Where will you be when 10.10.10 happens?

Where will you be when the forces of meta gather money bomb teachers needing supplies?

Where will you be when truthiness is the call to action?

Will you mindlessly be following the latest generated soap opera ginned up by the Democrats and Republicans?

Will you still shameless be in the herd of progressives used as an ATM?

Come on, come all, the March for Reason is upon us.



Come help restore the honor of this country one dove at a time.

You just might have a pregnant.

And American Jesus will be born.

Where will you be on 10.10.10?


  1. why no comments? Oh yeah that would be me too. Like this poetry pinche. Where will I be on 10.10.10 in the same place I am now and so are you, so are we all. It all is suspended motion no motion just a big painful spin that all leads back to jack shit. Meanwhile who knows just let the cards fall where they may and we can duck and cover. A technique recommended by the feds from my early youth. You should see my sunflowers they are insane and out of order they can’t take the climate change just went berserk and ate my yard. the food stuff just curled up and quit.

    The latest soap opera is so lame that I cannot care one way or another as it’s gonna get you getcha, getcha, getcha. A hat tip to a former gaga who was twice the woman until she ran into the money making disco.. Apparently who could know the few Dems. who are populist are doing better then the regular ones who all swear whe are forever center right and by God that’s American, we don’t disparage wealth. So anyway liked your essay suited my attention span and mood. Keep these coming they are inspiring.    

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