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Glenn Beck endorses “KIKE”

    This isn’t just beyond the pale — it’s probably the most significant major-media endorsement of American fascist ideology since the 1930s.



   On his radio show today, Glenn Beck heralded and promoted the work of Nazi sympathizer Elizabeth Dilling, who spoke at rallies hosted by the leading American Nazi group and praised Hitler. Today, Dilling is heralded by White Supremacists and White Aryans who revere her “fearless” work against Jewish people.



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Endorsing Anti-semitic, pro Hitler enemies of America is DISGUSTING, and make no mistake, Elizabeth Dilling was charged with conspiracy to overthrow the US Government with the aid of Nazi agents in 1944.

Fuck you, Glenn Beck.

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NeoNazi/AZ GOP link exposed through Racist Immigration Law. Where the hell is the media on this?

     Meet J.T. Ready, avowed Neo Nazi, past president of the Mesa Community College Republican Club and Maricopa County Republican precinct committeeman. J.T. is the second schmuck from the right in the picture below.

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   And here is J.T. Ready (Left) with Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, the author of the new Arizona police state “show me your papers” law, who has his own history of ties to Neo Nazi white supremacist groups.

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    In most states being seen publicly with a Nazi would ruin your political career. In most states you would be shunned by your political party. But not in Arizona, and not in the Republican party.


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Glenn Beck POUTRAGED over Nazi comparisons made by people who are not Glenn Beck

     Yesterday, Glenn Beck expressed POUTRAGE that anyone would compare something to Nazi Germany, that is, anyone not named Glenn Beck.

    When Democrat Jared Polis (CO-2) compared Arizona’s new “Breathing while Latino” law ( as Fox’s Shep Smith calls it ) to the Nazi tactic of demanding papers be presented at all times or face arrest, Glenn Beck started to cry.

Glenn Beck:     “Are you comparing the systematic cold blooded extermination of millions of Jews to America making sure that people are here legally?

    No, Glenn Beck, you moron. Jared Polis is comparing the law that required that anyone suspected of being a Jew in Nazi Germany must show documentation or face imprisonment to the new Arizona law that requires anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant to show their documentation or face imprisonment.


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Russell Pearce, Beloved of Neo Nazi Arizona USA

These videos need to go viral.

State Senator Russell Pearce of Arizona wrote and sponsored the anti Latino/Hispanic racial profiling law that demands law enforcement in his state act as proxies for Federal agents for deporting non residents, which was signed into law last week by Arizona’s Republican governor Jan Drinkwine Brewer.  https://www.docudharma.com/diar…

I am placing the 2nd of the videos first, which shows Russell Pearce and JT Ready obviously working together at an event, then the video below, it will be easier to see the same JT Ready at the Neo Nazi rally last year at the state capitol.

The videos are well captioned.  

This one is from August 2008.

Russell Pearce, part 2

Begins with photo of (State Senator)  Russell Pearce and JT Ready.

caption begins: JT Ready was exposed as a neo Nazi by the ADL and the press at an open legislative hearing in March 2007.  In June of 2007, Pearce and Ready worked a crowd at an anti immigration rally together.

Neo Nazi JT Ready at the podium, speaking-

“We’re not going to ask anymore, we’re going to start yanking people out by their collars…. we’ve been treasoned by people that we trusted, I won’t mention any names, Kyle –  McCain –  Flake ”    Russell Pearce (in strange looking shirt half dark blue, half red and white stripes)  applauds him, and JT Ready calls him a “great statesmen” and says he has a message for “we’re going to yank you out by your collars, too, and say, you’re done, we’re going to put patriots back in office.

Later a man walks up to Senator Pearce and asks if “JT Ready is your friend?” he denies it and says that he just showed up at a rally with me and JD Hayworth and New Times, the great fiction it is, tried to find a picture they could use.  It’s an old story, it’s fiction, they made it up.  Caption after that is about Pearce’s statement in Dec 2007 at a Sheriff Joe Arpaio Roast in Sun City, AZ

“I don’t think JT’s a bad guy, I think his association with these groups is wrong.”

Pearce has Buffalo Rick Galeener’s endorsement on his website. United for a Sovereign America.

