I’m so Blue

Ready for Revolution?

My Meta Roundup

#1, last I heard rollout was Monday the 10th.

That’s next Monday.

Time to start making marks.  Putting on the show.  Prove you can do it.

If you think this is the minors I’ll tell you we have at least triple A talent.  I’m still pitching in the bigs and can throw them wherever I want them.

This is an expansion team and offers a kind of ball the fans love- grinding it out base to base to scratch in the runs while our aces take the mound.

Heckuva bullpen too.

I’m not unhappy with our lineup and rotation, but I’ll tell you we can’t expect to make the playoffs out of the box.  162 Games is a loooong season, and lots of things will happen.  Winning and losing.  Not having a good day.

That’s ok.  That’s why they call it a team.

We have a weekend to tune it up and get humming.  When Mr. Steinbrenner is in the stands we should remember who’s paying so we can play the game we love.

I think we have a chance to be pretty respectable, a club the fans love, but we have to play good ball, team ball, and leave it all out there on the field.

You Thought The Punishment Was Over…


New Colors!  Just because the colors are different doesn’t mean they’re better.

Tonight I’ll be fussing with the colors again so you get as blue as I am.

Speaking of which-

I’m programming up 3 Pony Parties for tomorrow.

Pony Party! == Open Thread, a Booman tradition (Frog Pond) I intend to steal wholesale and I only steal from the best.  These will appear on the right during the critical time periods- Morning, Noon, and Night

Oh- 9 am, noon, 6 pm.

exmeardem is covering 3 am and 3 pm, pinche has midnight, Magnifico 4 @ 4.

The Morning News.

Mojo fests and chat rooms all, but not labeled Open Thread because that’s not our style.

Pony Parties are silly.  They deserve to die in favor of real content, but to the visitor interested in some Community affirmation… vital.  I’m proposing that for the most part they languish on the right hand side like TDS/TCR.  Good for a while and then gone.

After we launch if it dies good riddance.  I don’t need the fucking responsibility.  But people need regularity and affirmation.  It’s everyone’s responsiblity to make these forums active and fun.  Not now.  When.  I’m too busy too attend.


I’m exceptionally pleased at how people have stepped up to the plate since yesterday when we started getting regular.  Let me share the results.


6:00 AM (Turkana)
7:30 AM Yeah, well… posted early
8:00 AM Nothin’
10:00 AM More Nothin’ (I sleep gosh darn it)
12 Noon LGBT Roundup (pico)
2:00 PM Nothin’ (Have I mentioned how lazy I am?)
3:00 PM (exmearden)(Site)
4:00 PM 4 at 4 (Magnifico)
6:00 PM (me- who knew? Thanks Turk)
8:00 PM (Armando)
9:00 PM (melvin)
10:00 PM (LoE)
12 Midnight Midnight Cowboy (pinche tejano)
3:00 AM (exmearden)


6:00 AM (Turkana)
7:30 AM The Morning News: RIP Pavarotti (me on autopost, we’ll see)
8:00 AM (Robyn)
10:00 AM Nothing
12 Noon Nothing
2:00 PM Yay! budhy’s back!
3:00 PM (exmearden)(Site)
4:00 PM 4 at 4 (Magnifico)
6:00 PM (Militarytracy)
8:00 PM (LoE)
9:00 PM (Lori)
10:00 PM (Armando pre-emption, originally pf8)
12 Midnight Midnight Cowboy (pinche tejano)
3:00 AM Me.

In the Tuesday bucket at docudharmaadmin (have you registered yet?) was this question about scheduling.

“This schedule (for today!!) had me down for 8 pm. I had no idea!! Or am i just filled in because of the airport thing getting promoted?”

My answer-

Filled in for.

There is lots of content.  Commitments here are not for content but tending and if you’re promoted tending is not your responsibility.

As a Contributing Editor you’re comitted to supply original content once a week and tend it for 90 minutes.

Everything else is service above and beyond.

You can also reserve a time for your contribution.  That’s what these forums are for.

Contributing Editors have the choice of filling their commitment with promotion or content.  If you have original content warn us as far ahead of time as possible and post in an empty slot if possible.

Once what happens happens, I mostly just record it.


I’m also going to change the labels on the ratings.

Pie is confusing people.  It’s too funny.  A 1 is for expressing disapproval short of Hiding.

It doesn’t negate a Hide Rating.  Stack all the ones you want against a single zero and the average is still less than one. 

It doesn’t hide you.  The average of N * One is One.  Not Hidden.

It does affect your permanent record.

You didn’t get straight As in the open book with notes test?  Naughty you.

The only thing it really changes is that Regular Users get to be half a Hide team.  One divided by two is less than one.  Hidden.

Gonna Uprate?  Brave Brave Sir Robin.  You wipe out four Hide Ratings and the 1’s do not support you.

This site is going to be Community Moderated.  Every comment exposes you to the judgement of the Community and one of those judgements is-


Comments beyond Wrong! should be hidden.  It’s a very simple and explainable rule.

So I’m off to fix the colors.


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    • Turkana on September 7, 2007 at 09:06


  1. let us clarify…ok, let me clarify.

    I’ve got every day, 3pm EDT, to either post FP or promote and tend FP.

    Wednesday 3pm only am I *required* to post new content; but I can elect to do so at other times.

    3 AM I can promote or post and tend 90 minutes. Is that every day or just days you’ve got me on the schedule?

    If it helps, I can tell you with certainty that I never go to bed before 2 AM PDT.

    And I propose we call the 3 AM a regular title, regardless of who tends it – I’ll suggest “Nightwatch”…open to suggestions.

    I want to make certain I’m looking at the schedule right.

  2. Did I miss a discussion this?

    If so, oops.

    • pfiore8 on September 7, 2007 at 13:55

    on thursday at 10pm?

    are there other weekday 10pm slots open?

    i am a little put off by this.

  3. I came into this thread to ask about Wrong! v. Pie, but my query has conveniently been answered.

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