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The Week in Editorial Cartoons – Al Gore vs the Denialists

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This weekly diary takes a look at the past week’s important news stories from the perspective of our leading editorial cartoonists (including a few foreign ones) with analysis and commentary added in by me.

When evaluating a cartoon, ask yourself these questions:

1. Does a cartoon add to my existing knowledge base and help crystallize my thinking about the issue depicted?

2. Does the cartoonist have any obvious biases that distort reality?

3. Is the cartoonist reflecting prevailing public opinion or trying to shape it?

The answers will help determine the effectiveness of the cartoonist’s message.

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Chris Britt, see reader comments in the State Journal-Register (Springfield, IL)

Bite Me Bayh!

What digby says-

Bayh is complaining about the nastiness of the liberal blogs as his reason for taking his ball and going home, and I think that’s probably a real issue for him. These Democratic Senate egomaniacs are a huge problem and they are being called on it. They see their role in America’s patrician institution as protecting the rightful owners of America from the Democratic rabble that elected them. And so does the elite political and media establishment at large, which in turn protects them. When they are actually held up to scrutiny for playing such a role, they get very angry. How dare anyone, much less the dirty liberal rabble, question their judgment and their integrity. Their response is to leave the field and turn their seats over to a similarly compromised Democrat or a Republican to teach the Democrats a lesson — a lesson which the Dems have so internalized that they reflexively run in fear of offending conservative Democrats without even questioning it.

This isn’t a bipartisan problem, by the way. The owners allow Snowe and Collins off the leash from time to time to provide cover for something that needs to be done to calm the markets. But other than that this band of aristocratic centrists of both parties have but one role to play and that is to thwart the liberal economic agenda and advance conservative initiatives whenever they are needed. The problem is that this game is being publicly discussed and there is now a (small) price to pay — the village media isn’t the only game in town anymore and there are voices that embarrass the poor sensitive darlings when they “follow their conscience” and obstruct progress for ordinary people. This is very upsetting to them.

So, yes, there is a problem with this bipartisan fetish inside the beltway. The parties and the country are ideologically polarized and this means that politics aren’t a genteel pursuit best decided over scotch and cigars among like-minded nobility. But people must also be aware that these “centrists” are false flag conservatives and any discussion of the partisan make-up of the Senate needs to account for their position as de facto Republicans. It’s much better to wage this ideological war with a proper troop count, knowing which side everyone is really on.

To anyone who claims that we have no effect, I say Wrong!

These Beltway Bubblehead Buttkissing Bastards are such preening narcissists, their egos so fragile, that mere words leave them quivering puddles of petulant quitter goo.

It takes sticks and stones to break my bones baby.

The “Death” of the Parties

It seems nearly inconceivable that this time last year many were pondering, with all seriousness, as to whether or not the Republican Party was dead.  What a difference a year makes.  Still, the almost certain GOP gains at the end of this coming election cycle are not a result of the rebirth of a party, any party, though this will certainly be the narrative the media spins out this November.  Democratic incompetence has created this unfortunate situation, just as Republican incompetence led directly to the last substantial power shift in 2006.  And, in all fairness, this is usually how it happens.  The party in power proves to be all talk and no action, and the opposition party runs against it and capitalizes on voter ire.  This should, of course, never be confused as a mandate.  The GOP has no more new ideas then it ever did.  

Bye, Bayh, Missed American Pie, Took My Donor to the Levee

Bye, Bayh, Missed American Pie

Took My Donor to the Levee, but the Levee was Dry

Them Good Ol Boys of WellPointe were drinkin’  whiskey and rye

Singing “this’ll be the day that they die

This’ll be the day that they die !”

Did you write the book of gov

And do you have faith in God above

If the Gruber tells you so

Do you believe in Rock n Roll

Can an excise tax save your mortal soul

Can you teach Max Baucus how to dance, real slow ?

Well, I know that you’re in cahoots with him

’cause we saw you dancing in the Finance Cominn

You both kicked off your shoes

Man, we hate those Anthem Blue Cross Blues

There was a lonely teenage sickly buck

with a pink Korman ribbon but no pickup truck

With no insurance she ran out of luck

The day, the patient died

I started singing

Bye, Bayh, Missed American Pie

Drove my donation to the levee

But the legislation was dry

Them Bad Ol Dems were drinkin’ whiskey and rye

And singin,’ “this be the day that it dies

this will be the day that it dies”

Now for 10 years, WE’VE BEEN ON OUR OWN

And profits grow green on a rolling bone

But that’s not how it used to be

When the Candidate sang for the king and queen

In a coat he borrowed from Howard Dean

and in a voice, that came from you and me

Oh, and while the WellPointe CEO was lookin’ down

The Cigna stole his thorny crown

The courtroom was adjourned

No verdict was returned

And while Obama read Sunstein’s book

The Gang of 4 practiced in throwing hooks

And we sang dirges in the dark

The day, the health reform died.