Another man (looks like Galeener ?)  is saying to the camera, “You ought to be ashamed of yourself. God is going to put you over his knee and spank your butt. isn’t it unfortunate that when you walk thru the Pearly Gates, God’s going to say, you get to go thru the other gates here to hell. ”

Anna Gaines also listed as an endorsement

(Recall Mayor Gordon.) Pearce refers to her as his “only Hispanic friend.”

Chris Simcox, Minutemen Founder and Pearce Campaign Committee member. Simcox known for embezzling thousands of dollars from supporters to build a “border fence,”  the Minutemen PACs still solicit money for this activity but send the money to a company in Texas that does voter caging. (that’s not on the video, that’s my prior research.  The Minutemen campaigned with Tom McClintock in CA 04 in 2008, and did a rally with him in Sacramento on the state capitol steps. He called for mass deportations and all federal funding to be cut off to the city of San Francisco. )  The videographer for McClintock that year, which did the swiftboating videos against the Democrat Charlie Brown, orchestrated by the Republican PR firm of Russo Marsh & Rogers and Move America Forward, was an ex Minuteman member.  Now Russo Marsh/MAF do Tea Party rallies for McClintock, besides bus tours for Sarah Palin.   How do you like that coincidence ?

This is an extensively researched diary I did at Calitics in October of 2008 on McClintock and the Minutemen, re the KKK Konnection.

http://www.calitics.com/diary/…    Photobucket removed my screen capture of a racist picture a McClintock supporter was posting in the local paper’s blogs, but the rest of the diary is intact.  It is based on what I observed, heard, and photographed, as well as what I found by researching.  I had proof that there was a Minutemen and racist component to the campaign, which was ignored by the MSM.  McClintock literally rolled down the street in Lincoln on July 4th, in a Minuteman and Mormon Battalion Mexican War themed float with a Christian flag flying over it.

I was just gobsmacked that this Republican candidate is parading down the street in a float that has General Winfield Scott on it, who forced the Cherokee from Georgia to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears, and the Latino people who were watching it were just gobsmacked that it’s got the Minutemen and the Mexican American War symbols on it, and they’re speaking Spanish in front of me because I have a camera, and I look, frankly, like I’m too blonde that day.  

(September, Sacramento)

Just like in the July parade, Tom McClintock wanted to be provocative when he stood there on the State Capitol steps early last month (Sept 2) during the “Minutemen” rally and called for the Federal government to cut off funding for San Francisco. And for the Federal government to deport millions of people.  There was a giant sign parked down on the road which says “Build the Wall, Deport them All,” the loudspeakers are playing some sort of dreadful screed about how people of Native American Indigenous ancestry have to perform a blood sacrifice when they reach adulthood, and are secretly plotting to turn California and the American southwest back into the Aztec state, “Aztlan” (this is the same stuff I’ve seen on the Council of Concerned Citizens site )  and then the group of teenaged kids in white dress shirts and dress pants and some sort of red satin sashes show up with the big “Save Traditonal Marriage” Sign on the sidewalk.  They hopped in a van and drove off when they realized they were being recorded for posterity.  

It was pretty surrealistic.

Just another day at the California State Capitol, campaign 2008, McClintock version.

Numbers USA, Barbara Coe, Council of Concerned Citizens, John Tanton, Richard Mellon Scaife (Oil $) Astroturf

The Southern Poverty Law Center said in 2002, that most of the anti immigration “movement” is the result of work by John H Tanton, who founded, served on the boards, and funded many of them.  http://www.splcenter.org/intel…

If you are going to read just one link in my post, read this one from the Southern Poverty Law Center, from summer 2002  Note the remarks from Brian Bilbray, who was to run again in 2006 in the San Diego area and narrowly win election to the current Congress.   The article says that this network of anti immigration groups is not so much grassroots as astroturfing being done by John Tanton and Numbers USA.   Richard Mellon Scaife family foundations has been funding these groups, along with the McConnell Foundation, the Shea Foundation, the Weeden, Salisbury, Smith Richardson, Blair, and Sikes foundations.

