “Shrub” take advantage of lesser foes like the aging Iron Sheik and the obviously over-the-hill Nickolai Volkoff. You here me Bush, you have entered the forbidden land. I will crush your bones and make my bread!”

The mike was then taken by a near-maniacal Howard “The Howler” Dean. “I can’t wait to do my patented ‘Tree Hug of Delight’ on tricky Dick Cheney”, who wrestles under the auspicious name of “The Black Heart Lover.” I do not fear your Spin Doctor Whirling Death Drop. The Visionators and I have perfected our new move, the Flying Forward Vision Slam. Cheney, I know you’re in the building. Tonight, on Monday Night Nitro, I am going to find you and you are going to get your ass kicked by the Howler. YiiiiieeHHHH!”

John Kerry, who enters the ring under his real name, then added in his usual deadpan, “I have returned from my massive spine injury at the hands of one Karl Rove.” Rove, or “The Emperor’s Tailor,” is a notorious member of the once-popular Blue-Blooded Brotherhood. Rove always secretly interferes when the referee is not looking, fixing the fight for Bush or Cheney. His most infamous act was during the great Medicare Match last fall, when he got on the top ropes and dive-bombed Kerry from behind, using the forbidden Kick of Liberal Guilt. Kerry pointed calmly at the camera and said, “You have brought the behind the scenes out into the public. Brother, bad idea. You are about to join the long list of people who thought they could style and profile like John Kerry.”

All Al “Brother Hope” Sharpton added was, “I just can’t wait to get one of these rich crackers in the ring. This smack-down is for the hood.”

Some critics argue that such high-level politicos participating in WWF demeans the luster of the Presidential Office. But since the purpose of the President is to distract from the true source of power, the new Visionator team storyline could not be more welcomed news in the nation’s biggest and brightest ivory towers. Said critics were taken out back and shot.


I printed this in Mexico, years ago, forgot about till today.

Some things never change.

Barack Obama doesn’t care about Cajun People.

He wants us all dead so he can get campaign contributions from his corporate overlords.

Fuck that guy.

At least W didn’t care about the black people on the coast, Obama hates them all.

Black, white, hispanic, creole, latino, asian, muslim, don’t matter. Obama hates you.

Just loves the campaign money.


Never forget.

Ok, why am I voting Democratic Party?

I just got pumped for money from the Texas Democrats, to which I said I will only support state-wide elections and any federal Democratic candidate can basically suck my fucking sweet, sweet balls. The pocketpicker who thinks I am some dumbass progressive who can be treated like an ATM asked wtf am I talking about, why am I basically saying federal level Democrats are dream rapers?

I said, “Gitmos still open, we expanded the war to Yemen, we’re still doing Reaganomics, never fixed the ballot box, new orleans is still a pit, infrastructure is crumbling and we get speeches, healthcare bill was a big pharma/medical bailout, no on…e was held accountable for the mortgage fraud leading to the financial collapse, no one was held accountable for the war crimes over the last decade and this just off the top of my head.”

Now, remind me why I am voting Democratic?

PS. Your Palin bogeyman is no longer valid. That shit is so last decade.

Living with Taliban from Channel 4

Now imagine that on CNN.

Just saying.

Teabaggers bag a black brother at the Ground Zero

Fucking hate the Tea Baggers. They have been skullfucking my Campaign for Liberty pony for a good two years now, with not even a friendly reach around. Still remember when these fucks showed up and told us their vision. Luckily, we got to name them TeaBaggers well before their name became national.

But I instantly knew this was about the HATE.

THat’s what TeaBaggers do, they hate. They will hate until there is nothing hate no more, and then hate on that fact.

And woo be the Brother caught downtown when the neoconservative pretty hate machine is in full roar:

Poor fella, was stupid enough to wear an under-armor sports cap to a hate rally!

The funniest, or saddest, depending on how you are keeping score, is that the brother in question is a union carpenter at Ground Zero who foolishly dropped by to show his support.

This is why you don’t TBWB.

Tea-Bagging While Black.

THat’s a lynching defense, as evident in this video.

Finally, the truth is out there.

First this:

But seriously, this:


Obama Cloning and the Coming Space War

Who is this man we call the President? Will he cause a Constitutional crisis? What’s hidden within his name and his statements? Is he the coming Anti-Christ predicted by Nostradamus? Are we witnessing the rise of the Fourth Reich? Or are things much stranger than we thought?

This 2 disk set includes a DVD of Freeman’s presentation, Obama, Cloning and the Coming Space War and a CD with 10 hours of Freeman’s radio interviews in MP3 format.

Explore revelations of Lucifer, occult rituals hidden as political speech, and the acceleration of the weaponization of space for a coming space war.

I heard Michael Bay is attached to film the sequel.

The Forever Cupcake

Hey Obama! Trying to be helpful again! Look, I pretty much noticed that the party is adrift, with no clear theme heading into the midterms. In fact, I do believe they are marching into the traditional circular lines. The October surprise, they all pull the trigger on themselves.

It’s just what Democrats do if you don’t give them direction. Think about it Obama, FDR has his New Deal, even that son of bitch LBJ had his Great Society, which did give us civil rights and medicare. Not that communist shit that Canada has, which was actually LBJ’s plan, until the US Senate got a hold of it.

A Senate with a Democratic Majority as well.

Fighting history there my friend.

But instead of having some kind of holy purity war that ends like the bonfire for the vanities, the Democrats can do something they use to be good at.

The economy and jobs.

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