Barack Obama doesn’t care about Cajun People.

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He wants us all dead so he can get campaign contributions from his corporate overlords.

Fuck that guy.

At least W didn’t care about the black people on the coast, Obama hates them all.

Black, white, hispanic, creole, latino, asian, muslim, don’t matter. Obama hates you.

Just loves the campaign money.



  1. …is doing a heckofajob (really) on this oil spill.  This is a great video. I thought of posting it here when I first saw it a few days ago, but I was being swamped in stupidity.  Glad you posted it pinche.  

    • Xanthe on September 11, 2010 at 20:39

    people to hate them.

    He’s indifferent to most of the working class except as voting units (and even then – eh).

    Of course as elections are coming – he’ll be speechmaking and feigning interest.  Most of us on the progressive side, at least, know better.


  2. Thanks for putting this up, pt! I was suspicious that something like this was happening. But we wouldn’t want to scare off the tourists from the Gulf this year or depress sales of GOM seafood. Why citizens should believe anything that the US Government says about this is a good question. Coprorate interests and appearances regularly trump solid science and duty of care to the public.

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