4 page story

The Puppeteer

The organized anti-immigration ‘movement,’ increasingly in bed with racist hate groups, is dominated by one man, John Tanton.


This is how I concluded it:

I see there is some skepticism about the link between McClintock and these extremist groups concerning a “guilt by association” of an old endorsement by the KKK.  Some people do not think this is relevant, others think it a distraction.   So I’m posting my observations on this relationship, reluctantly, because I don’t want to give Karl Rove the satisfaction of driving the dialogue here . But this subtext of forced removals of the “others,” based on their supposed cultural inferiority,  as being justified by a Higher Power, and therefore the Republican candidate is the “Right One”  has been running all thru McClintock’s campaign for CA- 04.  

Mercifully,  I see a lot of people in this district are finally starting to reject the use of these wedge issues.   I would hope the national level Republican campaign, based on what I’m seeing at McCain’s events, could come to grips with the fear issues and stop trying to scare people into voting for them.

But I also want to emphasize that we here in the district not imagining things when we say we see a relationship between the creed of the KKK and the campaign theme being used by McClintock.   This side of the aisle is rejecting the use of fear to divide us and ostracize us from each other.  




This is what I wrote in 2008.

The Republicans, like the Cylons on Battlestar Gallactica, had a plan. Here’s our local Congressperson at that rally.

Tom McClintock September 6, 2008, Sacramento, CA rally with the Minutemen – Law enforcement should deport aliens, federal funds should be cut off to San Francisco.  McClintock was born in New York, and did not have legal residence in the district he was running for office, while living in yet another district while representing a third one in Southern CA. McClintock still refuses to live in the district he now uses for campaign donations and his livelihood as a neocon Republican career politician who has never held a private job.




November 7, 2009.  Neo Nazi protest against immigration in Arizona.

Russell Pearce, neo Nazis and Anarchists at the Arizona State Capitol, 11/7/2009

video is well captioned.

Neo Nazi speaker RT Ready calls Russell Pearce “a great statesmen.”  

The protesters line up with a lot of flags and actually chant “Sieg hail” and salute and then walk down the street in Phoenix.

There are counter protestors with signs with slash marks thru the swastikas chanting “Nazis go home” during the part where the police are lined up between the two groups.   Sign “Mexicans and Central Americans, we are the indigenous people of the continent, this is our land, we are not immigrants”  is held up.

Man with red swastika flag yells “WHITE POWER!”   Some man in a tan shirt/pants saying “if God wanted all of us to be the same, he would have made us the same. ”   Countersigns “Fight fascism” and “not here, not anywhere, you cowards”  near where cops are on horses.  

Neo Nazis displaying sign, National Socialist Movement  Detroit Michigan

RT Ready shows up again in a black Tyrolean hat with a little feather, standing behind Jeff Schoep the NSM National Socialist Movement Commander who is yelling “This is not your country, this is our country.”

Counter protesters in black hoods.

RT Ready in black hat with feather standing in front of Swastika flag  “we are prepared.”

To the Democratic Party:  note the dates on these stories and videos, and quit acting surprised.  They are prepared.  We assume you remember how many millions died in WWII when people wouldn’t stand up for what is right, when they turned the other way, when they didn’t see, when they deny, when they said it can’t happen here.  What the hell have you been doing ?  Do you have a quota of suffering before you might think it worth your while to act ?

We “Sort of” Won WWII

Joesph Farrell has done some amazing research on the post war Nazi Germany.  It supports much of the work done by Richard Hoagland in his book Dark Mission and leaves me at least with the huge question.

Forget al-qaeda, does the german Nazi party exist today.  Is there an organized influence in the world of science, finance and world affairs.

The answers or at least the plausible possiblities may surprize you.

The Amazon book


The project camelot interview


O’Reilly predicts Pelosi’s MURDER in violent tea party, even Beck balks. “It’s gonna get ugly”

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    Sick Fux.

BECK: Last week, I head you say that – you were on with Dennis Miller. … You two were talking about an insurrection coming.

O’REILLY: Tax revolt.

BECK: He used the word insurrection. And not in a comedic way.

