Obama is a monkey/nazi says Lobbyists behind teabagger movement

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Seriously, these are the grassrootsy guys.

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   The plaster the founding fathers and claim 1st amerndment rights. The problem isn’t their first Amendment rights, but how they use these images to influence the easily deceived to act against their own interests and in favor of special interests.

  Free speech is not a problem until special interests try to buy up yours.

   Meet the kings of phony astroturfed protest groups opposing change, reform, President Obama and whatever else you got except free market ideology and cutting taxes (for the rich).

   How do Joe The Plumber, racism, Republicans, Nazis, Ron Paul supporters, NWO CT theorists, ACORN CT theories, teabaggers, Oil industry insiders, free market advocates and health care opponents all tie in together?


   No. Only professionals are capable of this sort of co-ordination.

   The stupidity is just icing on the home made Entenmann’s cake.

Much more on this below the fold.

    To those on the right who are adamant that their anti-reform protests are really, really real and grassrootsy, I submit the following.

     The Democrat National Committee, far left bloggers, lobbyist and special interest groups have all gone on the attack over authentic American dissent. Apparently, these groups are not happy about the fact that the entire country doesn’t agree with them.

If advocating free speech, peaceful dissent, individual liberty and fiscal responsibility makes us a mob… we’ll take the label.

Welcome to the new official Facebook Group for “The People’s Mob”… a grassroots coalition of free-market activists.

facebook “The People’s Mob” group

    This facebook group was started by Eric Odom, Executive Director of The American Liberty Alliance. Eric Odom was dumb enough to put a link up to his organization in the webpage. You might be surprised that someone would be stupid enough to do this, but then you haven’t heard of Eric Odom yet.

   Except, you have. Keith Olbermann mentioned Eric Odom in a segment after the first round of Fox News and Republican party promoted anti Obama/Government tea parties in April. Amazingly, this clip was posted on YouTube by Eric Odom.

   King of the Teabaggers, huh?

   I guess that explains where this character assassination began.

    Barack Obama wants to turn everyone into a Nazi snitch.

The Nazis used snitches, including children, to turn in enemies of the state.  Barack Obama has unleashed a program inspired by the National Socialists to identify and, presumably, punish citizens who speak out against socialized medicine. […]

Eric Odom of American Liberty Alliance wants to turn the tables on our Fuhrer.


   Who knew? By this logic, Jesse Owens was a nazi too.

   So, to recap the brazenly stupid. I wouldn’t know that the American Liberty Alliance was behind the “Real, not a ginned up mob, forrealsy” The People’s Mob if Eric Odom didn’t include a link to his wingnut, astroturf protest machine group, and I wouldn’t know who Eric Odom was if he didn’t post the footage of Keith Olbermann destroying him himself.

   I don’t know if this guy has huges stones, or if his brain is tiny, but I suspect both are true.

   Brazenly, unapologetically deceitful and stupid.

    Maybe you have heard of a certain Sam Wurzlebacher, better known to the public as Joe The Plumber? Remember how Sam once asked Candidate Barack Obama a seemingly organic question once upon a time?

   After running a search on teh google for American Liberty Alliance Joe The Plumber I found this page, where Joe The Plumber is set to appear at teabag parties day after day after day after day . .

   These people made Joe The Plumber who he pretends to be.

Teh Google link

   Feeling super grassrootsy already huh?

   What is the American Liberty Alliance?

[email protected]

Who are we?

The American Liberty Alliance is first and foremost an organization that is focused on promoting other people. It doesn’t exist to be in the spotlight, but rather to help create the spotlight and put other people in it. So for the local activists, ALA provides a national network of other activists as well as the infrastructure to bring national attention to your local issue, not the other way around.

The ALA has grown out of other successful grassroots movements. ALA’s founders were an integral part of the #DontGo movement in August 2008 that forced Congress to address bans on offshore drilling. In the Spring of 2009, many of ALA’s founders were leaders in the Tax Day Tea Parties across the country. Having founders from these movements, and others, the American Liberty Alliance’s roots are most definitely grassroots.


