We “Sort of” Won WWII

Joesph Farrell has done some amazing research on the post war Nazi Germany.  It supports much of the work done by Richard Hoagland in his book Dark Mission and leaves me at least with the huge question.

Forget al-qaeda, does the german Nazi party exist today.  Is there an organized influence in the world of science, finance and world affairs.

The answers or at least the plausible possiblities may surprize you.

The Amazon book


The project camelot interview


It is also very plausible the information in this did not come out until the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall and later german reunification.  Whole areas of real estate, old documents became available and witnesses where able to speak out.

Farrell explains how the Nazi war machine was most likely the best marriage of hard physics, the real practical science and the obscure world of the occult.  Some of the greatest scientiic minds of the time where funded and encouraged to think way outside of the box.  What progress had the Nazi’s made on a top secret project known as The Bell.  Was this Bell a military weapon/space-time altering device/free energy device, so powerful it held the highest secret classification of war decisive.

What do I think?  Well I do recall several years ago eating “Sud-Americanisher”

cuisine in the Munich company cafeteria.  A fellow 911 truther wrote about his experience applying for a job in Japan.  He did not take it when he discovered the corporate culture was full blown Nazi.

Iraq, that cradle of ancient civilization, was it all about “securing” ancient artifacts and of course oil.


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