Scheduling (Revolutions)

Why, Mr. Anderson?  Why do you do it?  Why get up?  Why keep fighting?

Do you believe you’re fighting for something?  For more that your survival?  Can you tell me what it is?  Do you even know?

Is it freedom?  Or truth?  Perhaps peace?  Yes?  No?  Could it be for love?

Illusions, Mr. Anderson.  Vagaries of perception.  The temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose.  And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love.

You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson.  You must know it by now.  You can’t win.  It’s pointless to keep fighting.

Why, Mr. Anderson?  Why?  Why do you persist?

Because I choose to.

Welcome to the final round of scheduling.  I expect blood on the floor.

The basic rules

* Don’t dump on someone until they’ve spent an hour at the top.
* Tend your Essay for 90 minutes.
* Do warn people in docudharmaadmin (and sign up too, you know who you are).
* A time commitment is not an original content commitment.  We encourage promotion.
* You must contribute at least 1 Original Essay per week.
* Crossposting is OK.
* Did I mention the Mulligans?

These are the Front Page Time Spots– All Eastern, because Eastern is our universal market and Pacific time is accomodated, you’ll see.

6:00 am Already claimed M-F by Robyn for Morning Muse.

This is an Open Thread.  Robyn is going to Autopost and not tend.  This is a critical Eastcoast time- wake up.

7:30 am Already claimed by The Morning News.

This is an Open Thread.  I am going to Autopost and not tend.  This is a critical Eastcoast time- before work.  The reason I’m not putting an author on it is it’s another responsibility I want to shed, yet it is so critcally important I commit to doing it myself.  It takes me at least 2 hours.

8:00 am Open.

Some people have claimed days.  Those are in the detail list below.

9:00 am Site.

This is a dual critical time- Eastcoast at work, Pacific time wakeup.  I’ve claimed it for the site.  I’ve set up with pfiore8 to organize an Autopost Open Thread in ‘Recent Essays’.  These will not be tended but provided for an outlet for user’s random thoughts and mojo fests.

I’ve called them Pony Parties, but I’m not emotionally invested in the name.

The point of putting them on the right is so this slot and some others are available for THE FRONT PAGEThis is a dual critical time zone spot, wake up Pacific too.  budhy, Turkana, Armando ought to be posting here.

10:00 am Open.

Some people have claimed days.  Those are in the detail list below.

Noon Site.

Another double critical time.  At work Pacific, lunchtime Eastern.  There is a Pony Party.  Big guns.

2:00 pm Open.

Some people have claimed days.  Those are in the detail list below.

3:00 pm exmearden.

This is a Pacific critical time- lunch time.  exmearden has mostly been filling these with promotions, but has changed job resposibilities and is looking for relief.

4:00 pm Already claimed by 4 at 4, Magnifico.

This is an Open Thread.  It is now 4 hours since the last one.

6:00 pm Open.

This is an Eastcoast critical time- home from work.  There is a Pacific afternoon work audience.  There is a Pony Party for Eastcoast types. News Open Threads tend to attract serious types, and it has been 6 hours for the ‘fun’ types.

This should be duked out every day.

What do I mean by that?

Prime time.  An essay of impact.  You’ve had all day to cut each other up in docudharmaadmin (you have signed up, haven’t you?).  If I were going to rip Tweety an inventive new asshole this is the spot I’d want.

8:00 pm Open.

Eastcoast Prime Time.  What can I say?  I think this should be duked out every day.

9:00 pm Site.

Double critical Prime Time- Eastcoast boredom and return from Keith orgasm, Pacific time home from work.

This belongs to budhy.

10:00 pm Open.

This should be duked out every day.

Turkana, Jay Elias, pyrrho, Armando…  History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man.

Midnight Midnight Cowboy, pinche tejano

Kinda sorta an Open Thread.  Been 8 hours since that last Front Page one.  He may not choose to characterise it that way, but has been very reliable at producing it.  6 hours since the last Pony Party.