O’REILLY: Yeah, tax revolt. I think people, when they figure out how badly they’re going to get hurt in the next few years, there’s going to be a tea party on taxes and its gonna get nasty. Nancy Pelosi’s going to be bobbing up and down in the Boston Harbor.

    This statement appeared to be too much for Beck even, who replied, “Uh, I don’t think that’s necessary.”


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Obama is a monkey/nazi says Lobbyists behind teabagger movement

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Seriously, these are the grassrootsy guys.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

   The plaster the founding fathers and claim 1st amerndment rights. The problem isn’t their first Amendment rights, but how they use these images to influence the easily deceived to act against their own interests and in favor of special interests.

  Free speech is not a problem until special interests try to buy up yours.

   Meet the kings of phony astroturfed protest groups opposing change, reform, President Obama and whatever else you got except free market ideology and cutting taxes (for the rich).

   How do Joe The Plumber, racism, Republicans, Nazis, Ron Paul supporters, NWO CT theorists, ACORN CT theories, teabaggers, Oil industry insiders, free market advocates and health care opponents all tie in together?


   No. Only professionals are capable of this sort of co-ordination.

   The stupidity is just icing on the home made Entenmann’s cake.

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Town Hall Recap NY-20: I have met the wingnuts, they are very scared and dumb as hell

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Change Vs NOOOO!!!

    This is my personal account of Saturday’s town hall with Representative Scott Murphy.

    I have met the wingnuts and looked into their eyes, and they are very scared, badly misinformed, angry, and dumb as hell.

    Early on the screamers tried to troll out the event. Representative Scott Murphy (D-NY20) answered back with a line that sums up the whole argument when he said

“When we are done people can tell me what they hate.”

    I have broken this diary up into four sections, including a breakdown of Congressmen Murphy’s conversations with the public and his stance on Health Care reform, as well as pictures from the event, the lobbyists role in all of this, and a statement on the need to throw bipartisanship overboard from now on.

   Having engaged the GOP base firsthand, I can easily state that these are the dumbest people in the country.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Hitler’s Willing Accomplices

The current issue of the German news magazine Der Spiegel takes the extradition of the Ukrainian concentration camp guard John (formerly Ivan) Demyanyuk from the US to face trial in Germany as an occasion to look at the support the Nazi holocaust policy received in their occupied territories (in English).

The article is at pains to not deflect from the fact that the Holocaust was a policy invented by Germany and Germans and implemented by Germany and Germans – but there can also be no doubt that, without active help from institutions and inhabitants of the occupied territories, the Holocaust’s breadth, scope and sheer efficiency would have been much diminished.

Dystopia 8: The Touch

“There stands, my friend, in yonder pool

An engine called the ducking-stool;

By legal power commanded down

The joy and terror of the town.

If jarring females kindle strife,

Give language foul, or lug the coif,

If noisy dames should once begin

To drive the house with horrid din,

Away, you cry, you’ll grace the stool;

We’ll teach you how your tongue to rule.

The fair offender fills the seat

In sullen pomp, profoundly great;

Down in the deep the stool descends,

But here, at first, we miss our ends;

She mounts again and rages more

Than ever vixen did before.

So, throwing water on the fire

Will make it but burn up the higher.

If so, my friend, pray let her take

A second turn into the lake,

And, rather than your patience lose,

Thrice and again repeat the dose.

No brawling wives, no furious wenches,

No fire so hot but water quenches.”

Benjamin  West  1780

[Note from the author:  Okay…I know this is out of order.  Sorry about breaking tradition, but I just couldn’t get what I wanted out of the next Utopia chapter so I am still working to make it better.

In the mean time I had this pretty well cooked.  So here is the 15th chapter of the Utopia/Dystopia series.]

Democratic Spine


Democratic Spine ©2008 Emily Duffy Photo by Sibila Savage

Dimensions: 14″ x 14″ x 9″

Description: A mini coffin with a truncated human spine lays in a bed of velvet. The coffin is covered with quotes by Progressive, Democrats both recent and from history.

Materials: Wood, parchment reproductions of the Bill of Rights, burgundy velvet, metal hardware, paper, amber varnish.

Cross-Posted on my BLOG (where you can see larger images) and at DailyKos.