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Glenn Beck POUTRAGED over Nazi comparisons made by people who are not Glenn Beck

     Yesterday, Glenn Beck expressed POUTRAGE that anyone would compare something to Nazi Germany, that is, anyone not named Glenn Beck.

    When Democrat Jared Polis (CO-2) compared Arizona’s new “Breathing while Latino” law ( as Fox’s Shep Smith calls it ) to the Nazi tactic of demanding papers be presented at all times or face arrest, Glenn Beck started to cry.

Glenn Beck:     “Are you comparing the systematic cold blooded extermination of millions of Jews to America making sure that people are here legally?

    No, Glenn Beck, you moron. Jared Polis is comparing the law that required that anyone suspected of being a Jew in Nazi Germany must show documentation or face imprisonment to the new Arizona law that requires anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant to show their documentation or face imprisonment.


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Bush-league pecksniffery.

Obama’s no longer even trying.

On Suharto’s human rights abuses:

We have to acknowledge that those past human rights abuses existed.  We can’t go forward without looking backwards . . . .

On Bush’s & Obama’s human rights abuses:

I’m a strong believer that it’s important to look forward and not backwards, and to remind ourselves that we do have very real security threats out there.

Now that he’s got healthcare, he can’t even bother phoning it in.  He’s not even changing the words.  Just their syntax.

I suppose his staunch supporters consider that sham holiness “ambidextrous,” and to his credit.   He’ll be wiping his hands on someone’s shirt before November.

On the other hand, our cruel overlords are smiling at such unconscionable and grotesquely advertised lack of accountability.  So, at least someone’s happy.

Holy shit.  The dude is literally George W. Bush!