3:00 am exmearden

Critical Pacific time- late night.  Eastcoast insomniacs.  exmearden’s challenges are noted on the docudharmaadmin blog (you have signed up, haven’t you?).

So there you go.  A typical day at DocuDharma.

Details details

This is kinda sorta what’s happened so far-

Wednesday 9/5

* 6:00 AM (Turkana)
* 7:30 AM Yeah, well… posted early
* 8:00 AM Nothin’
* 10:00 AM More Nothin’ (I sleep gosh darn it)
* 12 Noon LGBT Roundup (pico)
* 2:00 PM Nothin’ (Have I mentioned how lazy I am?)
* 3:00 PM (exmearden)(Site)
* 4:00 PM 4 at 4 (Magnifico)
* 6:00 PM (me- who knew? Thanks Turk)
* 8:00 PM (Armando)
* 9:00 PM (melvin)
* 10:00 PM (LoE)
* 12 Midnight Midnight Cowboy (pinche tejano)
* 3:00 AM (exmearden)

Thursday 9/6

* 6:00 AM (Turkana)
* 7:30 AM The Morning News: RIP Pavarotti (me on autopost, we’ll see)
* 8:00 AM (Robyn)
* 10:00 AM Nothing
* 12 Noon Nothing
* 2:00 PM Yay! budhy’s back!
* 3:00 PM (exmearden)(Site)
* 4:00 PM 4 at 4 (Magnifico)
* 6:00 PM (Militarytracy)
* 8:00 PM (LoE)
* 9:00 PM (Lori)
* 10:00 PM (pfiore8)
* 12 Midnight Midnight Cowboy (pinche tejano)
* 3:00 AM (Site- Insomniacs)

Friday 9/7

* 6:00 AM
* 7:30 AM Morning News Digest (Site) I was weak and worthless
* 8:00 AM (melvin)
* 10:00 AM (kestrel9000)
* 12 Noon (Site) Eh, Pony Party!
* 2:00 PM (Robyn)
* 3:00 PM (exmearden)(andgarden promotion)
* 4:00 PM 4 at 4 (Magnifico)
* 6:00 PM (Robyn)
* 8:00 PM (Nightprowlkitty)
* 9:00 PM (Site?)
* 10:00 PM (pf8 promotion)
* 12 Midnight (Armando)
* 3:00 AM (Me)

Saturday 9/8

* 6:00 AM
* 7:30 AM Morning News Digest (Site)
* 8:00 AM (melvin) Nothing
* 10:00 AM (Armando)
* 12 Noon (Site)(budhy)
* 2:00 PM (Nightprowlkitty)
* 3:00 PM (exmearden)(Site)(OPOL)
* 4:00 PM 4 at 4 (Magnifico)
* 6:00 PM (melvin)
* 8:00 PM (pico)
* 9:00 PM (Site?) Nothing
* 10:00 PM (darrell gahm)
* 12 Midnight (Turkana – winter rabbit promotion)
* 3:00 AM Me – Messing with your mind

Sunday 9/9

* 6:00 AM
* 7:30 AM Morning News Digest (Site)
* 8:00 AM (pfiore8 – lyxngirl promotion)
* 10:00 AM Nothin’ much
* 12 Noon Nothin’ much
* 2:00 PM (Nightprowlkitty – NLinStPaul promotion)
* 3:00 PM Turkana
* 4:00 PM 4 at 4 (Magnifico)
* 6:00 PM Me!
* 8:00 PM (Opol)
* 9:00 PM Nothin’ much
* 10:00 PM (Armando)
* 12 Midnight (pyrrho)
* 3:00 AM Nothin’ much

Monday 9/10

* 6:00 AM (Robyn)
* 7:30 AM Morning News Digest (Done)
* 8:00 AM Nothing
* 10:00 AM Magnifico promoted by LithiumCola (not real sure about time)
* 12 Noon (Site)(budhy)
* 2:00 PM (Turkana)
* 3:00 PM (exmearden)(Site)(promoted LitiumCola)
* 4:00 PM 4 at 4 (Magnifico)
* 6:00 PM (heathlander)(promoted by Jay Elias)
* 8:00 PM Nothing Much
* 9:00 PM (Site) Nothing Much
* 10:00 PM (Armando)
* 12 Midnight Midnight Cowboy (pinche tejano)
* 3:00 AM (Site- Insomniacs)

Today is Tuesday right?

