Living with Taliban from Channel 4

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Now imagine that on CNN.

Just saying.


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    • Edger on August 24, 2010 at 11:06

  1. disturbing…. on so many levels.

    • banger on August 24, 2010 at 20:50

    Questions that need to be asked. We are fighting for the right to have military bases and political control of their territory and, more importantly, keeping the MIC rich and fat. We also want them to join the global serf-force and they don’t like the idea. That doesn’t make them right or wrong. They are just people trying to live the best way the know how.

    This is your Empire at work.

  2. in a strange way. Guerrilla warriors who have it down to an art form and a terrain that they know how to live on.. glad I watched this as it humanized the people behind the masks. It was also breathtakingly beautiful in a severe way. Disturbing to me because this should not be out enemy we should not kill their children in the night or bomb them or invade and put in our dictators. . They may be fundamentalists but do we hunt down, bomb our own in Apalachicola, or Oklahoma or where ever they hang out?

    A lot less scary to me that the unhinged right wing right here and it’s sitting in our halls of government. What happened to the guy the kidnapped did they return him or kill him? Interesting. If they put this on CNN would heads explode in fear or would people see the nature of what we call evil and is in reality another culture who we helped shape, armed and empowered. they were right about one thing we are like the soviet’s only nastier.      

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