IRS Boycott

Yesterday was tax day in this formerly underwater New England community.  Much like the intrusive census questions this time it was the tax people asking me to jump off a cliff.

If the government asks you, do you automatically comply.

Both the federal and state want me to put both mine and my wife’s social security numbers on a check.  In our ever improved financial infrastructure I have a huge problem with that.

The bank no longer returns my actual checks even though I paid for them.  Instead the statements have photocopied microscopic versions of them rendering them unuseable in tracking my own finances all throughout the tax year.  In my years of experience doing this it also increased drastically and in a most ungreen matter the amount of paper the bank sends me.  Oh, have ever burnt old financial paper in the fireplace to destroy old records?  Does it not make a tremendous mess?  Amazing how even after burning sometimes you can still read it.

Now if I put both socials on a check which I never get back plus the unknown aspects of the micro-copies which may or may not be an instantly transmittable digital image the sum total is like answering the email from the Nigerian prince who owe’s me 10 million dollars.

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  1. as the IRS has sold everyone’s SSN to temporary staffing agencies.  One’s that hire out illegals that are brought over the border from Canada.

  2. They got a big bag of nothing from me.  And honestly, they deserved it.  Jeepers, I hear revenues are down.

    It’s really all their fault:

    A government that loses control of its finances is not a going concern.  Fuck ’em.

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