Claimed Times

So the times that are really available to be claimed are-

* 6:00 am Saturday and Sunday
* 8:00 am
* 10:00 am
* 2:00 pm

Spots claimed and recorded (because I’ve probably missed some)-

* Tuesday 6:00 PM Literature (pico)
* Tuesday 10:00 PM Trippin’ Tuesday (On The Bus)

* Wednesday 12 Noon LGBT Roundup? (pico)

* Thursday 10:00 PM (pfiore8)

* Friday 8:00 AM (melvin)
* Friday 6:00 PM (Robyn)
* Friday 8:00 PM (Nightprowlkitty)

* Sunday 8:00 PM (Lithium Cola)

Don’t feel compelled in this Essay to claim spots I’ve otherwise labeled duke it out.

* 9:00 AM
* Noon
* 6:00 PM
* 8:00 PM
* 9:00 PM
* 10:00 PM

As a Contributing Editor you get Unlimited Essays a day (otherwise you get 2).  Post them on the right side and rely on promotion or rec list.

It is incredibly important that Contributing Editors commit to filling, by promotion or content, the other time slots.  Admins must be available to cover Contributing Editors who claim a Mulligan.

The duke it out spots will be thrashed out in the docudharmaadmin blog (you have signed up, haven’t you?).

You have content?  Piss on the hydrant.  This is going to be a firehose, I can see it already.

If your Essay is done and good enough, check to see if the territory is claimed.  Claim it as soon as you can.  If someone disputes you, duke it out.


Occasionally you will have compelling content that can’t wait.  You’ll crush someone’s 15 minute old masterpiece like a bug.

If you have a problem getting knocked down the list a notch I suggest a gentler hobby, like Fight Club.  On the other hand we have our rules and persistent violations can result in suspension.  A proper golfer knows when to pick it up and walk to the next tee.

My Personal Availability

Those of us who wish to continue at dK will need to be free to do that.  It is in fact a positive benefit to this blog that we continue to draw traffic with our activity and I for one intend to.

I normally surf dK from when I get up (rarely before noon) until 1 or 2 when I catch up.  After that I only need to monitor every 15 minutes or so though I may get involved in discussion.

I’m very cranky in the morning.

I get really distracted again around 8 pm.  Not only do I watch Olbermann I spoil it in the TDS/TCR Spoiler Thread.  I find taking the notes onerous and would love to ditch that job (takes an hour of attention), but have no volunteers and one prospect PerfectStormer quit last night.

I refuse to give up on Top Comments.  I have as much right to be there as anyone else, regardless of who’s hosting.  That’s 10 pm because that’s when you have to start monitoring.

TDS/TCR is a given, especially on nights when it’s a jonesing night and I need to lend community support.  That’s 11 pm to midnight and I’m not even going to pay attention here.

Get over it.

Then I punch out with my obligatory visit to the Overnight News Digest, except the nights I’m hosting, like today, when I’ll be busy till 3 am at least.

3 am is usually Bedtime for Bonzo.

Today I’ll have to do it on naps, like I’ve been doing the last week.  On my agenda is setting up next week’s schedule, based on the claims in this essay.


