Those misogynistic bastards

I trust most people, I mean only those grounded soldily in the reality of real world things and events would not in fact look at that technological marvel the Iphone and accuse it’s makers of being deliberately sexist.

But yes, it did happen just this morning coming off the airwaves of TeeVee News channel 4 WBZ in Boston Mass.  A “debate” about how it was necessary to have a finger upon the touch surface.  About how a woman’s finger with fingernails did not activate the touch surface and the “suggestion” that such a thing must be sexism.

Hey, corporate America wants you to know this stuff.  They want it subliminally embedded into your very culture so that they can use it against all mankind at will.  See numbers 6,7,12,28, really just read the whole thing, it’s kind of like the 14 characteristics of fascism.…

An entire “secret” industry like these guys.

Well I don’t want an Iphone cause I don’t want brain cancer.

I don’t want an Iphone because I don’t like supporting the export of the electronics industry to nations which don’t have OSHA and a right to know law.

Most of all I don’t want a Iphone because I need not the opinions of elite scumbag assholes bent on depopulating the earth for the purposes of “management”.…


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    • Robyn on June 25, 2008 at 15:41

    6.  Diversity is bad.

    7.  Racial dissension is bad.

    12. Sexual Perversion is used to advance Elitists’ goals and degrade our morals.

    28. Feminism and working mothers is bad.

    I agree with #7.  I’m pretty sure #12 is aimed at me, and it makes me quite uncomfortable to know that’s what you believe.  I’m even more concerned that you might believe #6 and #28.

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