The American Liberty Alliance believes there are strong and effective activist groups across the country fighting for limited government and free market principles. That said, we also feel that the free-market movement is lacking in mass collaboration. We believe we can help glue the various pieces of the movement together to create a unified effort.

The Mission

Our mission is simple. The American Liberty Alliance strives to provide a place of collaboration for Free Market movements


    They flat out admit that they stay “behind the scenes”, but they claim they only helped leaders of the teabaggers organize. They never put the idea in their heads first and then promoted it shamelessly with the intent of staying in the background the whole time, right? Right?  

    As Keith Olbermann points out, the ALA does not help people who are inspired to organize protests, they are the organizers. Keith Olbermann also says in the footage above “Does this mean that the claim that this is a grassroots movement is really dead?”

   Not as long as there are wingnut Republicans who will believe it or Fox News, the GOP and the So Called Liberal Media/Right Wing Noise Machine to pump it up and validate it.

    The ALA claims they are not a political group. Let’s test that theory for bullshit, as I think it is high in vitamin Dung.


Amy Hagerstrom, Director of Operations

[email protected]

Ron Paul Michigan Campaign Hires Amy Hagerstrom Amid controversey

Now, before last week’s major fundraising burst by Ron Paul, the campaign has hired a professional consultant formerly with the Sterling Corporation (representing Mitt Romney) – Amy Hagerstrom.  She formed her own consulting sometime last year, and has worked with MCRI and Americans for Prosperity most recently. Her husband works for Jack Hoogendyk.


   Worked on the Ron Paul for President 2008 campaign. Says it all on this one, really.

Bill Murphy, Director of Strategic Initiatives

[email protected]

The New World Order Resistance Movement. Join The Movement”We Need You All”

   While googling Bill Murphy’s name I came across this doozy with a link to Bill Murphy’s email address at American Liberty Alliance. hmmmmm

liberty. Not to those who sell lies, tyranny and oppression!

If we work as a team i know we can move mountains and touch the sun.

Keep Strong and Keep Together


Firstly we would like to thank all of you for joining the New World Order Resistance group on facebook and inviting your friends. You have done an outstanding job and our numbers continue to grow with each passing day!

Secondly we would like to inform you of the action that we are taking to create the change we want to see in the world. Change only requires a motivated and committed minority. We already have everything we need, we simply require a plan and a strategy

   Html code won’t let me show you the fake texty image in this link, but it is the same one on “The People’s Mob” facebook group page.


   A facebook page with the same symbol as the one in the “The People’s Mob” page? What an odd coincidence.

   Of course, wherever free market Ron Paul supporters can be found, the tin foil hat crowd can’t be far behind.

   I would not be surprised if Alex Jones was a Conservative plant.

Corrine Williams, Communications

[email protected]

AMA senior policy advisor/admin of a site with racist Obama pic


    Corrine worked for Congressman John Shadegg, the House Republican Policy Committee and and then Chairman, Congressman Adam H. Putnam.

In June of 2008 Corrine accepted a position with the American Medical Association as a Senior Policy Analyst and moved to Chicago.

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   Non partisan you say? Republicans you say? Blatantly racist you say?

   A racist Republican? Who could ever imagine such a thing.

Ken Marrero, Director of Grassroots Outreach & Coalitions

[email protected]

Eichelbergers Welcomes Ken Marrero

Date – 11/1/2008

By – Press Release

Ken Marrero has been hired as a Geotechnical Project Manager for

the Commercial Environmental Drilling Services Department.

Ken has 19 years experience in the drilling industry. His previous work experience

includes 8 years as a drilling supervisor for Penn Dot and 11 years as a drill rig operator

for 2 geotechnical firms. Ken will be responsible for acquiring, scheduling, and executing

geotechnical drilling projects.


ACORN’s 15 State Strategy for Voter Fraud by Ken Marrero

Much has been made of the Democrats 50 state strategy to win the election.  Who knew there was a fall back 15 state strategy to steal it if they couldn’t win it?

Americans who haven’t heard about ACORN and voter fraud haven’t been paying attention. Some have been hearing about it for years. Others are just now hearing after waking up to find elections upon us once again. Seems like every couple of years there’s an election and whenever there is, there’s talk about people trying to steal it.

