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400 cold dogs

There are over 400 dogs in the Prietenii Nostri shelter facing another very cold Romanian winter.


If you have just a few dollars, please consider sending to the shelter. Founder Teodora Ristea and her daughter Gratiela are two of my heros. Teodora gives everything she’s got to these dogs. $10 feeds one dog for a month.

here is the link to the site’s donate page for pay pal

and here’s the bank transfer info:

Asociatia Pentru Protectia Animalelor “Prieteni Nostri”

Tudor Vladimirescu Street, Number 169

Slatina City, Romania



• CONT IBAN RO29RNCB0200042737330002


Pairing dogs and troops with PTSD

McClatchy Washington Bureau continues their extremely stellar reporting on the effects of Wars and Occupations of others on those that serve in these theaters of operations, especially as to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder {PTSD} with the following report printed in their Kansas City Star:

Defense Dept. funding study pairing dogs and troops with PTSD

christmas goes to the dogs!

dogs. dogs. dogs.

love them critters.

enjoy this truly fabulous christmas doggy decorating party!


my friend sent me this in an e-mail today . . .

Who is really your best friend? Your dog or your spouse?

Ok, check this out….I tried this…and guess what? It really, REALLY


1. Lock your spouse and your dog in the trunk of your car.

2. Wait one hour.

3. Open up and see who is really happy to see you

Pony Halloween Party

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OT: Dog Question

Has anyone ever adopted a dog rescued from a puppy mill?  Are there any special concerns about these dogs?

Background: I’m considering getting a dog and would prefer to get one who needs adoption than buying one from a breeder.  But I want to make the choice carefully.

Thanks to anyone who replies.

Pony Party: Dog Days

Winners of the Cesar pet food I Look Like My Dog contest:

My Cats have me Hostage. Please Help!

I’ve been taken hostage by cats.

Yes, the Six Ragdoll cats own me and they are FRIGGIN’ serious this time, OK?

They have demands.  I need help, if I am to get out to make more money to buy them food.

They call my house KITMO.

They insist I work each day and bring home the groceries, as long as the groceries don’t include fruit or vegies.

They want you to send money too, or volunteer at your local animal shelter, or they will continue making me go to work each day and bring home the groceries (did I mention that they won’t allow fruit or vegies)?  

It is spring, so lots of new kittens and puppies will be finding their way into a local Animal Shelter near you.  If you can, please donate some kitten, puppy, cat or dog food, or your time to your local shelter.

A Soldier’s Final Wish Comes True

All soldiers wish for two things: Another day and the chance to come home.

Sgt. Peter Neesley had a third wish: He wanted to bring the stray dogs — Mama and Boris — he had befriended in Iraq home with him.

Sgt. Peter Neesley did not get either of his first two wishes.  On Christmas Day, from causes still unexplained, he died.

Today, though, thanks to Best Friends Animal Society, his last wish came true.  

Busy Day Today

I made another trip to the old house today and grabbed most of my power tools. shop vac, a small table and some other odds and ends.  There was a table down in the basement that needed some attention, I cleaned it up and tightened the legs, now it is in the living room with a small bankers lamp and a backgammon set on it.  The cats like it because now they can stare at teh bird feederz and the apple trees.  The two cats from the other house made it up  yesterday, they seem to like the place so far.  So now the total is 3 barn cats, 2 inside/outside cats,  2 horses, and one dog soon to be 2 dogs.

I ran through the electrical panels and verified the labeling was correct.  Found one live wire buried in the wall, fixed an outlet in the front hall that was never properly installed.  Installed a new phone as the one I had was old and kept breaking up.  The new one seems fine. There is a small leak in the shower unit but I have the tools to fix that tomorrow.  Started laying out ideas for vegetable garden locations, perennial beds, natural wetland areas etc.  There is a spot on the South side of the property that is perfect for the first garden area, I’ll just need to create a gate in the fence to access it and add a small composting area.

The horses were very active in the warm weather today, Rio seems to be the more inquisitive of the two.  They got a good brush down yesterday and are starting to respond to my voice.  They got fresh bedding today and rolled around in it right away.  

The most immediate neighbor stopped by last night, she filled me in on other artists living in the neighborhood.  She’s a professional writer and built her own active solar home for $75,000 about 5 years ago, she’s still working on the final touches.  She is very active politically and is trying to get some things done regarding pesticides and toxic wastes.  She has great energy and it is nice to know a like-mind is nearby.


Update from the Farm

Let’s see since I last updated I:

1. Fixed two broken lights in the barn, they were in the area originally intended for the horses but the previous owner found it easier to put them in another spot.  Now they’ll have the option of two places if I need to do work in one of the areas.

2. Took the ATV out to the farthest point of the property and tested the hand held radios.  The Cobras worked great but the Audiovox radios weren’t as strong.  It’s good to have the radios in case something happens and I need help.  The stories are many about men who were working on their tractors on the back 40 and had to lose a leg or an arm for lack of a communication device.

3. The birds are enjoying their sewet cake and feed, so far I’ve seen chickadees, winches, blue jays, wrens and there are some pigeons in the barn(note to self must fix cupola on barn), and an owl has decided to make the woods around here his/her home.

Pictures Pictures Pictures!

I apologize for the delay in uploading pics.  I’m not used to the laptop yet and had to install some software to get it to work.  So without further ado:

Meet Rio!

And Laser!

He was being a little camera shy this morning.

Then There’s Jasper!

Kossaks helped me name him.

The House!

The Barn!

More pics of the land to come later in the week.

Be good and do it yourself!

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