Look And Feel

Yes.  I am Jimmy “J.J.” Walker.


I have hijacked On The Bus’ excellent invocation to bitch and moan about the spacing of the ‘Subject:’ and ‘Comment:’

Amazingly enough my prayers were heard.

Problem solved!

I am encouraging a more high contrast link color out of purely selfish reasons- my eyes are bad.

Also I think people should be motivated to look at links and color is a way to do that.

I’m putting this diary up as a way for people to talk about the detailed “look and feel” of the site from a mechanical standpoint so we are the best and easiest to use site on the web.


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  1. We’ll make your eyes happy soon; promise.

    Here’s an outline of the items that can be colorized.  But I have to get going tonight –  I’ll check in tomorrow and explain what/where some of these things are if it’s not obvious.  See ya! 


    1. Active Link
    2. Visited Link
    3. Hover Link
    4. Hotlist (+) and (-)
    5. Hotlist Hover


    6. Body Text
    7. Diary Title
    8. Diary Title Visited
    9. Diary Title Hover
    10. Object Text
    11. Title Bar Text (# Comments, Post comment, etc.)


    12. Main Page
    13. Column 1
    14. Column 2
    15. Around objects (Recent Diaries, Recommended, Blog Roll, etc.)
    16. Blockquote
    17. Preview Comment
    18. Comment

    Background Colors

    19. Main
    20. Column 1
    21. Column 2
    22. Object Headings
    23. Object Content
    24. Blockquote
    25. Title Bar
    26. Comment Bar  (separates comments)

  2. blue background with blue text doesn’t work well.

  3. feel magaziney, or trade-paperbacky.  Makes one feel int-uh-ect-you-all and stuff.

    But the points about contrast are good.

    • melvin on August 22, 2007 at 20:58

    I’m having a stroke. The light has gone all wonky.

  4. for the contrast.  I changed the main background to white and changed some of the link colors. (someone said something about purple)

    Can we start with the backgrounds…

    Is white the best for the main section?
    What colors for the columns?

    Here is a soapblox site that looks cool with the two columns the same color.

    Here’s another one…
    Blue Jersey

    I like what they did with their footer too.

  5. i guess they let just about anybody in here!

    years ago, i was asked to help reformat brochure and so i got some info on eyes… how they see and take in info… i’ll have to revisit that

    but depth in color is important

    but those years ago, i figured if we want to communicate, then format should accommodate how the eye works and sees (like shorter paragraph width, depth in colors, white space, etc)

    anyway… i’ll let you know if i find anything useful after revisiting… and after i’m here LOOKING at it for while

  6. Here’s something fun to play with…
    Color Schemer

    And their online Scheme Generator

    If you see colors you like, let me know the Hex Codes.  (e.g #6633FF)

    I kind of like this scheme –  (except there’s no purple!)

    but keep in mind that the scheme needs to coordinate with the banner somewhat.  We may have a better idea of what will look good after OPOL finishes his revisions. 

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