This year is no different. But for the first time, the fraud seems massive and everywhere.  And most all the fingers are pointing at ACORN.  


   This guy is their grassrootsiness thingy director.

   It is to laugh.

   And The ALA claims in their own “about us” page in the quote above that the

ALA’s founders were an integral part of the #DontGo movement in August 2008 that forced Congress to address bans on offshore drilling.

   I guess we know why they promote this issue. It is becuase they are connected insiders and lobbyists who have everything to gain by the further strip minning of America and regulatory protections.

   An Oil Man and ACORN CT enthusiast. Where do they find these people.

    The website set up for this facebook group thepeoplesmob.com is professionally done, just like the other site for americanlibertyalliance.com

   At ThePeople’sMob.com, the phony oozes of the webpage

If advocating free speech, peaceful dissent, individual liberty and fiscal responsibility makes us a mob… we’ll take the label.

Last week, the DNC and it’s anti-American friends in the left wing movement began aggressively attacking every day Americans for… practicing their 1st Amendment right in public.

The DNC even launched an ad attacking America for doing what our founding fathers did… showing dissent. View the ad below.


Bloggers Wanted!

Posted August 9, 2009

The People’s Mob will be doing a daily documentation of the push back against the American People. This blog will be the home of our daily updates and we’re looking to put together a team of bloggers whocan help keep the content flowing.

If you can write a post or two a week, you’re fed up with the blatant attacks on our way of life, and you believe our liberty is at stake… we’d love to have your help.

Please email us at [email protected] with interests


   Phony protests have been hosted nation wide since Rightwing Fox News began promoting them in April. Under the guise of “grassroots movements” they claim to speak for the people, though they are often staffed by Washington insiders, lobbyists and those who profit from the industries facing reform.

   So, what could be phonier?

   How about a group that forms to protest the fact that we know their astroturfed protests are really just corporate sponsored front groups. Literally fake lobbyist protest groups taking advantage of the fact that we are calling them fake protest groups that form in order to trick people into opposing the very reforms that would help them. How about a group that lies to people to get them to oppose something that is in their best interests.

   And surprise, they are backing up the same line that the GOP and bought off DINO Democrats are selling.

   The fact is, this is the A Team of phony astroturf lobbyists and insiders. by sending in the screamers and tea bagging Democracy, they try to take the small dissenters of GOP stupidity and play to their worst instincts. They are the reason 30% of this country support the FOX/GOP/Special Interest complex. They are trying to make it look like 50% on camera. They hide behind free speech and the founding fathers when they are acting to quell the free speech of those who want reform. The use inflammatory rhetoric about Nazi’s and racism to fan the flames of faux dissent.

   Just like the founding fathers did, in their sordid, unscrupulous minds.

   Personally, I am waiting for the not a front group for a front group that is posing as a grassroots organization against liberals who call us a frontgroup for free market lobbyists, corporate shills, racists, phonies, CT nutcases and other Cnservative tools front gorup, but that one is already taken.

   They call themselves Fox News and the Republican Party.

   And they might have gotten away with it too, if only Eric Odom wasn’t so damned stupid that he posted his astroturfed website link on the phony facebook group he was setting up.


Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com thepeoplesmob.com

    If you know a wingnut, email them this article. I doubt they woulld read it though. Wingnuts don’t do comprehensive reading or their own homework, do they, Glenn Beck?

   Ignorance = Strength

The Ignorant + The Strong = The Conservatives


  1. They literally want misinformed Americans to lick the special interests balls.

    I love the fact that Dharma Bums are mature enough not to be offended by that joke

    • Joy B. on August 10, 2009 at 21:47

    …that these people are stupid. They’re just fat, lazy racists willing to do the Mob’s dirty work for them. They neither care that they’re used, nor concerned that they look as stupid as they do. That’s not stupidity, it’s robotics. There is no talking sense into robots.

  2. yet it is used by both sides profusely, profanely and proficiently.  It’s easy when the population has been generationally lied to.


    Obama obviously didn’t consider Brian’s suggestions.

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