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For fuck’s sake, I wonder off into pop culture for just a year and this is what the fuck happens? I don’t know which is sadder, the fantasy that leftbagger bloggers cost the Demotards the elections, or that fantasycampers know as Republicans are now in control.

Now the best is gonna be watching Obama bend over for a soft and loving ass cram by the Republicans for the tax cuts for the elite, our true masters of this national corporate state. Who knows, maybe Boner and McConnell will finally give Obama that reach around he so truly craves, like plants wanting Brawndo.

I also would like to note that the American public didn’t reject liberal ideas in this elections, they rejected pussy mother fuckers who stand for nothing and draw more lines in the sand than Pythagoras working working on a proof.

They rejected Democrats without backbones, the fucking Pwoggressives.

They rejected Democrats who said reeling in the corporate elite was not an option. You know, like closing Gitmo?

They rejected Democrats who decided to give free money to ruling elite of our Corporate Aristocracy so it might trickly down to us peasants like cake crumbs.

They rejected Democrats who handed a banzana to Big Pharma and Big Insurance and told us to eat that shit sandwich called Healthcare Reform and to fucking smile.

They rejected Democrats who extended the wars upon wars that are the biggest drag on our economy and keep us from upgrading our infrastructure, which oddly enough would have created jobs, jobs, jobs.

They rejected Democrats who refuse to uphold the rule of law when it comes to wholescale looting, civil liberties and basic human rightes.

They rejected Democrats who stood for nothing but hope, when this republic needed help.

They rejected Democrats peddling the same empty fucking promises, from real progressive policy to equal rights for to LBGTs, that they decided to try the empty promises of the Republicans again.

The far, far Left did not cost the Democrats the elections. Fuckers who applied a purity test based on clapping for unicorns did.

I have decided this is my queue, along with my first gray hairs, to finally return to Texas and lead the glorious revolution back to sanity.

All pwoggresives will know my qualities before they ever meet me.

My years of exile are over, you have been warned.  


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  1. actually one of the better ones I’ve read since the election day. good luck in Texas and keep writing. I feel relieved and have faith in my fellow citizens as they did not rise to hysterical fear bait and all rush out and slay the baggers who were singlehandedly going to DESTROY OUR DEMOCRACY and make us all worship agua god. At least we knocked out some blue dogs and the Democratic weasel pols had to get naked in front of the base and the Democrat’s who were still oblivious of the game at hand. The bots still thought the clothes were stylish and well cut. Thanks Pinche you made me feel so optimistic and fired up my base. Too bad you can’t cross post this gem at dkos…  


  2. told what must be done in order to satisfy their message.

    It is a completely managed, choreographed, special effects

    propaganda cartoon that’s got the masses running off cliffs

    and banging their heads in search of Paul Revere.

    Welcome to the political cultural, lunatic asylum, 2010 edition: a maze constructed out of mirrors, it’s now Halloween 24/7.  

    • banger on November 5, 2010 at 16:26

    I love your term “Pwoggressives” it says it all. As far as I can see there is no real left in this country. Working class people are looking for the right. Why would anyone want to associate with people who are afraid of their own shadows, i.e., “pussies” who vote Democratic because they’re scared. You can’t be a leftist and be scared.

    I suggest we go for the Tea Party movement. They live in a world of hallucination foisted on them by well-funded shills for the oligarchy. They believe these guys! The “leftists” like Maddow et al. are worthless and buy into the MSM narrative.

    Personally, I’m rapidly losing interest in politics. There’s not “there” there and I’ve got a lot going on in my life. The system is very robust and there’s no place to do anything but what the oligarchs want. We will be a neo-feudal society in 10-20 years and most of us will be serfs.

    One of the chief reasons I have so little hope in politics in this country is that the left abandoned the 9/11 skeptics. If you don’t understand the assassinations of the 60’s and the forces at work that brought us 9/11 you have no grasp of the real power relations in this country. Not that I know what happened in any of those things but I do know that the official stories of all those events are wrong and cover-up a lot of things. Any leftist who is not a 9/11 skeptic is suspect as far as I’m concerned. The official story simply cannot be true–what is true is a mystery but why are we ignoring it?  

  3. … election results repwesent a rejection of pwogessives. After all, 94% kept their seats and about half of the blue dogs and New LaborDems lost their seats, making the Pwogessives a majority of the Democwatic caucus.

    The most dramatically rejected Democwats were the ones who were in the President’s New Dem wing of the party and the Blue Dog “Republican-lite” wing.

    None of which is surprising: the moderate pwogessives are mostly in that camp to avoid a primary challenge, because they represent a district gerrymandered to go Democratic no matter what, which a few genuine progressives sprinkled in to give them protective camouflage. So they were never going to go down.

    Though I cannot lay claim to any great political tactical or strategic insight, in my view what progressives who are not committed Democrats need to do is to build a broader progressive coalition that can provide primary challenges in the fight to replace the downed Blue Dogs and New Dems in 2012, 2014 and 2016, as well as to launch primary challenges to the few surviving Blue Dogs in 2012.

    Oh, and filibuster reform.

    • Diane G on November 5, 2010 at 22:42

    you’re gonna be a re-pat?

  4. and now the plot thickens. My head is a spinning. How they love to tweak the narrative. We got KO gone and Jon cosying up to the nutso’s on Fox we got endless variations on move right, and the tea leaf readers all staking out their conclusions which no matter where they stand on the fictional right left center plot line they all have come to the same conclusion…America is for cutting the deficit,  small government, torture and compromise. We all need to get educated and pass our standardized tests, those bad teacher are wrecking the country, the not likely voters agree with this.    

    The Indies have spoken and they went from voting for a liberal? to being in favor of discretionary cuts and fascist pig ignorant southerners along with crazy sanity. My liberal land could give a rats ass they just shrug and don’t even bother wondering ‘what’s up with Obama?’anymore. A 30,000$ small steel grey car drove down my alternative yet hip main street, with clean cut young gen? and a bull horn attached and told us shoppers that ‘Obama is not your friend, he is in bed with bankers’. Who knows which faction they represented. People laughed.

    At least the barely coherent bad ex blazer lost and we can all be happy we got the fake liberal with a handlebar mustache and a mullet for governor. Our really young state house representative won by 84% on the Working Family Party ticket the indies loved him so did the Greens and Nadarites and followers of Che, not to mention the urban chicken owners. The other 15% must have been Puma’s or the rednecks on lawn chairs worried about their guns.  

    Everybody know 9/11 was home grown the only question seems to be outsourced or not. The official narrative must be believed or our democracy will be gone, we need a boogie man. The indies vote what a story and pass out CD’s from their interpretations on this theme at the farmers market.  The thing we really need to fear is the false equivalencies from those damn Xer’s, cause sanity lies in in believing that the greed is soo good and that Chris Wallace is a real journalist and a nice guy to boot. I’m canceling Comcast and registering as an indie because that is the road to sanity, and it will send a message.                          


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