And we were singing

(those of us still alive)

Bye, Bayh, Missed American Pie

Drove my donor to the levee but the water’s too high

Them Bad Ol Dems were making bills for nigh

And singing “This will be the day that it dies

This’ll be the day that it dies”

Helter skelter winter in a summer swelter

The birds & fish flew away without ESA shelter

Eight miles high, and falling fast

The rain fell mercury tainted on the grass

The Feinstein tried for a forward pass

With the Pombo on the sidelines about to cast

Now the half time air was sweet perfume

while Billy Tauzin played a marching tune

We all got up to dance

Oh, but we never got the chance

’cause the Insurance execs tried to take the field

The lobbyists refused to yield


The day, the music died

We started singing

Bye, Bayh, Missed American Pie

Drove Our Constitution to the Levee

But the Levee was Dry

The Supreme Court Boys were drinking Money and Lies

And singin’ “this will be the day that they die

this will be the day that they die.”

Oh, and there we were all in one place

NASA’s been outsourced, no more lost in space

with no time left to start again

So come on, Evan, make yourself nimble, make yourself quick

Call those industry donors, light your candlestick

‘Cause your Senate Seat’s the Devil’s only friend

Oh, and as I watched him on the stage

My hands were clenched in fists of sage

No Creator born of ocean’s shell

Could break that spirit’s spell

As the smoke wafted high into the night

To light cleansing smoke in a clear blue site

I saw Satan frown in stymied might

The day the Donations Died

We are singing

Bye, Bayh, Missed American Pie

Drove my warrior to the levee

And the levees were high

The good old boys are running faster and high

Singin’  this will be the day that I ride

This will be the day that We Ride

I met a girl who sang the blues

And I asked her for some Happy News

She said Evan Bayh quit and turned away

I went down to the sacred bores

Where I’d heard like music years before

But the lobbyists cried the music wouldn’t play

And in the streets, the children screamed

The lovers cried, the poets dreamed

Not a word by Wellpointe spoken

The Insurance Industry might be broken

And the 3 Senators that we admire the most

(and it’s not Collins, Holy Joe, and Olympia- they’re toast)

They caught the last train for the coast

The day, that Bayh went bye

And we are singing

Bye, Bayh, Missed American Pie

Drove our hopes to the levees and heaved a big sigh

Those lobbyist boys, are feeding ’em whiskey and rye

Singing “this will be the day WellPointe dies

This could be the day WellPointe dies.”



So why did he quit so suddenly? His official statement says he’s frustrated with the Senate because there is “too much partisanship and not enough progress – too much narrow ideology and not enough practical problem-solving……

that’s pretty much Marc Ambinder’s take: “He wanted to be POTUS and came to hate the Senate and liberal activists. He wanted no mas.”


Max Baucus Is A Corporatist Class Warrior

Max Baucus

The topic below was originally posted yesterday evening at the Intrepid Liberal Journal.

A personal friend and avid reader of my blog recently complained that,

“You’re too tough on Democrats and Barack Obama. Since the election you’ve fired more rhetorical bullets at Democrats than Republicans.”

Manufacturing Monday: Week of 12.28.2008

Greetings folks, I hope your holiday season is going well.  In case you were wondering, there was no Manufacturing update last week, family and health related issues.  This week will be kinda short, my apologies, but I wanted to cut some of the gloom and doom for the holiday season.  We got stuff on solar energy, a new grant system for electric car innovation, milestones on wind, and something for the kids!  But as always, we hit our first section…

The Sanctuarysphere Invades the Democratic National Convention

Originally posted on Citizen Orange.

Nativists beware! At this moment, migrant bloggers from across the nation are invading the Democrat National Convention in Denver, Colorado. 

They bring crime and disease with them.  Thinking freely is their crime, and they are spreading the infectious diseases of truth and justice.  These migrants are taking jobs and traffic away from other bloggers.  They are parasites taking advantage of free services like wireless internet connections.  They should all be locked up in Denver’s, “Gitmo on the Platte” and deported back to their home states.

Oh man, I could keep this parody of nativist speak going, but it wouldn’t do justice to what my esteemed blogmigos are in the midst of accomplishing. 

Liza Sabater, of Culture Kitchen, has been able to put a remarkable team of bloggers together to cover the DNC through her connections with Kenneth Cole’s Awearness Blog.  Kai Chang of Zuky and Nezua of The Unapologetic Mexican are part of the team.  Maegan La Mala of Vivir Latino, and Kety Esquivel of Cross Left, will also be making apperances.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mentioned that my esteemeed and respected friend, XP of Para Justicia Y Libertad, was able to find his way to Denver through his connections with Scholars and Rogues

If these names seem familiar to you, look no further than The Sanctuary’s Who We Are page to refresh your memory.  The Sanctuarysphere has invaded the Democrat National Convention.