The Forever Cupcake

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Hey Obama! Trying to be helpful again! Look, I pretty much noticed that the party is adrift, with no clear theme heading into the midterms. In fact, I do believe they are marching into the traditional circular lines. The October surprise, they all pull the trigger on themselves.

It’s just what Democrats do if you don’t give them direction. Think about it Obama, FDR has his New Deal, even that son of bitch LBJ had his Great Society, which did give us civil rights and medicare. Not that communist shit that Canada has, which was actually LBJ’s plan, until the US Senate got a hold of it.

A Senate with a Democratic Majority as well.

Fighting history there my friend.

But instead of having some kind of holy purity war that ends like the bonfire for the vanities, the Democrats can do something they use to be good at.

The economy and jobs.

As much as we have fucked up our world imagine over the last decade, one thing has always stood true Obama. When something had Made in the USA on the box, and it was actually from the USA, that meant it would work out of the box and for quite some time.

We still got that in our pockets.

Now, the pickle is that American workers were to good at their job were hurting corporate America’s bottomline. The craftsmanship of American workers in manufacturing is globally recognized as being top-shelf. The shit we made lasted forever. Or longer than could be expected, depending on the conditions.

Because it was Made in the USA.

But this made corporate America all grumpy and sad, because tv that lasted forever would never need be replaced. The American consumer wouldn’t need to consume, and that was going to really hurt the corporation’s bottomline. Boo hoo.

So to cheer up the sad little bull that is corporate America, an idea was hatched to manufacturing everything somewhere where there is no quality control and people’s shit breaks all the time. That why they will have to buy more!

Just make sure that shit out lives its warranty, and the beautiful cycle will continue.

This cycle of consumption of third world products that we make better ourselves is one of the stupidest example of wasting resources in recorded history.

I mean that Obama, and if it’s one thing I know, it’s what the collection of myths that make up our history. One great myth right now is that American workers won’t do the jobs.

To which jobs are they even referring?

I noticed that there is a lot of factory space all over the Midwest that ain’t doing shit. We both know in the current system that requires the subpar workmanship of the quality American workmanship, those jobs ain’t never coming back.

The American worker is just to good, the shit we make is the best around, know is every going to keep us down.

In a way, our total neglect of our infrastructure is going to work out in our favor. We’re behind so many generations is most sectors its getting third world in some parts. Especially in the back woods, which is shame those always go first.

Expect this is an election year, so all the gravel roads have been graded.


Ain’t talking apple, Obama. That should really be the theme.


Make it a point that the American craftmanship was to great for some corporations, but by capitalizing abandoned factories, instead of giving it to the banks, mind you, you can hire people to run the factories to produce products meant to last forever.

They run the plant, without the government, once established, though the taxpayer will expect to see a return on this investment. An investment in themselves instead in a yacht for some Wall Street trader.

And Made in the USA will mean Obsolescence Free.  It will last forever.

And the world will want whatever they are making. And there will JOBS JOBS JOBS.

And prosperity by way global commercial trade will help ween the Republic off the imperial tit.

So in Summary:

1) Find a bunch of Americans looking for work in a local area where local factories have closed. This, unfortunately, will be pretty easy.

2) Get the business records of said company that ran the factory for that factory is the company no longer exists. If they still exist, ask politely, and say you might buy it. Most corporations will be glad to get the plants off their hands.

3) Instead giving very rich bankers a lot of money, make escrow accounts to last 3 years of salary for all employees. Give them enough money to start up and pay vendors and distributors, and once they turn their first profit, cut them lose.

They can figure out how democratically among the workers of each factory. The American way for each American worker.

But what these factories would make would be meant to last till Jesus comes. And the cows.

That long. We have the technology to make many white products and other items nearly indestructible but we don’t do it because replacement feeds the profit cycle of corporate America.

That’s bananas, Obama.


Bananas that would last forever, right up on this cupcake.

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  1. …Your imagination and storytelling is magnificent, but…

    I just think you’ve had one too many blue berry milk shakes to care about details like spelling, syntax and whether or not a sentence is comprehensible.

    That’s okay with me, the imaginative tale wins me over. But you might want to consider finding an editor who does not indulge in quite so many blue berry milkshakes.

    Keep them coming pt!  Thanks.

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