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Kudos to Zuky For Making the List!

I’ve quoted Kai at the blog Zuky several times here at Docudharma.

He’s a blogger who I’ve learned a great deal from, who has changed the way I write, we’ve all experienced that, here on the tubez.

Well Kai has been nominated for a 2008 Weblog Award in the “Hidden Gem” category, one that describes his blog pretty well, imo.

Stuff like his Time to Throw the Traders Out of the Temple series, written right after the financial collapse.

He and Nezua from The Unapologetic Mexican went to Denver for the Democratic Convention, after which Kai wrote his own homage to Hunter Thompson with “Fear and Loathing in Denver.”

Anyway, if you want to show support to a great blogger, go on over to this post over at Zuky, the voting widget is embedded beneath the fold of that post.

You can vote every day through January 12.

And if you do vote for Kai, thanks from me.

Friday Night at 8: Perspectives

Obligatory YouTube — Coltrane doing “My Favorite Things” (coutesy of Astrotype):

I didn’t watch the entire Democratic Convention, but I watched enough to be very affected by many of the speeches, especially Michelle and Barack Obama’s words and presentation.  I was very impressed by both of them.

But then the production, the media production itself, disturbed me, from the music to the pageantry.  Seemed cheesy like the Academy Awards, which is so strange, because those awards are for some of the most talented directors and cinematographers and set designers and yet it always looks so cheesy on the teevee.

The Sanctuarysphere Invades the Democratic National Convention

Originally posted on Citizen Orange.

Nativists beware! At this moment, migrant bloggers from across the nation are invading the Democrat National Convention in Denver, Colorado. 

They bring crime and disease with them.  Thinking freely is their crime, and they are spreading the infectious diseases of truth and justice.  These migrants are taking jobs and traffic away from other bloggers.  They are parasites taking advantage of free services like wireless internet connections.  They should all be locked up in Denver’s, “Gitmo on the Platte” and deported back to their home states.

Oh man, I could keep this parody of nativist speak going, but it wouldn’t do justice to what my esteemed blogmigos are in the midst of accomplishing. 

Liza Sabater, of Culture Kitchen, has been able to put a remarkable team of bloggers together to cover the DNC through her connections with Kenneth Cole’s Awearness Blog.  Kai Chang of Zuky and Nezua of The Unapologetic Mexican are part of the team.  Maegan La Mala of Vivir Latino, and Kety Esquivel of Cross Left, will also be making apperances.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mentioned that my esteemeed and respected friend, XP of Para Justicia Y Libertad, was able to find his way to Denver through his connections with Scholars and Rogues

If these names seem familiar to you, look no further than The Sanctuary’s Who We Are page to refresh your memory.  The Sanctuarysphere has invaded the Democrat National Convention.