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    • pfiore8 on September 11, 2007 at 14:23

    you’d be one people would come here to duke it out with in a thread…

    i mean i’d be beneficial to have you or buhdy or Turkana in our FPs and essays, showing up and engaging people… besides writing your own.

    kind of like the head chefs bringing food to your table…

    i know you love the action there… hope we will be able to compete for your attention here … i guess that will be one of the signs of our success then, a good metric

    and you never did tell me how mlw relates to anybody looking at those damned pony parties

    does everyone have auto publish rights? or just admins and ces?

    how come you can’t delete future diaries? and why can’t you change their publish dates?

    73rd is doing a pony at 9am and i mistakenly put my noon at 9 and could  not delete… will wait for it to pop up at 9 and smite it that way… i assume

    thanks for your help

  1. the first and only time I posted a essay it went straight to the front page when I only wanted it to be in the ‘recent essay’ list.  How do I insure that if I want to post an essay it won’t go to the front page?  Or was that just an early days thing?

  2. if ek is like the besieged kindergarten teacher, or the worldly wise drill Sargent trying to teach eager recruits how to survive.

    • srkp23 on September 11, 2007 at 16:03

    I don’t know why I’ve been dumber than wood absorbing this info! but this time it sticks– I think! I hope!

    I will claim 2 pm on Wednesdays since I now understand that it’s just a commitment minimally to promote, hang out and tend.

    Last confusion from me (for now!): the once a week original contribution … it should be posted to the FP?


    And should we avoid promoting except on the schedule laid out above? i.e., do not promote an essay if it does not fall into one of the pre-planned slots?

  3. I thought noon and 6 pm PDT (3 pm and 9 pm EDT) were Pony Parties… And I had been asked to participate at noon and 6 pm PDT.

    pf? Are you here?

  4. and i went ‘fight club’  wtf?  did i miss a memo?

    speaking of which, my guilty conscience gets all tingly when you say stuff like ‘you know who you are’.  did i not do something i was supposed to do?  eh?

    have a nice nap, ek. 

    • Armando on September 11, 2007 at 16:20

    I see I have been assigned a time to tend? (I think.)

    I can do that but I am not at all sure on the posting schedule.

    What I do, and tell me if this is acceptable, I make sure the last post up has been up for 90 minutes before I post.

    I can’t commit to posting any particular time. But those who know me know I post a lot sometimes.

    How should I handle this?

  5. is an open thread from now on.

  6. my times are cool for now, scheduling-wise – 3pm afternoons, 3am early mornings, EDT.

    The only issue is the every day daily thing. I will give plenty of heads-up if I’m not going to be around to promote or fill my slots. I’ll call it out in Scheduling – I just want to make certain someone takes note there.

    But there are just going to be some slots that I won’t make – say six times a month.

    For the next couple of weeks, I will be promoting more than providing content, until my schedule at work gets stabilized – which should happen in the next week or so.

    ek, and all – does this sound workable?

    1. I can’t see hits either (or don’t know how to).

    • Robyn on September 11, 2007 at 20:22

    Robyn is going to Autopost and not tend.

    Not totally true, but I don’t get up at 6.  On TTH (early class days) I arise at 6:45 and can actually read the computer screen by about 7.  I leave for school at 8 and am back online about 8:45 – 9:30 (office hour).  Then the day is often filled until 8pm thereafter.  I’m only online now because nobody remembered to schedule a meeting for 2 for today.

    MW are much more flexible.  I will arise around 7:15 since I want to be up when Debbie leaves for class at 7:30.  I’ll be online for most of the day after that because my only class is at 6 pm.  But I’m also doing the administrivia of my job during those days.

    I collapse on Thursday nights.  I try to get up by 8 if it’s a C & J morning.

    • pico on September 11, 2007 at 21:07

    do you want me to move the literature diary to a less ‘prime-time’ spot, since it’s not original content?  I cross-post it at two other sites, and you did make a good argument why 6pm is a good spot for duking it out.

    The LGBTQwhatever roundup is original, and I plan on keeping that to noon Wednesdays, so we’re all good there.

  7. where’s my randomly scheduled, intermittently posted slot? WTF?

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