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Scheduling (Revolutions)

Why, Mr. Anderson?  Why do you do it?  Why get up?  Why keep fighting?

Do you believe you’re fighting for something?  For more that your survival?  Can you tell me what it is?  Do you even know?

Is it freedom?  Or truth?  Perhaps peace?  Yes?  No?  Could it be for love?

Illusions, Mr. Anderson.  Vagaries of perception.  The temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose.  And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love.

You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson.  You must know it by now.  You can’t win.  It’s pointless to keep fighting.

Why, Mr. Anderson?  Why?  Why do you persist?

Because I choose to.

Messing with your minds.

I have changed exactly 2 settings tonight.

I’ve changed the Blox headers to OTB Maroon.

This echos the maroon in the eyes

I’ve changed the blockquote background to a very light yellow, hopefully echoing the gold of the Buddha while evoking our Revolutionary Blue and Patriot Buff.

It’s very contrasty, but I can hear the fifes and drums marching.

We could maybe go a little golder.

Relentless Winter

Mo’ Meta Betta.


Over at the Admin site, Turkana wrote this-

maybe it’s time we discuss how to deal with i/p. otherwise, we’ll have an israel-bashing diary on the rec list, every day, and the same poison that infects every site where these people take their hatred. i wish there was a button to prevent a diary from going rec list. any ideas?

To which buhdy’s response was-

Let’s talk to them!

Once again transparency and sunshine….

If someone does something we don’t like, let’s have a short convo here to define it….and them tell them about it!

I will be happy to lead this effort….when I can again …..sniff!

My thoughts below the fold.

I’m so Blue

Ready for Revolution?

Earth tones

Well, it’s a big change, but I want you to see just what a little change in background color can do.

The main color is based on Patriot Buff, but is even lighter- fffffa

This is the color of the outer border and the main column.

The Recent Diaries Column and the Menu Column are a little yellower than Patriot Buff- ffffee and they are now both the same color instead of one being darker than the other.

So this is ‘earth tones’ and browns, yellows, greens, and reds should work and play well.

I’d like you to live with it for a while (like today maybe) and we’ll try something different tommorow.

No, I’m not afraid of anything, why do you ask?

Scheduling (Reloaded)

I’m not sure there’s any need to promote this, but I’ll leave it up to you.

Well we’ll get to the details but I can already tell we’re not morning people, unless you mean by that “Aw shit, sun’s coming up.  I gotta go to bed.”

Magnifico has already started making his marks with 4 at 4 and while it’s exactly the kind of feature I would have loved to see at 3…

I’ll think about dropping the 3 pm slot instead (though I’m leaving it available for now).

Why?  Well because exmearden is available for 3 pm (and also 3 am) on a semi regular basis, but can only tend for an hour at 3 pm, so it could all work out very nicely.

Other conflicts with 4 at 4- Fridays with Robyn and Sundays with LithiumCola.

pinche tejano has already started making the mark too with Midnight Cowboy.  Ride ’em, yee haw.

As you look at the rest of the schedule I don’t want you to be discouraged by the empty spaces because the bulk of it will hopefully get filled by promotion.  If you commit to a time you don’t commit to original content necessarily.  You do commit to tend your promotion, 90 minutes (with mulligans).  So Say We All.


Welcome to a brand new day.

So Say We All

I’m trying to organize the kind of meta conversations we should be having so we can set up a really polished and productive site.

On the Bus’ Invocation, budhy’s Mission Statement, and Turkana’s Structure have sparked a lot of agreement as you would expect from such a like-minded group.

Below the fold I’m going to post some things that should be conventional wisdom.

So say we all.

Look And Feel

Yes.  I am Jimmy “J.J.” Walker.