The Sanctuarysphere Invades the Democratic National Convention

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Originally posted on Citizen Orange.

Nativists beware! At this moment, migrant bloggers from across the nation are invading the Democrat National Convention in Denver, Colorado. 

They bring crime and disease with them.  Thinking freely is their crime, and they are spreading the infectious diseases of truth and justice.  These migrants are taking jobs and traffic away from other bloggers.  They are parasites taking advantage of free services like wireless internet connections.  They should all be locked up in Denver’s, “Gitmo on the Platte” and deported back to their home states.

Oh man, I could keep this parody of nativist speak going, but it wouldn’t do justice to what my esteemed blogmigos are in the midst of accomplishing. 

Liza Sabater, of Culture Kitchen, has been able to put a remarkable team of bloggers together to cover the DNC through her connections with Kenneth Cole’s Awearness Blog.  Kai Chang of Zuky and Nezua of The Unapologetic Mexican are part of the team.  Maegan La Mala of Vivir Latino, and Kety Esquivel of Cross Left, will also be making apperances.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mentioned that my esteemeed and respected friend, XP of Para Justicia Y Libertad, was able to find his way to Denver through his connections with Scholars and Rogues

If these names seem familiar to you, look no further than The Sanctuary’s Who We Are page to refresh your memory.  The Sanctuarysphere has invaded the Democrat National Convention.

As the buzz surrounding who Barack Obama would choose to join him on the ticket reached a feverish pitch last week, I couldn’t help but feel that something was lost from earlier in the election. 

During the fight for the Democrat nomination, extremely important questions about race and gender were finally coming to the forefront of the nation’s consciousness, it seemed.  I have problems with how those questions were debated of course, but for the first time the U.S. seemed like the country was on the right track to address an unrelenting history of discrimination.

To have gone from that to a discussion of Obama’s choice for vice president without any real analysis of the racial and gender implications of that choice makes me feel like the U.S. and the Democrat party has taken a step back from primary season.  I have nothing personal against Joe Biden.  Still, I think it’s worth mentioning that of the three candidates that seemed likely to join Barack Obama on his ticket – Evan Bayh, Tim Kaine, and Joe Biden – all three were white males. 

I’m not necessarily suggesting that their identities as white males should be held against them.  I would just have appreciated some real discussion of the implications of this development in the mainstream media, and I include blogs in this category.

Why do I bring this up in a post about the Sanctuarysphere?  Because filling up this void will be the blogmigos that I mentioned earlier in this post.  When I’m feeling like the coverage of the Democrat National Convention is whitewashed, all I will have to do is check out Awearness, or Scholars and Rogues, to get the perspectives on that I feel are needed.

While most use this as an opportunity to cheerlead for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, I’m sure that my blogmigos will bring the critical perspective to the DNC that is necessary.  For instance, if the Democrats are truly a pro-migrant party, then why are Democrats “outbidding the White House on spending for immigration enforcement“?  What about the 49 House Democrats and the 3 Senate Democrats that sponsored the extremely anti-migrant SAVE Act?  Even worse, why is it that “progressive” bloggers are pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the coffers of anti-migrant Democrats like Eric Massa.

Sure, the Republicans have embraced nativism as a party platform, but that doesn’t make any of the above any less excusable.  Thank goodness the Sanctuarysphere is on the scene because I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for my blogmigos.  Good luck everyone, I’ll be following along with pleasure and I hope others will to.


  1. … kyle, for posting this here.  I’ve already “joined” the Twitter site for kai and Nezua (though I’ve never used the service before, so who knows!).

    I am surprised to find out Eric Massa is anti-migrant – I’ve read him over at Daily Kos and always thought he was a great guy.  And he probably is a great guy, but his positions on immigration are far from great.

    I’ll be checking out the Sanctuarysphere regularly!

  2. I’m thinking most of us won’t need our tv at all this time to follow what happens at the convention. And I join you in being excited to hear from the blogmigos.

    • kyledeb on August 26, 2008 at 12:27 am

    NPK and NLinStPaul,

    Docudharma continues to be an integral member and ally of the sanctuarysphere, and I can’t thank you enough for both of your support.  

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